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A chateau, its outbuildings, its hamlet, its woods, its hunting grounds
and its farmland on a 460 hectare estate in the centre of France

Issoudun, INDRE center-val-de-loire 36100 FR


This property is set between forests and bocage countryside, with irregular-shaped fields separated by hedges and ditches. Less than 3 hours from Paris, it adjoins other unenclosed hunting estates.


This estate extends over 460 hectares of woods and farmland, accessed via three sets of entrance gates. One driveway goes alongside the parklands, an old orchard and its tennis court. Another, leading to the rear of the chateau, borders wooded copses and old vines. And the last goes to farm buildings, set out around a rectangular courtyard which spans approx. 1,300 m². All the roofs are in a good state of repair; they are covered with tiles or slate. A gateway separates the farm from the chateau. Not far away, a group of houses or hamlet is laid out on the same slope.
Several species of one hundred year old trees surround the residence, enclosed by hedges.
The chateau was built over two construction periods, the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Spanning 800 m² of living space, it is built over three levels above cellars, with a central building and, on either side, a square tower and a round tower, housing a spiral stairway and topped with a candlesnuffer roof. Both the central building and the square tower have Mansard style roofs with breaks and decks. Covered with slate, they are decorated with stone roof dormers featuring triangular pediments. The facades of the chateau contain numerous openings and the terrace faces south-east.

The hamlet comprises a group of buildings near to the chateau with a road side access as well as a private access.

This open, continuous property is bordered by a river and by a stream. It adjoins several other hunting estates.

Features of the forest estate

The estate spans a surface area of 288.9534 hectares. The 20 year Simple Management Plan in force is due for renewal on 1 January 2026. The estate also has PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification for the quality of its sustainable forest management The forest comprises 7 continuous sections, predominantly consisting of deciduous stands with 3 species of oak tree: English oak, sessile oak and pubescent oak.

- Simple thickets: 5.00 ha.
- Seedling thickets less than 15 years old: 44.51 ha.
- Seedling thickets more than 15 years old: 49.70 ha.
- Seedling thickets undergoing conversion: 97.02 ha.
- Deciduous seedling forest 40 to 80 years old: 34.22 ha.
- Poplar grove: 2.68 ha.
- Walnut plantation: 30.88 ha.

Objectives set for the forest: exploitation of deciduous trees for timber and firewood.

Forest facilities:

- Private pathways:
Dirt tracks: 16 km.
Stone-lined roads and paths: 500 m.

- Public pathways:
Tarmac roads and paths: 2.2 km.

Features of the hunting grounds

Hunting plan: allocation of identification tags for the 2018-2019 hunting season:
3 members of the deer family: 1 stag and 2 hind as well as 26 roe deer and 40 wild boar.

The hunting rights lease, currently in force, is renewable once a year, on approx. 450 ha for 4 small game hunts and 4 large game hunts. Approx. 70 hectares are given over to game food patches.

Features of the farmlands

- 118 hectares of untenanted farmland, including approx. 70 ha of game food patches.

- 45 hectares of tenanted farmland.

The land has a good depth of good quality calcareous clay soil. Some plots have a clay content higher than 30%, making it possible to obtain wheat yields in the region of 90 hundredweight per hectare. Most of the land is used for growing wheat. The remainder is planted with rapeseed or lies fallow.

A stream and a river border some plots.

The chateau and its wooded parklands

Several species of one hundred year old trees surround the residence in approx. 3 ha. The unoverlooked estate, enclosed by old fencing and hedges, has three entrances.
The block layout chateau, spanning approx. 800 m² of living space over three floors and an attic, excluding cellars, was built in two stages.

A first section was constructed, with a central building and a square tower, in the late 19th century (1890). The facades have numerous openings. The Mansard style roofs, with breaks and decks, are covered with slate and feature stone roof dormers with triangular pediments, also covered with slate. The chimney stacks are made from stone.

The second section was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century (1905). A round tower, spanning three levels and topped with a candlesnuffer roof, was built outside the fabric of the building. A second round tower was partly incorporated into the carcass. It was also topped with a candlesnuffer roof and given a wooden spiral stairway.

The chateau terrace faces south-east.

The farm buildings

The farm buildings, set out around a rectangular courtyard, span a total ground surface area of approx. 1,330 m². They comprise a traditional, local farmhouse and its barn, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 330 m², an old cowshed and its barn, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 430 m², a third barn, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 250 m², and an old piggery, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 320 m². All the buildings are in a good state of repair. Roofs have been redone and covered with traditional, interlocking, slate or asbestos cement tiles. All the buildings are weathertight. Conversion works need to be scheduled in order to take good advantage of the reception and accommodation potential of these outbuildings.

The hamlet

This hamlet is composed of a group of buildings that includes several houses, some of which have outbuildings and small gardens. They are constructed from quarry stone blocks, topped with roof tiles and still have all their authenticity.

Our opinion

This property will appeal not only to investors but also to enthusiasts of a country way of life. Both will be drawn to this vast estate with its multiple assets, centred around a character residence and its outbuildings. It has great reception and accommodation capacity and provides rental income. It has an obvious forestry vocation resulting from the quality of its species and meets farming requirements given the quality of its harvests, not to mention its vast game reserve.

4 539 746 €
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Reference 277093

Land registry surface area 460 ha 85 a 36 ca
Main building surface area 750 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1330 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Nelly Parisot       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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