mansion houses for sale paris 17th district in france

A late 19th century mansion house awaiting rehabilitation
in Place-du-Maréchal-Juin in Paris’ 17th arrondissement
Paris, PARIS paris 75017 FR


To the west of the French capital, in Paris’ 17th arrondissement, between Place-Pereire and Place-Wagram, just a stone’s throw from the new district of Batignolles and its park, in what was once the town of Les-Batignolles-Monceau, between the Farmers-General and the Thiers walls, that Paris annexed in 1860. On a boulevard created between 1852 and 1854, this mansion house was constructed a few years later. It stands facing an esplanade which, dating from the 1980’s and now featuring tennis courts, is bordered by two wide service roads, with parking spaces, and wide pavements planted with plane trees. The Haussmannian buildings opposite are more than 40 metres away. The shopping streets in the district of Batignolles and its restaurants are just a stone’s throw away.


This mansion house, with its luxurious brick and stone facade, comprises four floors, connected via a lift, each (excluding the basement) spanning approx. 90 m². The many original openings let copious amounts of light into the rooms. Each level is double aspect, looking out the front and rear of the building.
The internal layout awaits reorganisation and an extension of more than 50 m² is a possibility. A 45 m² terrace with two chestnut trees forms a very pleasant outside area that is barely overlooked.

The mansion house

Built at the end of the 19th century, this mansion house is a typical example of constructions intended as middle-class houses and differs from those blocks of flats more commonly known at the time as rental buildings. Initially built over a semi-underground basement, with two upper floors and a top floor with sloping ceilings, its roof was raised at the end of the 20th century to create a fifth level. The recently re-rendered street facade comprises three vertically aligned bays. The first level is reached from the entrance hall by going down a few steps. It is illuminated via two windows, set on the right-hand side of the millstone grit lower level and topped with a wide, domed, stone string course. On the left-hand side of the facade are the double entrance doors, each featuring a row of three moulded panels and a glazed upper section. They are crowned with the volutes of a pediment, enclosing a fruit bowl motif. Two letters, R and C, engraved on the keystone in the centre of the lintel, were probably the initials of the first owner or commissioner of this building. The second level, some 2 metres above the pavement, comprises two tall casement windows, the lower section of which is protected by wrought ironwork, forming railings. On the third level, the apron walls of each of the three openings are decorated with mosaic tiles. On the fourth level, above the moulded, stone cornice, three roof dormers, also made of dressed stone, are set in the slate break, creating a wonderful effect on the facade. The fifth level overlooking the street is naturally illuminated by a row of picture windows running the full width of the building between the two gable walls of the adjoining buildings.
Behind the building, two tall deciduous trees are planted in a private 45 m² courtyard. These filter the light and create a screen against the other buildings a good distance away. The fact that there is no street on this side makes it possible for residents to appreciate the peace and quiet. Half of the recently re-rendered, smooth facade, free of framing and ornamentation, is set back. It comprises but four levels as the level of the courtyard is higher than that of the street. The second level can be reached from the courtyard via two flights of four steps, one leading to the veranda, on the left-hand side, and the other to a French window, on the right-hand side. The third and fourth levels feature windows, whilst roof dormers are set in the zinc break above.
The interior layout of this mansion house has been completely reorganised so that it could be used as offices. After the landing on the second level, therefore above the basement level, a lift and a spiral stairway adjoining it provide access to the upper floors.

Our opinion

This mansion house is harmoniously set in a row of luxury buildings, their facades beautifully enhanced with stone and brick. The four-storey facade of the building is discreet and, with a terrace in a quiet courtyard, the many possible uses for these premises include offices as now, or a family residence with a work space or even division into flats. In any event, the quality of the building and that of the elegant, airy district in which it stands are like a guarantee of success whatever the project chosen. New owners will be able to watch their own two trees change with the seasons in front of their windows.

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4 174 757 € Honoraires exclus
Honoraires de 3% TTC à la charge de l'acquéreur

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Reference 212314

Number of rooms 10
Number of bedrooms 6
Possible number of bedrooms 7
Living space420 m2
Surface Terrace46 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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