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An elegant, 17th & 19th century, Directoire-style country house, its outbuildings
and its parklands 20 minutes from Tours, 2 hours from Paris

Tours, INDRE-ET-LOIRE center-val-de-loire 37000 FR


To the north of Tours, between the Racan and Gâtine-et-Choisilles areas, in the midst of a gently undulating, verdant wooded region. Set between the Loire and Loir rivers, amongst the Loire Valley chateaux and the vineyards in the area around Tours, a land with a wealth of architecture and history as well as a monumental and vernacular heritage, including mills, wash-houses and chapels. Near to a small market town. About 20 minutes from the wonderful town of Tours and 2 hours from the French capital. The site is historic and the place is tranquil.


The original, 11th century fiefdom belonged to the landowning aristocracy. In the 13th century, it was part of a lord’s estate, then a peerage duchy with two other fiefdoms, including that of the property. A legend dating from the 16th century relates that a sacred spring in the middle of the dense woods led Diane-de-Poitiers to make it her favourite hunting lodge.
Constructed at the beginning of the 17th century, it was in the 19th century that the wife of the great alderman of Tours and advisor to the king acquired this land and brought the country house in line with the standards of the time. This comfortable manor house was to become the family’s summer residence, its descendants having, over the generations, been regularly appointed controller-general of finance or magistrate in Tours. At the beginning of the 19th century, tastes changed and the style of the 17th century was no longer fashionable! So a typical Directoire-style facade was added, facing south to receive the sun, to communicate with the natural surroundings and to watch the newly planted sequoia trees grow. Between the two wars, the sequoia trees were still there, together with the spring, but the house had become “too small” and at the beginning of the 20th century, two asymmetric, Art-Deco style wings were added. At the beginning of our century, at the same time as full renovation works to provided refined home comforts, the south facade was enhanced with a large terrace, delimited by a hedge of rose bushes where breakfast can be taken in the shade during clement weather, providing a good start to a relaxing day. Today, following certain modifications, this estate, still with its majestic sequoia trees, spans more than six hectares. In the summer, they shade carpets of wild cyclamens as well as any guests.
This property, nestling amidst its flowering terraces and its rose garden, stands in outstanding, flower-filled parklands, enhanced with trees over a hundred years old. The parklands are laid out partially as landscaped gardens, with astonishing trees of various species, and partially as woods and grasslands.

The country house

A country lane, off the main road, crosses wooded countryside and leads to a path providing access to the property’s parklands. A driveway, properly laid out and bordered by trees, splits into two so that it can go not only around, but also to the residence. The driveway, separated by a wide stretch of lawn, also leads to a shady parking area. This astonishing building currently dominates pleasant parkland, predominantly wooded with a variety of mature species, some of which are over a hundred years old and which conceal the outbuildings set further away. The view, for as far as the eye can see, is of wooded, rural countryside. Ideally located at the entrance to the parklands, an elegant and original silhouette, enhanced by vegetation, comes slowly into view. The residence is constructed from stone, with a slate roof, and comprises three levels as well as attic space and cellars. It spans almost 550 m² of living space. Behind the residence is a terrace with a swimming pool, surrounded by flowers, plants, hedges and ornamental greenery. On the left-hand side is a small building once used as a chapel. Further away is a tennis court.

Ground floor
The porch, extended by a terrace, provides access to the 30 m² entrance hall via double glazed doors. The marble floor tiles feature inlaid decoration. Opposite is a vestibule, with a toilet and a stairway going upstairs. A 60 m² reception room, on the left-hand side, has parquet flooring and a marble fireplace. Superbly illuminated with through light via four tall windows, it precedes a 70 m² study, with floor tiles, laid out as both a library and a lounge. This room features an outstanding stone fireplace, decorated with a fresco, representing a bridge over the river Loire in Tours. Its four tall windows and two French windows, adorned with stained glass, let in copious amounts of through light. On the right-hand side of the entrance hall is a 60 m² dining room, also with marble floor tiles featuring inlaid decoration. It, too, is illuminated with through light via three tall windows and a French window. A door on the left-hand side provides access to a fitted kitchen that opens on to a terrace. Another door, on the right-hand side, opens into a corridor that leads to the back stairway, the cellar, the kitchen and a vestibule, opening on to the terrace. This corridor also provides access to a bedroom, spanning a floor surface area of 50 m² all on a level. This tiled room, illuminated via four large stained glass windows, has a stone and brick fireplace. The original ceiling is composed of wood and brick. The bathroom, with a shower and a toilet, is at the base of a small, original tower. It is delightfully decorated with blue-tinted tiles.
First floor
A landing and a hall area on this level provide access to a private section, comprising a study, a bedroom, a storage area and a bathroom, as well as to a large 30 m² bedroom, with a tiled bathroom and toilet. These are followed by a landing, a small stairway, a corridor, a linen room and two bedrooms, one of which spans 25 m², as well as a bathroom and a toilet.
Second floor
The second floor includes a landing providing access to the attic space, which could be converted, a hall area, a bathroom with a marble floor, a toilet, a large 30 m² bedroom, with a marble fireplace, and another bedroom with cupboards. Also on this floor are another hall area, a large 35 m² bedroom, which also has a marble fireplace, a tiled bathroom, a toilet and cupboards. It is completed with another smaller bedroom.
The basement comprises cellars, a boiler room and utility rooms.
Group of buildings
These outbuildings stand at a distance from the main residence. They include:
- a second house, spanning more than 110 m². Restored about twenty years ago, it is currently used as a rental accommodation unit. It comprises a living room, with a kitchen area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toilet.
- a private garden, spanning approx. 2,000 m².
- a caretaker’s cottage, also currently in use as a rental accommodation unit. It comprises a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a toilet and an attic, which could be converted.
- three large garages, with a 200 m² attic which could be converted.
- an old, fully closed barn, which could be converted.
- other outbuildings, previously used as a “charreterie” where carts were stored, a stable and a tack room.
- set back is an old water tower.
- and lastly, there is a vegetable garden on the side.

Our opinion

No-one can resist the charm of this residence, as if the stone and trees unfailingly transmitted this love of the premises to those who, throughout the centuries, have wanted to bring it to life. It is a property steeped in character and elegance. Although the architecture is sober, it features a pleasant and harmonious design. The entire main building, large with plain but suitable proportions, gives free rein to all kinds of possibilities. The outbuildings could be used for developing an accommodation activity, enhanced by the surrounding countryside. The proximity of Tours as well as historic and tourist sites is an asset. This place is particularly pleasant and the surroundings beautifully delightful.

1 380 000 €
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Reference 297110

Land registry surface area 6 ha 36 a 92 ca
Main building surface area 540 m2
Outbuilding surface area 500 m2


Bruno Van Montagu       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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