A 19th century foundry and workshops spanning 3,000 m²
along the river Eure in the centre of a delightful village
Maintenon, EURE-ET-LOIR center-val-de-loire 28130 FR


In the Centre region, where those of the Loire and the Ile-de-France meet, in the midst of the Eure Valley, all these buildings are on the outskirts of a village typical of the edge of the Beauce Country, within 2-minutes’ walk of food shops and local amenities as well as a regional TER train station with 50-minute links to Paris.


This is a composite area formed by two sections. Each comprises two industrial buildings awaiting rehabilitation. Interspersed with small courtyards and passageways leading to the main areas, the buildings correspond to old workshops and arts and crafts buildings intended for traditional activities. The 1990’s deindustrialisation led to the abandonment of these buildings, now neglected despite their great potential. Flint, concrete, wood, glass and large areas between the town centre, rivers and access to the train station, with links to Paris, make a large number of projects possible.

The foundry and its outbuildings

The building, with a gable roof, is covered with local tiles. Three-quarters of the building’s east gable wall is clad with flint. Above, rendering reflecting ochre hues softens the building’s mineral appearance. An arch framed with stone keystones, forms the top of an old opening. The pre-existing semi-circular arched window has made way for a wooden shutter. Further down, another rectangular opening lets in light. The double, glazed doors open into a very wide room, the ceiling of which features impressive joists. The floor is made of concrete. The walls feature exposed stone and cob. A narrow wooden stairway goes up along a wall to the upstairs. The entire building is in need of major works.
Facing the foundry, a little, gravel courtyard closes the first area of buildings. Shacks lean against the walls that form the boundary of the property. Beyond the wall, it is possible to glimpse the stained-glass windows and roof of a 16th century church. Behind the foundry, a winding passageway opens into another area. It is on this side, beyond the property boundaries, that there is a wide stretch of green belt, land that cannot be built on, guaranteeing a pastoral neighbourhood. Two large areas await renovation or complete conversion: a building used for storage purposes adjoins the vestiges of the town’s old castle, of which only a tower, with a candlesnuffer roof, dating back to the 14th century has been able to be preserved. It is a watermill, the pride of the village, that has taken its place since the 19th century. Inside the impressive building, an upstairs could also be renovated. Although it is reasonably robust, it is in need of some preservation works. Next to the building, a little stairway goes up towards the workshops and their atrium. The building is completed by another through room leading to a balcony corridor bordered by the river Eure.

Our opinion

Who has not dreamed of acquiring premises in a unique setting to be redesigned? That of a contemporary open-plan home in the midst of historic countryside with its Caravaggesque colours. The old 19th century foundry and its workshops, the plot whose turns and curves provide superb vistas as well as the balcony corridor alongside the water looking out over lush vegetation. Its neighbours include an old working mill, the candlesnuffer roof of a medieval castle as well as the stained-class windows, the saddleback roof and the bell-tower of a Renaissance style church. In short, a strategic site in a delightful village less than an hour from the French capital.
The major conversion works required will be justified by the potential of any project. Furthermore, the region simply abounds in first-class craftsmen.

Exclusive sale

300 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 220073

Land registry surface area 3000 m2
Main building surface area 300 m2
Number of bedrooms 10


Olivier Borget +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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