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A 16th century, stronghold house on a rocky spur, with 13 ha of land,
50 minutes from Angoulême and 15 minutes from Nontron, in Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park
Mareuil, DORDOGNE aquitaine 24340 FR


The beautiful landscape in this section of Green Périgord, with its numerous unimagined historic residences, is a combination of verdant countryside and bare, exposed, white limestone. Undulating hills and valleys, some featuring sheer cliffs, are covered with crops, woods and moorland. Add to this a light mist and the atmosphere is set. Springs and streams are to be found in abundance. These surroundings are quite naturally suited to horses.
The property is 10 minutes from a market town and 15 minutes from the little town of Nontron which has all daily amenities. Limoges international airport is 70 minutes away and the town of Périgueux 50 minutes away.


This property is reached via a country lane that crosses the woods and leads to a plateau with coppice stand and meadows, surrounded by forest and ending in a ravine on the north-east side. Several buildings, all constructed from dressed stone and obviously old, delimit a sort of inner courtyard that is almost circular. Unfenced, it has 4 gaps set out in a star-shape. The main house is built on a prominent rock, dominating a valley and an artificial lake, dug more than a dozen metres below the house. An old sheepfold, spanning two levels and standing next to it, is also on the edge of a sheer drop.
Diagonally opposite the sheepfold, a vast, stone, 2-storey building intrigues visitors. Although meticulously built with a composite architectural style, it has been given an unusual form. This modern construction, perfectly integrated with the landscape, was built using old-fashioned methods by the current owner himself!
Yet another surprise stands but a few metres away. An age-old looking dovecote, in an excellent state of repair, has also been constructed in the “old-fashioned way”.
The lane between the main residence and the secondary house continues, bordered by a low wall and a shady parterre, covered with cyclamens. It leads to a vast meadow, runs alongside a small “recent” guest house and goes around a coppice stand prior to reaching a completely isolated tennis court and swimming pool. Natural surroundings are omnipresent.

The large, luxurious home

This rectangular house was constructed directly on rock. Prior to its restoration, it comprised a cellar, pigsties and rabbit hutches on the ground floor. The first floor was reached via a stone ramp and composed of two large reception rooms which are still in existence. The old attic has been transformed into a flat.
As astonishing as it might appear, the tower is recent. It is currently used as the sole entrance and houses a spiral wooden stairway going up to the two floors.

Ground floor
A small vestibule houses the stairway, a French window opening on to a little curved terrace and two doors. The first door opens into a second vestibule which provides access to a kitchen and to a third vestibule, containing two large cupboards and leading to a bathroom and a toilet.
The second door in the tower provides access to a large dining room connected to the kitchen, to the aforementioned little, side terrace and to the main stone terrace, laid out on the rock, the view from which is amazing. The floors on the ground floor are covered with terracotta tiles, laid in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns.

First floor
Two solid wood doors both open into large rooms with original monumental fireplaces and wooden flooring. The first room has 3 m high ceiling beams and everything required for a library. It is laid out above the dining room and has the same outstanding view. The second room, overlooking the courtyard, was once an entrance hall for the house and features a fireplace with an opening for an old oven. With its 2.75 m high ceiling beams, it is currently used as a lounge.
These two similar-sized rooms, connected by a door but having an entrance differentiated by the stairway, could easily become bedrooms.

Second floor
The top floor, under the roof, is laid out as a self-contained flat. With a 2.16 m high ceiling reduced to 1.56 m under the collar beam, it comprises a kitchen, a study with an opening in the shape of a dovecote, a bedroom, a second bedroom with a bathroom, a third bedroom with a bathroom and toilet as well as a corridor leading to a bathroom and toilet.

The sheepfold

The sheepfold was constructed between the 12th and 18th centuries. It was greatly transformed in 1975, notably with the addition of three small windows, a window, two doors and an outside stairway. This former sheepfold now comprises a workshop and a boiler room on the ground floor and a small flat, spanning 21 m² of living space, upstairs.

The dovecote

Constructed between 1978 and 1980 with a 3 m square base, it comprises a ground floor with a door, a window, a small window, a cupboard and a spiral stairway going up to a small bedroom, with a shower room and toilet, a dovecote and a small window.

The concert hall now a holiday accommodation rental unit

Representing a slightly crazy dream intended for music and art purposes, its construction began in 1986 and took several years. Its shape was designed to be classical and yet original as well as harmonious, able to blend in with the landscape. Its south facade was inspired by the outbuildings of Monbazillac castle. With walls and facing built of coquina, a rock containing fossilised shells, and with mouldings and sculptures made from decorative stone, this building comprises some outstanding features such as thick walls, a stone stairway with stone railings, overhanging cornices to seal the projecting roof, semi-circular arched openings, a Spanish-style gallery, monumental fireplaces, stained glass windows, two spiral stone stairways, local terracotta floor tiles, etc.

Ground floor
Spanning a floor surface area of approx. 230 m² without the gallery, this level comprises a vast, central, reception room, raised by a step on the side with the stage and the monumental fireplace. The ceiling is 3.70 m high. A spiral stairway provides access to bedrooms on the first floor. Behind the stage are a laundry room, a wash-hand basin, a toilet and a door leading outside. A vestibule on the north side is used as a passageway to access a kitchen, the gallery and a separate floor which comprises a bedroom, with a fireplace, and a bathroom, with a shower and a toilet.
First floor
A long corridor leads to a first bedroom, with its own shower room and toilet, another bedroom, facing which is a shower room and toilet, a third bedroom, with its own bathroom and toilet, and a fourth bedroom, connected to a summer kitchen that can also be reached via the outside stairway.

The guest house

The last restoration works involved an old garage, transformed into a small guest house, spanning approx. 50 m², with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, a toilet, cupboards, a terrace and a view over the woods. The inside abounds in features, revealing a talent for masonry. The openings, several of which are arched, are made of exposed, dressed stone, the walls are lime-rendered, the doors are solid wood, the floors are covered with terracotta tiles and the fireplace is made of stone.

Our opinion

This site is obviously one that greatly inspires builders as the current owner has continued successfully building there. It is true, however, that the only access to the site is an experience in itself. The original hamlet, which has been developed, is remotely laid out in a vertiginous setting where natural surroundings stretch for as far as the eye can see. And yet, a market town is just 10 minutes away. Hence, there is enormous potential in the numerous accommodation and reception areas. Meadows await horses or other pets. The peace exuded by this solitary retreat can but soothe the soul. Engraved words welcoming future residents can be translated as “Those who will live in this magical place after me should remember from time to time that it is steeped in the work of a builder who devoted a great deal of his life to it. It is a combination not only of lime and mortar sand but also of joy and pain.”

Exclusive sale

958 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 591101

Land registry surface area 12 ha 57 a 9 ca
Main building surface area 240 m2
Outbuilding surface area 300 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Jonathan Barbot       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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