A residence, with a chapel, a guest house and an enclosed garden,
in a character town, south of the river Loire in the Anjou region
Saumur, MAINE-ET-LOIRE pays-de-loire 49400 FR


This property stands in a character town with numerous, old residences nestling quietly amidst their walled parklands on either side of its narrow streets. Freestone, a local limestone, takes pride of place here. The nearest shops and amenities are but 5 minutes away. Saumur, with its train links to Paris, is 10 minutes away as are the banks of the river Loire and its delightful villages. Slip roads providing access on to the A85 motorway are about 15 minutes away.


A narrow village street runs alongside the property’s wall and provides access to the freestone entrance porch, with a gateway and wooden gates, as well as a pedestrian gate, followed by a second gateway. Both gateways open on to driveways leading to a courtyard where the main house and its chapel are laid out on one side and a guest house stands on the other. The main garden extends behind and to the west of the house. The guest house has its own front garden. The entire property is enclosed by walls on three side and by a thick hedge on the fourth.

The residence

This residence, built in the 18th century on foundations partially dating back to the 14th century, is composed of two buildings, extending one another, with the facade of the second set slightly back from the first. Constructed from freestone, both buildings respectively span four and three levels, including a garden level. They are topped with slate roofs; hipped on the first and gable on the second. Their front and rear facades feature numerous openings. Those on the front facade of the second building have rusticated masonry surrounds. A more recent chapel adjoins the west gable. It, too, is constructed from freestone and topped with a gable, slate roof.

Garden level
This level is reached via a double stone stairway, turning via three straight flights and leading down from the entrance of the first building. It comprises a corridor providing access to a lounge and a study-library, the latter extended by a storage room. The lounge and the study-library open at right angles directly on to a paved, garden level courtyard, laid out below the two buildings. Both rooms have strip pattern parquet flooring. The lounge features a vaulted ceiling, exposed stone walls and a moulded freestone fireplace. The paved courtyard is linked to the entrance courtyard via a flight of stone steps with wrought iron railings, and leads via a vaulted passageway to troglodyte caves and the garden.
Ground floor
The main entrance hall, laid out in the first building, provides access to a lounge. A two-flight wooden stairway with an intermediate landing goes up from this hall to the upper floors in this first building and a stone stairway goes down to the garden level. The lounge communicates with a dining room and an adjoining kitchen. The latter opens on to the back hall which leads to the chapel and a stairway going upstairs in the second building. The main entrance hall has a stone floor, whilst the back hall has terracotta floor tiles. The kitchen as well as the reception rooms feature compartmental parquet flooring. Both the lounge and the dining room have marble fireplaces. All these rooms open directly either on to the courtyard at the front of the house, or on to the back garden or both. The lounge provides access to a toilet on the ground floor.
First floor
The landing in the first building provides access to a bedroom, with a bathroom and a toilet, featuring compartmental parquet flooring, a French ceiling and a marble fireplace. A corridor in the second building leads to two bedrooms, one of which has a shower room and toilet, as well as to a bathroom and toilet. Both bedrooms have strip pattern parquet flooring and marble fireplaces.
Second floor
The landing in the first building provides access to a hall area, with a wardrobe, which leads to two bedrooms, including one with a bathroom and toilet. This level has strip pattern parquet flooring throughout.

The guest house

This 2-storey, freestone house is topped with a gable, slate roof. A flight of stone steps adjoining the front facade leads directly to the first floor, including a section under the rafters.

Ground floor
A wide French window opens into a kitchen-dining room with an adjoining lounge. The kitchen-dining room has parquet flooring, the lounge terracotta floor tiles. Both rooms have exposed ceiling beams. A stairway in the kitchen-dining room goes up to the first floor. The lounge, featuring a freestone fireplace, also opens directly on to the garden.
First floor
The landing provides access to two bedrooms, including one with a shower room and toilet. One bedroom, communicating directly with the outside stairway, has terracotta floor tiles and a freestone fireplace. The second bedroom, under the rafters, features the exposed roofing framework.

The parklands

The parklands extend behind and around the west side of the residence. The rear, laid to lawn and surrounded by boxwood, features a round ornamental pool. On the side are a mall, planted with lime trees, and an old troglodyte courtyard, now wooded and landscaped. In front of the guest house is a courtyard, separated by a low stone wall and, at the back, a wooded section bordering one of the two driveways. The entrance to this property is marked by two outstanding, evergreen oak trees, planted on either side of the main gateway.

Our opinion

The omnipresent freestone shines here in the Anjou region, renowned for its pleasant way of life and, of course, its climate. The soft light of this land is closely linked to the river and its art of living is equally steeped in the culture not only of the gardens but also of the vines grown nearby. It is an ideal place to live as a family, to get together with friends and to receive guests. This property, with its main, sufficiently large house and its self-contained guest house, with its shady garden protected by its walls, is beautifully suited to miscellaneous projects in the bliss of a highly civilised countryside.

Exclusive sale

650 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 748428

Land registry surface area 4119 m2
Number of bedrooms 5
Main building surface area 330 m2
Outbuilding surface area 87 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Sylvain James +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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