An old mill, its 2-ha parklands and its lake
in town, just 30 minutes from Tours
Tours, INDRE-ET-LOIRE center-val-de-loire 37000 FR


In the Touraine region, known as the Garden of France, 2½ hours from Paris and 2 km from a train station with 1⅔-hour links to Paris-Montparnasse. 25 km from Tours and 10 km from Amboise. In a town with 5,300 inhabitants, primary and secondary schools, multiple amenities and all shops. Just a 10-minute walk from the town centre.


The origins of the mill appear to date back to the 13th century. Constructed from wood, then rebuilt using stone following a fire, it was part of Chenonceau “châtellenie” (an officially recognised castle and its land) in the 16th century. Over the years, the houses have got closer and now it is in the midst of a somewhat contemporary residential district. Set back, parallel to the street, the main building extends over about 50 metres. The entrance to the property is open and provides several parking spaces. Behind the house, on the south side, the parklands and their 4,900 m² lake extend over more than two hectares, forming a real oasis in the centre of town. The completely enclosed plot of land is triangular in shape, delimited by a street on two sides and by gardens and houses on the third. The stream, feeding the lake, flows from south to north along the west side of the plot.

The mill

Seen from above, seven roofs adjoining one another have perpendicular ends. The buildings are of various levels. The highest and the oldest, built of freestone, houses the waterfall and what remains of the old mechanism. All the roofs are covered with small tiles and feature Jacobin-style roof dormers on the south side. The other walls are covered with lime rendering and their openings are framed with freestone surrounds.

Ground floor
From east to west, there are garages, then the old barn converted into a dining room, a kitchen, a boiler room, a laundry room and a hall area, with a stairway going upstairs. A large picture window in the dining room provides a view of the waterfall. Then comes the room that once housed the mechanism, now a living room, opening on to the south-facing terrace and inviting residents to take breakfast by the waterside or their meals in the shade of a fig tree. The summer kitchen, a room used for storage purposes, a toilet and access upstairs. The last section does not communicate with the previous area. It houses four guest bedrooms, each with its own shower room and toilet. Three bedrooms are on the ground floor and benefit directly from the garden; the fourth is upstairs.
First floor
Still from east to west with several differences in level caused here and there by a few steps as well as with ceilings of various heights. A first landing provides access to two bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a dressing room and a study which communicates with an entrance hall opening on to the garden. Said entrance hall is followed for some 20 metres by a lounge with a partial cathedral ceiling, widely open on both main facades via thirteen windows and two roof dormers.
Second floor
A suite with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet.

Our opinion

Town or fields? The countryside yes, but near enough to the shops as to not be isolated. The town yes, but in a quiet district, with neighbours that are not too close and the countryside within easy reach. In both cases, near to the train station and above all, no nuisances. This is what most people are looking for when seeking to buy a property that is pleasant to live in. In its location, this mill has the countryside within the town, sharing the advantages of both, without any of the disadvantages. There is no doubt that Jean-de-La-Fontaine’s two rats would have been able to eat their fill with no fear of being interrupted.

1 120 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 476083

Land registry surface area 2 ha 30 a 55 ca
Main building surface area 492 m2
Number of bedrooms 8

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Marie-Antoinette de Groulard +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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