architect house for sale in france near vendôme

The voice of organic architecture in a village
in the midst of the «royal valley» in the area around Vendôme
Vendôme, LOIR-ET-CHER center-val-de-loire 41100 FR


This modernist villa is set in a village, 5 km from Vendôme, in the French department of Loir-et-Cher. 170 km to the south-west of Paris via the A10 motorway and the N10, 35 km from Blois and 60 km from Tours. The French capital can, nevertheless be reached in 42 minutes via the TGV train line linking Villiers-sur-Loir and Montparnasse stations. The assets of the Loir Valley such as chateaux and manor houses, parks and outstanding gardens, troglodyte villages as well as numerous festivals are now very well known.


Michel-Mangematin designed this architectural feat between 1996 and 1998. An exercise in the “manner of Wright” he would say! The architect, designer and teacher at the School of Architecture in Clermont-Ferrand, followed in the tradition of his elders, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe with whom he studied in the United States. He is one of those French forerunners who highlights the new 20th century housing codes in his work. His commitment to the “Réseau Philosophie Architecture Urbain” (urban architecture philosophy network) also orients his creations in human, “a natural and poetic story between oneself and one’s environment”, and metaphysical, “sensorialities, orientation and meaning” dimensions.
This property, spanning a surface area of approx. three hectares, is taken up by grasslands and is concealed on the edge of a private 500 hectare forest, formed into a star-shape by several country lanes. A little secondary road, which leads to the village, goes around the estate, connecting the neighbouring hamlets.
This villa stands in the centre of the site, encircled by grasslands. It is surrounded by wide terraces, with a variety of parterres that flower all through the year, featuring Japanese purple maple, bald cypress, dwarf pine, willow, sweet chestnut and decorative pear trees. The flower beds are composed of beech, winter heather, elder, crownvetch, silverberry, spirea, cotoneaster, hydrangea, acacia and miscellaneous roses (New Dawn, De Rescht, Buff Beauty, Emera, Ghyslaine de Féligonde, etc.). The continuous grounds are enclosed by high hedges composed of dogwood, spindle-tree, privet and cherry plum. Fruit trees are predominantly to be found in a verdant stretch. A central alleyway provides access to both sides of the property. The outbuildings are not far away and several varieties of willow are planted around a lake. A farm shed, stables with 8 horse loose boxes, a tack room, a fodder store and a storage area, spanning a total floor surface area of approx. 300 m², are laid out in the middle where the land is good and fertile. A 6-horse walker is set up in front of these buildings.

The main building

Fundamental concrete, steel and glass principles have been adapted here. This open-plan house, designed to resist earthquakes, spans a floor surface area of approx. 290 m², all on a level. It is composed of various symmetrical and intercommunicating units all joined together. Good use has been made of the three dimensions, height, width and length. All the sliding or pivoting picture windows comprise burglar-proof double glazing in aluminium frames. The open-plan design provides extraordinary views of the outside. It is steeped in daylight. The thick, perfectly insulated walls are faced with brick. Above the wooden roofing framework, the slopes of the roof are covered with slate and feature wide brick chimney stacks. The long, overhanging eaves all around the house guarantee the rooms shade in the summer and sunlight during the winter. When it rains, a curtain of rain surrounds the terraces. A row of open, frost-proof terracotta bricks, included in the terrace paving, drains away rainwater.

The main entrance hall is reached via a wide brick porch, protected from the rain by the overhanging eaves. It provides access to a toilet with a wash-hand basin, a laundry room, a dressing room and a boiler room, followed by a room intended to become a conservatory. On one side, a landing, separated by a glazed door, leads to several rooms and an open, 3-car garage. On the other side, the entrance corridor continues to the living spaces. A few steps and low brick walls divide the areas. The lounge includes a monumental brick fireplace which goes up to the light well in the roof. Backing on to the wall, its corner is fitted with planters and its extension conceals lighting. At the end, a comfortable, glazed study provides some surprising views. A dining room opens on to a kitchen and a storeroom. A television room has a fireplace. All the rooms open on to south-facing terraces. The uniform, brick flooring, identical to that of the terraces, extends the inside and outside areas indiscriminately. The only exception is the kitchen which has a slate tile floor. The walls are painted.
A long corridor provides access to a toilet, three bedrooms, each with its own shower room and toilet, and a fourth bedroom, with its own shower room, as well as a bathroom. All the bedrooms have a large cupboard with hanging space as well as windows and doors that transform into landscape paintings. The bedrooms are carpeted and the bathrooms tiled.

The outbuildings

An open farm shed spanning approx. 135 m².

Stables spanning approx. 120 m².
The structure is constructed from steel and wood-clad breeze blocks with a sheet metal roof.

Eight horse loose boxes, each spanning approx. 17 m², a tack room, a fodder store and a storage area. An automatic riding arena.

An open garage, spanning approx. 35 m², adjoins the villa.

Our opinion

More than a house, “a barefoot way of life”. A controlled, uninhibited architecture. Although some large buildings are worthy of the French 20th century heritage distinction, some of the more modest like this modernist villa are equally deserving. This property, with three hectares of grasslands in the middle of a 500 hectare forest and just 42 minutes by TGV train from the French capital, is guaranteed luxury.

890 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 499904

Land registry surface area 3 ha 2 a 60 ca
Main building surface area 290 m2
Outbuilding surface area 300 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Dalila Bessahli       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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