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An old laundry, once part of a 19th century chateau,
on the banks of the Loire 30 km from Tours
Tours, INDRE-ET-LOIRE center-val-de-loire 37000 FR


On the banks of the river Loire, in the Gâtine-Tourangelle region, on the edge of the AOC zone for a renowned wine.
At the beginning of the valley of a tributary of the river, between vines and crops, moorland and forest, where hillsides are dotted with numerous houses and troglodyte caves as well as old quarries where freestone was extracted.
A land with a varied wealth of local heritage including manor houses, chateaux, small castles, churches, Roman villas and Gallo-Roman sites.
In the midst of a particularly wooded, vine-growing town, classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco, and near to a famous chateau. The surroundings are peaceful.


With origins dating from the beginning of the 10th century, the name of the town, originally Gallo-Roman, was Christianised.
The church was given by the lord of the manor to the neighbouring abbey, during the first half of the 11th century, together with a certain amount of land, on the condition that a town would be created. The priory, therefore, gradually founded a village, that is virtually non-existent today.
There are but two or three old houses, one of which dates from the 16th century, remaining at the foot of the hill.
One section of the village was hewn in rock.
It was essentially in the 19th century, when the valley was protected from flooding by dykes, that the village grew in its current position, near to the chateau.
The market town was then developed along the hill, on either side of its new church.
Not far away, at the foot of the hill, is a hamlet, crossed by an old Roman Way.
Further afield, on the banks of the Loire, other hamlets are a reminder of the barge activities along this river over the centuries.
The chateau is a residence dating from the late 18th century which has undergone redesigning works on more than one occasion courtesy of its successive owners.
Standing half-way up the hillside with its espaliers, dominating the river valley, it exudes originality, reminiscent of an Italian villa, with staggered terracing, from which the view extends to the blue and grey horizons, like primitive landscape paintings. The outbuildings and the gardens are quite outstanding. The old laundry stands facing it from a short distance away. Behind this building, the property is extended by an enclosed plot of wooded land. In the middle is an astonishing wash-house, and at the end, a swimming pool. This is a novel property if ever there was one.

The laundry

Very impressive, double wooden entrance doors, as heavy as they are tall and topped with a wide triangular pediment, open into a vast area where carts were once kept. Decorative wood adorns the walls and the ceiling. Straight on, a triple glazed opening provides access to a terrace and a garden.
A few wooden steps, on the right-hand side, lead to double doors opening into a vast reception room, illuminated via two large, small-paned windows. An entire wall is lined with cupboards and hanging space.
A small room on the right-hand side could be used as a study or a cloakroom. On the left-hand side is a little fitted kitchen with floor tiles. A hall area at the end features parquet flooring, a toilet and a wooden stairway going upstairs.
A little corridor, on a slightly lower level, features double doors leading to a bedroom, overlooking the terrace, with an opening on to the garden possible, and to a tiled bathroom.
Upstairs, a corridor provides access to two bedrooms, with a view of the terrace. A few steps lead to a small attic.
In the other section, on the other side of the area where carts were once kept, on the left-hand side, is an entrance hall providing access to a cellar and to an attic.
Straight on, double metal doors open into a vast room, previously the old laundry, illuminated by two tall, small-paned windows.
At the end is an old boiler with a stairway, on either side, leading to a section of the room raised by two high platforms, each topped with a large wooden vat.
On the side is an old metal tank and a small room. A door leads to the terrace and to the garden.
Above these rooms, the wooden stairway in the entrance hall leads to a landing and a small room as well as to a huge attic, with a hanging system, where the linen used to be dried.
Outside, a door glazed with small panes, topped with a triangular pediment, provides access to a wide terrace which precedes the garden, a large expanse of lawn, enhanced with trees as well as shrubs, bordered by hedges and stone walls. A short distance away stands an astonishing building, predominantly constructed from wood and topped with small flat tiles. Adding to the charm and appeal of the property, it is, in fact, the laundry’s old wash-house, now in use as a very pleasant gazebo.
At the end is a swimming pool as well as two small buildings, one used as a pool-house and the other a garden shed.
It has a relatively clear view of the surroundings.

Our opinion

The constructions are most unusual as a result of their original purpose, making them even more appealing and inspirational. The history of the site is known, encouraging new owners to keep it going whilst giving free rein to their imaginations. The natural surroundings, taking in the Loire Valley near to the city of Tours, and their heritage is well-known; their reputations having long been international. Visitors coming here to relax and recharge their batteries run the risk of not wanting to leave.

290 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 673138

Land registry surface area 2647 m2
Main building surface area 120 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Bruno Van Montagu       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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