An old, peaceful mill 70 km from Paris
in one of the Valois region’s romantic valleys
Senlis, OISE picardy 60300 FR


Gérard-de-Nerval loved the Valois region which he knew well because of family ties and his jaunts to get away from Paris and wrote poetry praising the virtues of his favourite region.
"And here all of a sudden, silent and green,
A damp valley covered in lilac,
A stream babbling between the poplar trees,
And the road and the noise are quickly forgotten!”
Such words perfectly defined the surroundings and the appeal of this old mill. And yet, this building dates from a much earlier period to that of Gérard-de-Nerval, as the mill was founded under the reign of Louis XV. It really is in one of the Valois region’s valleys with a river running through it. And yet this mill, in this romantic valley, is not isolated as it is but 5 km from a town with all amenities and just 70 km from Paris.


The mill, a robust building, stands alongside a millrace, fed just as it should be by a river. No traces of the wheel remain but the charm is still there with the water at the foot of the building. A sign of modifications since the construction period, the mill is composed of a first level of regional dressed stone, topped by an upper level built of old brick. This bestows it with a unique appearance reminiscent of its industrial past.
It is accessed either via a large door, opening on to the street, or via a little flight of steps from a gateway set in the garden wall. Both entrances lead to a through vestibule which provides access to the reception rooms. This east-west facing house is enhanced throughout by the quality of its natural illumination.

The mill

This mill has been completely renovated, the framing around the windows and the fireplaces have been redesigned, the stone scraped and repointed. Access to the garden has been modified with the creation of a flight of steps and a terrace. The roof has also been redone. The mill is therefore in pristine condition. The garden facade appears higher and even more spectacular when looked at from a little door providing access to the vaulted cellars. Exposed stone buttresses, with a base that becomes thinner as it goes upwards, were added at an earlier period, perhaps even at the time of construction. It is undeniable that the weight of the centuries can be felt more on the garden side than on that of the road where its more classical appearance gives the impression of a 19th century, large, luxurious home. This road facade exudes a classical beauty with five regular bays, a canopy above the main entrance door and slatted shutters.

Ground floor
A large door opens into a through vestibule with, at the end, a door leading to the garden. This vestibule leads to the reception rooms, all flooded with natural daylight via their large windows. On one side, a music room, where a piano takes pride of place, is followed by a lounge with a fireplace. On the other side, a dining room opens into a kitchen looking down on to the stream. A study completes this first level.
First floor
An old wooden stairway goes upstairs where a wide corridor provides access to four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Second floor
On the top floor, under the rafters, a large leisure room has been laid out as a library and a projection room. On either side of this games room are two bedrooms with a shower room.
Three superb vaulted cellars date from the construction of the mill.
The garden
Looking out from the mill, the eye takes in an extensive lawn with, at the end, tall trees and the start of a forest. Next to it is a river, where running water gushes between two verdant banks, with a small bridge leading to a meadow with an old barn.
An open, Picardy-style barn, with a fireplace, looks out over the meadows. This is no ordinary outbuilding as it was here that theatre companies, from Paris and elsewhere, put on plays for the pleasure of the owners’ guests on summer evenings. This tradition has been continued to the current day.
A 2-car garage is built of large pieces of stone and covered with small roof tiles.
Wood store
An open-sided woodshed is to be found behind the garage.

Our opinion

This mill is now more like a large, luxurious home than an industrial building. The water still works its charm and the carpet of daffodils alongside the stream in the spring does not leave anyone indifferent. The water is clear and the 9,000 m² garden is extremely verdant, with its lawn and its tall trees.
Charm also comes from the first-class renovation works which were given the French Heritage Foundation label.
It is a concealed setting, one that is as beautiful to watch as it is enjoyable to live in, a haven of peace soothed by the noise of a small waterfall, above which it would be very pleasant to sleep.

690 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 584545

Land registry surface area 9891 m2
Main building surface area 300 m2
Outbuilding surface area 150 m2
Number of bedrooms 6

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Jérôme Ferchaud +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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