residences for sale loir valley in france

A renovated, 18th century farm, with just under 1 ha,
next to a national forest in the Loir Valley
Mans, SARTHE pays-de-loire 72000 FR


On the borders of the French provinces of Maine and Touraine. In the middle of an urban triangle, Le-Mans (40 km), Tours (60 km) and Vendôme (50 km). Tours-Val-de-Loire airport is 50 km away. Motorways from these towns include interchanges for the A10 Paris/ Bordeaux, the A11 Paris/ Le-Mans via the A28 Rouen/Tours to the Parigné-l’Evêque exit twenty or so kilometres away. Le-Mans and Vendôme have TGV train stations with links to Paris, respectively taking 55 and 45 minutes.
The Loir Valley is a small vine-growing and tourist region located 60 km to the north of the Loire Valley. The mild climate, the soil and the vine varieties encourage the production of wines such as Coteaux-du-Loir (with an AOC appellation since 1948) and Jasnières (with AOC appellation since 1937). Bercé Forest is within walking distance of the house. This national forest spans more than 5,000 hectares. A royal forest in the 14th century, it is renowned for its top quality oak plantations. Activities include hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and mushroom picking; mating cries of stags guaranteed!
The surrounding villages are less than 5 km away. They provide basic necessities, a health centre, schools and restaurants with a good reputation. Several little towns, ten or so kilometres away, have markets, supermarkets, secondary schools, cultural and sports centres as well as second-hand shops.


This old farm is perched on a hilltop, amidst grasslands and undulating countryside, very near to the forest. Twenty years ago it was nothing but ruins. Comprising several buildings, it is laid out on either side of an old country lane, no longer in use, which leads to the property gates. The south facade, first to appear, has a wonderful view. Wild, open gardens alternating with outbuildings form the first section of this property. The farm, an adjoining outbuilding set at right angles and chestnut wood barriers enclose the rear, keeping the property private. The former sculleries, on the west side and following on from the house, have been transformed into storage areas. They precede land enclosed by thick hedges and divided into three areas. On the side, a meadow with superb trees below which residents can be tempted to sleep under the stars on hot summer nights or to make a campfire on a stretch of land, laid out especially for this purpose. The swimming pool area then comes into view. Concealed behind the vegetation, to the rear of the house, it is enclosed by wooden slatted fencing, amongst other things. The third area comprises a little garden, where permaculture methods are used, at the foot of which is an attractive closed well, constructed from stone. Below the land, level with the house, a wide, wood-lined alleyway, bordered by vegetation, provides direct access from the bedrooms to the swimming pool. An outside eating area is laid out under a loggia that protects residents from the summer sun. Exuding a preserved, authentic character, all the buildings have been renovated by local craftsmen using traditional materials.

The main residence

This north-south facing, rectangular house spans two levels, topped with a slate roof. Its exposed quarry stone block and lime rendered walls have openings framed with freestone. Other features include double-glazed windows, with “Cast” frames and outdoor shutters, old terracotta and floor tiles. Whilst its original architectural features include fireplaces, renovated bread ovens in good working order, exposed ceiling beams and internal doors.

Ground floor
The south facade has two entrances, one of which opens into a vestibule, housing the stairway going upstairs. On the right-hand side is a lounge, with its freestone fireplace, straight on is a bathroom with a toilet and, on the left-hand side, a large kitchen, followed by a dining room with a bread oven and a door leading outside. This room has two exits, one at the front and one at the back, providing access to a summer eating area. There is also a second stairway leading upstairs.
First floor
The landing provides access to two bedrooms and a shower room, with a toilet. Features include numerous cupboards, old terracotta floor tiles, white-washed walls and exposed beams. On the north side, the bedrooms each have a French window which opens on to outside stairways, providing direct access to the swimming pool or to the summer eating area.
The other stairway also leads to a bedroom which has its own exit to the garden and the swimming pool.

The outbuilding used for accommodating guests

This rectangular building spans two levels, topped with a slate roof. Its exposed quarry stone block and lime rendered walls feature openings framed with brick as well as freestone quoins. Once a cowshed, the ground floor is still in its original condition. The upstairs can be reached via a narrow, indoor flight of steps. This partially renovated level is still in need of finishing works.

Ground floor
Awaiting renovation.
First floor
Features on this level include exposed beams, roof slopes lined with poplar wood, old terracotta floor tiles, lime rendered walls and “Cast” window frames.

The outbuildings

These outbuildings are set out around the main residence. Nearby and set at right-angles to the main residence, the outbuilding used for accommodating guests helps to close off the rear of the property, keeping it private. It is extended by a shelter for a vehicle. Following on from the house, the old renovated sculleries are currently used as a machine room for the swimming pool and a workshop. A lean-to acts as a woodshed.
Facing these constructions is a little scullery, where geese were once kept.
On the right-hand side of the house, after the woodshed and the private passageway leading to the garden, a small building makes it possible to park a vehicle.
In the meadow, on the closed garden side, a wood-clad building is used not only for storing equipment for the swimming pool and the garden, but also as a support for the solar panels that heat the water in the swimming pool. In front of the property, on the open garden side, an outbuilding composed of wood and sheet metal spans a large floor surface area. Set back from the latter is another wooden farm shed.

The exteriors

The exteriors are divided between the public section, in front of the residence, and the private areas behind it. Gardens with grass and ferns as well as a few fruit trees in front, with climbing plants such as roses and wisteria on the buildings. Between the latter, chestnut wood barriers made in the old-fashioned way close the property, together with old trimmed hedges. Behind, alongside the residence, a long, wood-lined alleyway provides access to three areas, delimited by hedges or wooden rails and wooden slatted fencing. First of all, on the side and at the end of the land, is a meadow with superb old trees where residents could sleep under the stars on hot summer nights. A spot has been especially created for campfires. Then comes the swimming pool area. And lastly, a little garden where permaculture methods are used.

The swimming pool

This area is enclosed by wooden slatted fencing and old hedges in order to maintain a countrified air. This 4x12 m, sunken, masonry pool is heated. It was constructed in 2010. The pump was changed in 2016.

Our opinion

Dominating a peaceful, verdant valley, this is a sort of ecosystem that nature lovers have been creating for some twenty years. Meticulous renovation works have added home comforts to a rural property, reflecting plain but coherent architecture. Members of a family will find both conviviality and autonomy, each able to holiday according to their own personal whims. The nearby forest acts somewhat like a magnet. All the adjoining buildings have not been fully renovated such that they still possess great conversion potential. A small bed & breakfast activity would, therefore, be more than compatible with a private residence. A permaculture model has already been developed. With water and grasslands, the rearing of animals could also be another activity. The plant composition of the garden is but waiting to be enhanced. The idea of reconnecting with nature could prove to be highly profitable here.

260 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 279768

Land registry surface area 8187 m2
Main building surface area 125 m2
Outbuilding surface area 144 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative
Mayenne, Sarthe

Catherine Boivin       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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