religious edifices for sale vendée in france

A 6,000 m² group of 19th century buildings awaiting restoration with a renovated chapel
and 2.5 ha of land in the centre of a small town 20 km from the beaches in South Vendée

Luçon, VENDEE pays-de-loire 85400 FR
Pays de la Loire


This property stands in the town centre of the economic capital in the south of the French department of Vendée. Two airports are within easy reach, that of Nantes 100 km away and that of La-Rochelle 40 km away. The A83 motorway is 12 km away and the A87 motorway is 35 km away. The train station is on the La-Roche-sur-Yon line and a bus service goes to Fontenay-le-Comte, both provide several return links per day. This good communications network enables the town to remain dynamic, to expand and to acquire all the facilities necessary for the well-being of its 10,000 inhabitants.


This property, set in its fully walled parklands, cannot be missed in the town centre. The buildings are impressive, not only because of their architecture but also because of their size. Constructed as of the 1850’s, they originally housed a private secondary school. During the First World War, they were used as a hospital and, then, as a large seminary up until1972 when the institution was closed down for good. These premises, given over to the transmission of knowledge for more than a century, could easily be converted for the development of a hotel and catering or function activity within its walls.

The buildings

A wide entrance opens off of the street into a 4,000 m², main courtyard which is bordered by a fully renovated chapel and the first buildings of the east wing. The vaulted cellars are outstanding. Behind the chapel is the first cloister. Spanning approx. 2,000 m², it leads to the rear of the plot. On the south side, a second cloister, much bigger than the first, stands on the side of the main street and leads to the wooded section of the parklands.

The fully renovated chapel, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 500 m², is without doubt an outstanding feature of the property. It is built of quarry stone blocks and dressed stone. Its Latin cross layout has a semi-circular apse. The edifice does not have a bell-tower. The doorway on the east facade features a triangular arch, topped with a protruding gable. A rose window takes up the upper section whilst an alcove is in the centre of the gable. Once through the entrance door, the luminosity inside is surprising. The nave, comprising a series of cross-ribbed vaults, is bordered with tall openings, intended to house stained glass windows which are in the process of being restored. It leads to the transept, followed by the choir. The tribune, set under the rose window and dominating the inside of the edifice can be accessed from the entrance area. The tribune also communicates with the second floor of one of the two buildings on the east side.
Group of buildings
The east entrance provides access to two buildings, one of which adjoins the chapel at right angles. Its roofing framework has been redone and it is laid out on two levels in addition to an attic floor. Each level spans approx. 150 m². The second building, like the first, is constructed from quarry stone blocks and dressed stone. The east and west facades feature numerous doors and windows. The attic floor has gable roof dormers all along the edge of the roof. Although the size of the second building is impressive, 450 m² per level, its most outstanding feature is its vast vaulted cellar which could be converted into a room for receptions, functions or concerts.
Group of buildings
On the south side, the front facade of the property’s biggest building looks out over the main street. It spans three levels plus an attic floor. Each level measures approx. 600 m². The ground floor comprises wide galleries, open to the rear in the direction of the chapel and closed on the side of the second cloister. The upstairs include bedrooms, laid out along a wide corridor. The many windows make the building pleasantly bright throughout. The attic space, however, awaits conversion. The numerous gable roof dormers set out on either side of the roof make a simple layout possible. The last building, part of the carcass and to the right of the previous one, spans 600 m² over two levels in addition to the attic space.
The parklands
The fully enclosed, square parklands extend over approx. 2.5 ha in the middle of the town. They could easily be divided into three separate areas comprising two courtyards and a garden; the latter divided into a grassland and a wooded section.

Our opinion

These regularly laid out buildings are captivating and harmonious. They are ideal for silence and study as well as conversations, discussions, laughter or the sound of children playing. These inspirational premises, bound to the past, promise, without the shadow of a doubt, a wonderful future: everything here is attractive, spacious and familiar all at the same time, steeped in benevolence. The buildings and the chapel bear witness to exemplary unity: the project that is successful will also be able to count on 2½ hectares of parklands right in the centre of town.

Exclusive sale

636 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Barème d'honoraires
au 1er Avril 2017

Ventes d'immeubles

À Paris et en Ile-de-France
Prix de vente au-delà de 600 000 euros       5% TTC*
Prix de vente de 400 000 à 600 000 euros   6% TTC*
Prix de vente de 200 000 À 400 000 euros   7% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 200 000 euros             9% TTC*
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En Province
Prix de vente au-delà de 500 000 euros       6% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 500 000 euros   30 000 Euros TTC* (forfait)
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Avis de valeur argumenté : 1 800 Euros TTC*
Expertise à partir de 2 400 Euros TTC*
Les tarifs des expertises sont communiqués sur devis personnalisé établi sur la base d’un taux horaire moyen de 120 Euros TTC*


*TTC : TVA incluse au taux de 20 %

Reference 836019

Land registry surface area 2 ha 50 a
Main building surface area 6000 m2
Outbuilding surface area 6000 m2

Regional representative

Aurélien Turrini       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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