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A Louis XV style manor house and its listed chapel
near to Tours just a stone’s throw from a village in the Loire Valley

Tours, INDRE-ET-LOIRE center-val-de-loire 37000 FR


In the Loire Valley, a site classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 150 minutes from Paris via the A10 motorway or 50 minutes on the train. 15 minutes from the train station and the airport. In a commune renowned for its vineyard with shops, schools and doctors. Sixth form colleges and universities are in Tours which can be reached via public transport.


Once through the carriage gates, visitors face the luminous silhouette of this manor house which dates from 1720 and partially backs on to the hillside. The caretaker’s cottage is nearby. The main courtyard leads, on one side, to 19th century stables as well as the swimming pool and, on the other, to an orchard. Wide steps lead up from this same courtyard to the terrace bordering the first floor of the manor house, the chapel and the old bakery hewn in the rock in the 16th century. A lime-tree lined alleyway extends the terrace to the gates on the perimeter of the property.
The rear section of the manor house is formed by the 15th century, partially troglodyte building with its two rectangular towers backing on to the hillside and adjoining the manor house. Eight cellars have been hewn out of the freestone, some of which house a winepress and a bread oven.

The manor house

This manor house was built in 1720 up against a 15th century building, both eras being easily identified courtesy of their style and the appearance of their freestone.
Typical of the Louis XV style, the manor house comprises a central building flanked by two pavilions. The facade has perfectly aligned openings, topped with gorgons on the ground floor. The slate Mansard style roof features two roof dormers. A central curved pediment features a sculpted Apollo driving his chariot. The pavilions have hip roofs decorated with finials, each featuring a bull’s eye window.

Ground floor
This level spans a floor surface area of 160 m² and has ceilings of an average height of 3.30 m. The entrance hall and the kitchen, alone, take up both pavilions. The entrance hall provides access to the large lounge, the access corridor that leads to the back stairway, the small lounge which is located under the terrace and the stairway which goes upstairs. The chessboard patterned floor, the height of the ceiling, the winding stone stairway and its wall decorations bear witness to the noble authenticity of the premises. The walls in the large lounge and the dining room are adorned with Louis XV style panelling, the ceilings have mouldings, the parquet flooring is laid in a randomly matched pattern and the engaged fireplaces are made of marble.
First floor
This level spans a floor surface area of 205 m² and has 3.48 m high ceilings. The first floor includes two stairways, a long corridor opening on to the terrace and providing access to three bedrooms with their bathroom, a bedroom hewn in the rock with its lounge and its balcony, a large bedroom, a study, a shower room and a toilet.
Second floor
This level spans a floor surface area of 167 m² and has ceilings of an average height of 2.45 m. It is accessed via the back stairway. The corridor leads to three bedrooms with their bathroom, a linen room, an attic, a stairway providing access to the hillside and the cellars, a large lounge and a small kitchen in the tower with a stairway going down to the terrace.
This 16th century troglodyte chapel, spanning a floor surface area of 30 m², is listed as a French historic monument. Its door is topped with a curved pediment and flanked on each side by an engaged round column. Inside, the floor is covered with terracotta tiles. It is illuminated via a wide arched window. On each side of the altarpiece is an inverted corbel with scrolls and a shell-shaped recess.
Caretaker’s accommodation
This recently restored, 19th century, 4-roomed house spans a floor surface area of 56 m². It has two upstairs bedrooms and a lounge, a shower room as well as an entrance hall-kitchen on the ground floor.
The stables
The stables were built in the middle of the 17th century. Currently spanning 280 m² over 2 levels, they all await restoration. This delightful building has four superb stone roof dormers with small sides.
This area, spanning 700 m², includes 8 cellars at the foot of the hillside. All date from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Each is used for a purpose: a workshop, a boiler room, a reception cellar, a wine cellar, a laundry room, a billiards’ room, a tasting room and a winepress.
In the hillside, another seven cellars, hewn between the 7th and 10th centuries span a floor surface area of approx. 600 m².

Our opinion

Luminous and light in colour like the freestone from which it is built, this manor house has two completely different facades: one, elegant 18th century facade sparkles as if in tribute to the “Much-Loved” king, whereas its 15th century side appears more private, protective and full bodied. This difference makes the property even more charming. It is in any case full of history and all the respectfully preserved features bear witness to a chronical that began in caves to the rear of the house in the 7th century. This historic gem and its vast conversion potential are combined with an ideal location for those not wanting to use the car: the natural, verdant, flower-filled grounds spanning more than a hectare comprise all the delights of the local countryside just a stone’s throw from the town.

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Reference 911411

Land registry surface area 13339 m2
Main building surface area 532 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1716 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Marie-Antoinette de Groulard    +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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