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A large, 19th century farm and its large, luxurious home
between Caen and the sea in the French department of Calvados
Caen, CALVADOS lower-normandy 14000 FR


This property, just a stone’s throw from Sword Beach, is 250 km from Paris, a journey that takes 2¾ hours by car and 2 hours by train, Caen station being 11 km away. Carpiquet airport, with its flights to London and the south of France, is 12 km away. Local shops and supermarkets are 8 km away on the outskirts of Caen.


On the edge of Caen plain, this property stands in the midst of a village, surrounded by fields and grasslands for as far as the eye can see. The farm building is bordered by a road and a meadow. A gateway, flanked by two Caen stone pillars, with a pedestrian gate, opens on to a courtyard. The buildings of an old farm are laid out in a U-shape, enclosing a lawn dotted with flower beds and fruit trees. A large, luxurious home on the open side looks slightly down on the outbuildings. An old stone henhouse and a vegetable garden form a sort of link between a meadow, behind the outbuildings, and a wooded garden that extends to the rear of the house.

The large, luxurious home

This square residence spans two levels under a converted attic floor. Separated by a stone string course, each of the levels has three openings. The walls are covered with light-coloured rendering. The hip slate roof features a roof dormer, adorned with scrolls and topped with a triangular pediment, above the front facade. The residence is made elegant not only by the symmetry of the facade but also by the geometry of the dressed stone. Caen stone has been used to fashion the quoins and the framing around the openings as well as the keystones, sculpted into a diamond shape.

Ground floor
The entrance door opens into a through vestibule, illuminated by a tall, stationary picture window, set behind a wooden stairway. The walls feature exposed Caen stone. The floor is paved with contemporary, light-coloured stone. One of the two sets of double doors provides access into a lounge and the other into a dining room. A second door in the lounge and the dining room opens on to the terrace going around the residence. The kitchen forms a welcome link between the dining room and a wide terrace laid out on the side opposite to the courtyard.
First floor
The stairway goes up to a landing which provides access to three bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. The biggest two bedrooms each have a fireplace and communicate via a shared dressing room.
Second floor
The landing leads to two perfectly symmetrical bedrooms and a bathroom. The rooms have sloping ceilings and are illuminated via two skylights. A dressing room has been laid out next to a gable end.

The guest house

Ground floor
The entrance door opens on to a landing with a wooden stairway and a doorway leading to a living room. The latter still has its original features, including a stone fireplace adjoined by a “potager” (a secondary hearth where soups and other previously prepared dishes were cooked on embers). A stone sink, with a drainage system leading outside, is topped with a window. The floor is paved with wide stones. Two doors, on either side of the fireplace, provide access to two rooms. A doorway at the other end opens into an area under the stairway, where stone shelves remain.
First floor
One of the two doors on either side of the stairway leads to a large bedroom, the other to two adjoining rooms. They are illuminated via one or two windows. The two biggest rooms still have fireplaces.

The large stable

A large opening, flanked by two vertical windows provides access to the middle of the stable. Beams and joists are exposed as are the quarry stone blocks used for the walls and floor. Mangers and stone troughs have been preserved. At one end, a masonry platform looks down on this large room. It is illuminated via a wide window, composed of four glazed panels. This platform provides access to two rooms, used for storage purposes. This large stable spans a floor surface area of approx. 140 m².

The “charreterie”

Following on from the large stable, a “charreterie”, where carts were once stored, features two carriage doors. The doorway within the courtyard is arched. It is topped with a wide, slate-covered canopy. The second carriage doorway on the other side is plainer and opens into a meadow. The exposed roofing framework has an 8 m high ridge. This outbuilding spans a floor surface area of approx. 67 m².

Five united horse loose boxes

These are laid out at right angles outside of the farm buildings. Their partition walls have been knocked down to create a single room which is illuminated by five stable doors. The roofing framework is exposed. The walls are constructed from quarry stone blocks. Brick lower sections run the full length of the wall opposite the stable doors. It has a masonry floor. These stables, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 73 m², border an old riding arena, transformed into a meadow.

The old, preserved stalls

The building housing them adjoins the entrance to the property. A large room contains the original stalls with swinging rails and wooden gates topped with metal bars. The straw and mud cob between the joists is exposed as are the quarry stone blocks composing the walls. It has a masonry floor. An opening provides a link with the old tack room, illuminated via a stable door. It spans a total floor surface area of approx. 71 m².

The carports

These are laid out in a corner and at one end of a building. They span respective floor surface areas of approx. 61 and 69 m².

The sheds and workshops

These are scattered around the farm: in an extension of the large stable, on either side of the guest house and next to the entrance gates. They are used as a boiler room, a workshop, a storeroom and for storage purposes. They span a total floor surface area of approx. 165 m².

The lofts

These span the entire surface area of the buildings, with the exception of “charreterie”. The lofts above the large stable and the workshops following on can be reached from the outside. Two wooden stairways in the opposite wing each go up to two large rooms where the roofing framework and quarry stone block walls are exposed. They are illuminated via openings, some of which are hanging and topped with a triangular pediment. They span a surface area of approx. 463 m².

The henhouse

This little henhouse is made of stone and topped with a gable slate roof. It is divided into several rooms, featuring single and double openings. Some lintels are moulded. The laying boxes are also made of stone. The henhouse is surrounded by a grassy area, enclosed by fencing.

The wooded garden

This quiet garden, laid out behind the house and the outbuildings, is dotted with flower beds and tall trees. It enables the serenity of the verdant areas to balance out the density of the stone.

Our opinion

This large, luxurious home appears small in comparison to the huge buildings surrounding it. And yet, it is the residence that sets the tone. Its right is to warmly and comfortably accommodate its residents. But its duty is to keep an eye on the vocation of the premises, with their various dimensions and functions. Interlinked with one another, they offer a multitude of possibilities. As a continuous or divided surface area, very tall or spacious, overlooking the garden, the courtyard or the meadow, they would be ideal for a wide range of uses which causes residents a problem as they are spoilt for choice.

An additional 4,000 m² of building land following on from the wooded garden are also available for purchase.

795 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur


Reference 817690

Land registry surface area 6000 m2
Main building surface area 192 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1246 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Brune Boivieux       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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