castles / chateaux for sale in france near châteauroux

A fully restored, 12th century listed castle and its outbuildings
in the midst of a village in the south of the Berry region
Châteauroux, INDRE center-val-de-loire 36000 FR


In the middle of France, 3 hours from Paris and 30 km from Châteauroux and its train station, with 2¼ hour links to the French capital, as well as its aerodrome with flights to London, Ajaccio, Lyon, Toulouse, Biarritz and Nice. 30 km from the motorway. In a rural region composed of valleys and small irregular-shaped fields, separated by hedges and ditches, crossed by winding lanes and streams. Such mysterious, romantic scenery has long been a source of inspiration for numerous French writers such as George Sand.


This 12th century fortress was part of the dowry of Denise-de-Déols, heiress of the Seigneury of Châteauroux and, protégé of Richard the Lionheart, King of England, when she married André-de-Chauvigny, a Poitevin knight in the service of King Richard. At the time of the One hundred Years War, the building was flanked by four towers. It was redesigned over the centuries prior to being transformed in the 19th century into a holiday residence. The north tower was demolished, a neo-gothic style entrance door and porch way were added to the south facade, a terrace was laid out and windows were installed in all the walls. The main residence is currently composed of two buildings, set at right angles and flanked by three towers on the outside corners, a turret on the inside corner and watch-towers on the other two. A 13th century gallery, known as the real-tennis court with a colonnade on its east facade, is on the south-west side of the parklands. The last two 15th century curtain walls on the north and east sides of the parklands are flanked at each corner by a round tower, two of them still have their wall-walk corbels. A long building housing the outbuildings adjoins the north curtain wall.

The residence

This building, classified on the French supplementary historic monument list, has been fully restored from the ground floor up to the ridge tiling. The three towers feature their covered wall-walk and their chimney stack. They also have a multitude of openings, spanning different shapes and sizes throughout their height. The watch-towers are topped with octagonal roofs, just like the central turret which houses the spiral stairway. The building’s two wings are covered with hip and gable roofs, featuring on the south and west sides two gable roof dormers with gothic style pinnacles. The facades have mullioned windows.

Ground floor
The main entrance hall is reached via a porch way on the south facade. This vestibule provides access, on one side, to a kitchen and, on the other, to a reception room as well as to the terrace. Red and white floor tiles are laid in a chessboard pattern just like in the reception room. As in all the rooms of the castle, the walls and ceilings are painted and enhanced with miscellaneous ornamental motifs in keeping with the room. The kitchen, with its 4 m high ceiling, is spacious. Its floor, the lower sections of the walls, the work surface and the sideboard are covered with white marble tiles. A stairway goes down to the vaulted cellar and, via a little passageway, to the garages and the boiler room. A few steps lead from the dining room to the west wing with its second reception room and another lounge; both rooms have fireplaces. There are a total of 32 fireplaces, 12 of which are monumental, one of them being listed.
First floor
There is a choice of stairways. Parquet flooring is laid in herringbone or strip patterns. The bathroom walls and floors are marble. The south wing comprises three adjoining reception rooms preceding a chapel. The west wing includes a vestibule providing access to a library and a bedroom with its own bathroom.
Second floor
Parquet flooring is laid in a strip pattern. The bathroom walls and floors are marble. The south wing comprises a vestibule, leading to a first large bedroom, with its own bathroom and shower room, followed by a second large bedroom, with a cloakroom and a bathroom. A second vestibule provides access to the west wing and its study as well as its large bedroom, with a bathroom and a cloakroom.
Third floor
The south wing houses a large projection or games room, a small bedroom and a bathroom. The west wing comprises three bedrooms, a bathroom and a large lounge.

The outbuildings

The old, 50 m long stables, spanning 500 m² per level, are listed. The building and its two towers are undergoing restoration works. The ground floor is almost finished. It comprises a library, a small lounge, a reception room with a bar, a study, a bedroom and its bathroom. Renovation works are ongoing in the tack room and the stables. Upstairs, a room with six fireplaces accommodated the farmworkers when it was time to work in the fields.
The third tower, at the south end of the curtain wall, is still in its original condition but is structurally sound. The same can be said for the gallery, with its 19 monolithic columns and their capitals, connected to one another by wooden arches. Once a leper hospital, then a real-tennis court, it too is listed.

Our opinion

This castle, pointing skywards via the conical roofs on its towers and watch-towers, looking down on its surroundings from its dominant position, could be a daunting sight but instead is quite the contrary. The full restoration works have a lot to do with this as its austerity has been softened and its intimidating character transformed into a family air. Such constructions are continually faced with the feat of adapting to whatever is expected of them by successive centuries. New owners will be able to expect a great deal from this old medieval fortress, with its still authentic outbuildings and its large accommodation capacity.

3 950 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 227577

Land registry surface area 2 ha 54 a
Main building surface area 1400 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1800 m2

Regional representative

Marie-Antoinette de Groulard    +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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