hunting grounds for sale champagne region in france

A large, 280 ha forest, hunting and nature estate,
including 45 ha of lakes with full water rights, in the Champagne region

Vitry-le-François, MARNE champagne-ardennes 51300 FR


4 hours from Brussels, 2½ hours from Luxembourg and Paris.
This property is to the south of Vitry-le-François, where the limestone and wetland areas of the Champagne region meet, just a stone’s throw from the outstanding Der Lake, one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in Northern Europe.


This property, a short distance from a little village in the Champagne region, is reached by turning off a little secondary road on to a car track several kilometres long.
It comprises 196 hectares of woods and forest, 45 hectares of lakes, 35 hectares of farmland, rented on a land lease, a hunting lodge and two farm buildings standing at the entrance to the estate.
This property, with the exception of the farmland plots, is fully enclosed by fencing.
Two permanent streams crossing the property help to feed the lakes.
The topography is relatively flat which makes it easier to manage the forest, with, above all, numerous clearly defined forest paths, useful when hauling wood and observing game and hunting.
Geologically speaking, it has sedimentary subsoil. The soil constitutes clay on grey marl (Upper Albian Stage), the weathered layer of which is composed of heavy clay loam. These soils are sufficiently thick to ensure the trees’ water supply and to produce top quality oak trees.
This property is not currently subject to any major environmental protection measures but it is in wetland of international importance that covers the entire wetland area of the Champagne region.

The forest

A large part of the forest stands is composed of oak groves, this species being the most suitable given the property’s deep soils. There are also poplar trees as well as coppice stand and simple coppice.
The forest stands are composed as follows:

- English oak tree groves with enrichment planting: 116 ha
Planted between 1996 and 2003, these groves generally grow well and guarantee the future of the forest and production of the estate’s timber. Works are still required in certain forest stands in order to limit competition with whitewood trees.

- Poplar groves: 28 ha
Most of the poplar trees were pruned at a height of 4 or 6 metres. Their butt logs are flawless and their growth satisfactory. These good quality trees can be felled in the near future.

- Whitewood coppice stand with sparse reserves: 29.5 ha
Forest stand taking up the wettest soil: birch, aspen, poplar and oak. Quality is heterogeneous. Forest stands are composed of poplar and aspen trees in certain areas, whilst others consist of good quality oak trees.

- Coppice stand with reserve: 18.65 ha
The forest stand from coppice with standards is fairly rich in oak (between 60 and 80 m³). The good quality reserves are of heterogeneous diameters with a strong proportion of average wood. The coppice stand is very rich and ready to be felled.
There are also poplar trees, bearing witness to the past of an estate once totally dedicated to its forestry.

- Spruce groves: 2.95 ha
Planted in the aim of providing dense cover for game at the time when the oaks were planted, these aligned trees form a section to the north of the estate. The quality is average to good due to damage caused by wild boar.

The lakes

Three main lakes in the middle of the estate, linked together, and another smaller one on the edge of the farmland cover a surface area of almost 45 hectares. Created from 18th century archives, they currently constitute vast stretches of water that not only welcome numerous migrating birds but are also home to an abundant fish-rearing population of white and carnivorous fish. They can be completely drained and are in a very good state of repair. Furthermore, superb reed beds and lush riparian vegetation contribute to the creation of an extensively wild wetland.
It constitutes a complementary annex to the large Der Lake Hunting and Wildlife Nature Reserve. It is not therefore astonishing to see a very rich birdlife with numerous species of duck, egret as well as heron and, in winter, species from Northern Europe with common teals and the ballet of the magnificent Scandinavian common cranes.

The hunting grounds

The hunting grounds of this game-filled estate are, geographically speaking, very well located, near to Der Lake and in the midst of an area forming a mosaic of farmland and woods. Their wildlife population abounds in roe deer as well as wild boar and includes a few red deer. The diversity of the biotopes is extremely beneficial and the forest-hunting balance is respected. The lakes form a haven of peace for birds and wildfowl.
Suitable hunting facilities such as observation towers and drive stands have been created, by taking good advantage of the network of forest paths and the forest roads. Drive hunting or stalking in the summer can both be easily carried out. A hide, officially declared in the prefecture, can be used by waterfowl enthusiasts for duck shooting.

The buildings

This property also comprises several buildings, all lawfully constructed with the correct authorisation. A hunting lodge, spanning a ground surface area of approx. 150 m², comprises a large room, with a fireplace, a kitchen, a bedroom and a garage. It is not connected to the electric grid. Electric power is produced by a generator. Miscellaneous farm sheds, spanning a total of approx. 500 m², house the equipment required for maintaining the estate.

Our opinion

An outstanding nature estate, the interest of which is linked not only to the rich diversity of its biotope but also to the animal populations living there.
This wealth can but bring to mind other large nature estates such as that of Belval, in the French department of Ardennes. Even though, this property’s surface area is half the size, its biodiversity is equally as great with the wide variety of populations, the wetland and the plant species to be found here. Several projects are, therefore, possible, based on the conversion of a genuine nature lodge in the very heart of the property, facing one of the vast lakes teeming with an exhilarating wildlife. A dream of immersion in living, unspoilt natural surroundings could become a reality here.

3 000 000 €
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au 1er Avril 2017

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Reference 990536

Land registry surface area 280 ha
Main building surface area 150 m2
Outbuilding surface area 500 m2

Regional representative
Aube, Marne Region

Florence Fornara       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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