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On the ramparts of the little town of Lectoure, facing the Pyrenean mountains,
a 1753, listed, large, luxurious home in parklands with old ornamental pools
Auch, GERS midi-pyrenees 32000 FR


Now well-known, the town of Lectoure is an emblematic place for enthusiasts of photography, the arts and the pleasant Gascony way of life.
Constructed on the top of a hill in keeping with the layout of a Roman castrum, it features narrow, parallel streets, slowly making their way down the hillsides.
Ideally located, half-way between Auch and Agen (a TGV train station with 3-hour links to Paris and an airport with flights to Paris as well as England), this little town still has all of its heritage, dominated by its famous white stone with golden hues.
A weekly market and numerous shops, restaurants and amenities are responsible for the daily hustle and bustle.


This residence has been laid out in a section of the old Royal Tanneries. There is also an annex building, housing five garages for private cars.
Constructed on the south-facing hillside, with a view of the Pyrenean mountains, this large, luxurious home can be reached via an alleyway, set between its north side, that of the hill and the annex house. It provides access to the entrance on the second level, the first being on a level with the garden. When seen from the alleyway, the residence gives an impression of a low building; from the parklands, it looks like a small chateau, backing on to the rampart. A flat terrace on the garden level acts as a belvedere, providing an almost theatrical view stretching for as far as the eye can see. The parklands laid out on a lower level form the town’s biggest private garden. Trees over a hundred years old rival for beauty with old varieties of roses, whilst an orchard and a vegetable garden remain discreet.
In clear weather, the mountains appear to be very close, visible without obviously causing offence.
Lectoure’s white, robust stone is legendary and has, amongst others, frost-resistant qualities.

The large, luxurious home, once the Royal Tannery

This beautiful, well-roofed house spans two levels, topped with a converted attic floor. Its high roof, with four steeply curved slopes covered with small flat tiles and ridges protected by Roman tiles, features roof dormers and shields sand and lime-rendered stone masonry. The evenly-spaced openings and the presence of a Louis XV style balcony and railings reflect perfect classicism. Although water is somewhat surprisingly omnipresent in the form of an interior drainage well and a permanent underground stream, the house is perfectly sound, with no sign of rising damp.

Garden level
All the openings on this lower level face south, overlooking the garden. Evenly-spaced, they comprise three French windows on the facade, with a third on the east side.
Double French windows, slightly to one side of the centre of the facade, provide access all on a level to a brightly illuminated entrance lobby. Paved with stone, it houses an elegant, 2-flight stairway, with an intermediate landing as well as a wrought iron handrail and railings. This entrance lobby provides access to a lounge, with a modern fireplace, the structure of which conceals reinforcement. An adjoining kitchen was once a living room. Both lounge and kitchen have traditional terracotta floor tiles. A back kitchen, in use as a larder, opens on to a hall corridor.
An old masonry structure adjoining the residence’s west gable houses a cellar, all on a level, and provides access to the distribution system for the water coming from a famous neighbouring fountain.

Ground floor
A door, on a level with the alleyway, opens into a vast vestibule, housing the stairway going down to the garden level. It is also used as a reception room in its own right as is often the case in Gascon houses, despite the loss of space taken up by the stairway. As this ground level also acts as an upstairs, the floors are completely covered with parquet flooring and not the traditional terracotta tiles. The vestibule leads, on one side, to a lounge, with a fireplace, followed by an adjoining billiards’ room, also with a fireplace. An old kitchen, with a door opening into the alleyway, is laid out behind the billiards’ room. A more private section is on the other side of the vestibule. It comprises a study, with a pink Pyrenean marble fireplace, followed by a little corridor leading to a bathroom as well as a bedroom, which is directly above the cellar.
The view over the parklands brings a feeling of indescribable airiness.

A door at the entrance to the vestibule on the ground floor opens on to a little wooden stairway going up to the attic space. This area has been completely converted for sleeping purposes.
The landing provides access to a bedroom on either side. Each bedroom is extended by a bathroom and toilet. This level is brighter than expected as there are roof dormers on both the north and south slopes of the roof.

The annex house

This two-storey house, dating from the same era as the residence, is in need of full interior renovation works. It backs on to the hillside, with its facade overlooking the alleyway. Each of its gable ends features an entrance door. A small courtyard on the west side could become a little patio, topped with the upstairs balcony.
The house is divided into three self-contained sections, each of which houses a flat that can communicate with the others.
All three of the flats comprise two rooms, a kitchen and a shower room with a toilet. Part of the central flat is upstairs.

The parklands

These parklands pose a problem in that residents and guests have to choose between strolling around or just looking at them. They should, above all, take the time to visit the many nooks and crannies, each offering a different view. The variety of the species, ranging from lime to olive trees and including cypress as well as fruit trees in an orchard can but be a continual delight. The cascading pools remaining from the old tannery form another garden feature, now converted into a fishpond for koi carp. Yet another bigger pool can be used as a swimming pool.

Five garages for private cars

These garages, laid out above the annex house, open on to the street, marking the official entrance to the property. They represent an asset that is much appreciated when receiving guests in a town where parking can be difficult.
(Surface area: 5x22 m², a total of 110 m²).

Our opinion

If Paul-Claudel can call Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors a terrace overlooking natural surroundings, it can be said that Lectoure’s old Royal Tannery is a belvedere looking out over Gascony, a Gascony that is embellished with the Pyrenean mountain range as a backdrop. The features of this property, whether buildings or gardens, are harmoniously laid out. The views, both of and from the residence, are an additional attraction.
The interior decoration has remained sober, thus enhancing the elegance of its stairway, with wrought iron railings, as well as its heavy lock and the mysteries of a secret drainage well.
The ornamental pools are a reminder of the premises’ original vocation and the permanent presence of running water.

1 360 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 672543

Land registry surface area 3560 m2
Main building surface area 391 m2
Outbuilding surface area 133 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Philippe Fritsch       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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