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An old sheepfold, now extended, in 7 hectares of scrubland
near St-Florent on the edge of the Agriates region in Upper Corsica



This stone house, once a sheepfold, stands on the Gulf of Saint-Florent and on the edge of the Agriates region, near to Saleccia, one of the most beautiful beaches along the Corsican coast. Bastia-Poretta airport is 45 minutes away. These completely unspoilt surroundings are steeped in peace and quiet. The wooded grounds, spanning 7 ha, feature cork oak and one hundred year old olive trees as well as scrubland, exuding the fragrance so typical of Upper Corsica. The house is reached by turning off of the road from Saint-Florent to Ile-Rousse, via the Agriates region, on to a dirt track leading through the trees to the property entrance. The view extends over the Nebbiu hills, taking in the villages perched on their slopes.


This house, with its stone walls, spans three levels, the third being a mezzanine in relation to the 1st floor. It is surrounded by a terrace, with a pergola on the south side which is ideal for sheltering from the sun, and by another terrace on the first floor. On the south side, opposite to the main entrance, a swimming pool borders the house, with trees which provide shade and coolness during the summer months. One of the terraces flanking the house is covered and features an Italian-style arcade. A flight of steps goes up from the swimming pool to the first floor and leads to another terrace with access to the living room. Another flight of steps, on the other side of the terrace, is near to the property entrance where there is a 2-car garage. All around the house, flora typical of the Corsican scrubland as well as one hundred year old olive and oak trees, spanning 7 ha, guarantee the premises absolute tranquillity.

The house

This local stone building spans two levels and a mezzanine. It is bordered on three sides by terraces, protected on the south-east and south sides by a kind of pergola and adjoined by a swimming pool.
Superb, typical stone archways and a roof covered with lauze stone from the Nebbiu hills bear witness to its sheepfold past. All the materials used in its construction are equal to the quality and specificity that blend into the regional scenery of Upper Corsica.

Garden level
An L-shaped corridor, spanning 15.60 m² on the garden level, provides access to 4 bedrooms including one double, 47 m², vaulted room with its own shower room. Opening on to the swimming pool is a south-facing, 15 m², master bedroom. Its large bathroom spans 15 m². It also has a 4.23 m² dressing room. On the other side of the corridor are 2 more bedrooms, one spanning 21 m² with a 7 m² bathroom, and the other spanning 11 m² with a 6.5 m² shower room and a 2.5 m² dressing room. At the end of this level is an 8 m² laundry room, facing which stands a 43 m² garage.
First floor
Two stairways go up to this level. One is to be found in the garden, with its north and the south accesses, whilst the other is inside the house. The first room is a living room with a fully fitted, American-style kitchen, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 100 m².
The kitchen-dining room section of this large room spans 50 m² and the lounge on a slightly raised split-level, spans the other 50 m². It features a local style fireplace. This room opens on to a 50 m², south-east facing terrace, with a clear view over the Nebbiu hills. The ceiling is 2.70 m high in the kitchen-dining room section and doubles in height over the lounge section because of the mezzanine, reached via a superb stairway with wrought iron railings. A 22 m² bedroom and an adjoining, 3.60 m² shower room are laid out on the mezzanine.

This house is surrounded by a terrace, spanning approx. 50 m², on the north side of the garden level, by a terrace covered with a pergola set at right-angles on the south-east and south sides (50 m² x 2), bordered by the swimming pool, trees and shrubs. Two more terraces are laid out on the first floor, one providing access to the main room on the west side and the other at the end of this same room, facing south-east with a view of the Nebbiu hills. Each of these terraces spans approx. 50 m².
The grounds of this house are classified as farmland and governed by the Upper Corsican branch of SAFER (Société d'Aménagement Foncier et d'Établissement Rural - a land market regulation mechanism that is operated by the State and farmers' organisations in France).
Its 7 ha are covered with trees and scrubland with flora typical of that to be found in the nearby Agriates region.

The swiming pool
A 12x5 m swimming pool is installed on the south side of the house. It is surrounded by a wonderful palm tree and shrubs. The pool blends perfectly with the house’s stone construction and decor.
A 43 m² garage stands at the entrance to the house. It can also be reached from inside the house on the garden level.

Our opinion

This dry stone construction is impressive as the walls of the former sheepfold have been lined with traditional materials, completely concealing the recent extension. The nearby sea is not one to be found on a postcard; the 7 ha of farmland sufficiently isolating the house such that it is steeped in a Corsican atmosphere, featuring views over the hills, fragrances of the scrubland as well as absolute peace and quiet. It is an ideal place for dreaming, reading, relaxing or simply practising the art of conversation, with the course of the sun indicating which of the terraces to use. The swimming pool itself blends aesthetically into the property which appears to have been standing there for the well-being of mind and body for all eternity.

2 295 000 €
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au 1er Avril 2017

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Reference 161408

Land registry surface area 6 ha 51 a 4 ca
Main building surface area 280 m2
Outbuilding surface area 100 m2

Regional representative

Gilbert Moracchini       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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