residences for sale in france haute garonne pyrenean foothills

A listed, former hospice, dating from the Louis XV era,
with ten hectares, in a dominant position on the Pyrenean foothills
, HAUTE-GARONNE midi-pyrenees FR


In the south of the French department of Haute-Garonne, an hour from Spain and Toulouse (international airport and TGV train station). Ten minutes from a small, unspoilt, market town with primary and secondary schools, a variety of little shops, restaurants, a library and even a good cinema.


This former hospice, standing perched on a hill and facing a small village, is impressive not only because of its size but also because of its sober architecture. It looks down on ten hectares of grassland, generously watered by a spring and a stream. A steep, narrow, access lane, suitable for cars, forms a shady driveway going through the undergrowth and leading to an esplanade on the north side, facing the village. On the left-hand side, the protruding apse of what was a chapel, with a bell-wall, flanks this north side, together with the equally protruding end of the west facade, creating a harmonious balance of symmetry.
All the buildings are set out around a square courtyard, the centre of which features a covered well. The north, east and west sides are laid out like a cloister, the east side being taken up by the old chapel and a large sickroom, now used as vast function rooms for events. The two other sides are taken up by holiday accommodation rental units and a professional kitchen. A door set in the cloister, on the north-west corner, opens into a little terraced garden which stretches along the west facade, providing a view over the gently rolling hills.
All the buildings are sound and have been restored in accordance with good trade practices, with lime rendering, Roman tiles, etc., in keeping with the requirements of the French Historic Monument Society.
(The building forming the fourth side of the courtyard is not currently up for sale.)
Under the “Ancien Régime” (Old Order), a clever irrigation system was installed, channelling spring water to a medicinal plant garden, and the idea of restoring this rare hydraulic structure is now worthy of consideration.
The grasslands would be suitable for horses as they remain green even during the hot summers and the esplanade could possibly be used as a dressage ring.

The east wing

This wing, like all the buildings, spans two levels, topped with attic space that cannot be converted. Constituting an entity of approx. 200 m², it represents the centre of the former hospice, courtesy not only of the impressive size of the features it houses but also of their former and current vocations. It does, in fact, include the old, 136 m² sickroom, now devoted to functions and shows. Only the walls remained; the ceiling and beams having completely collapsed. The French ceiling and the wooden flooring have been completely redone using oak wood. This room is illuminated via four tall, large, east-facing windows, letting in strong but soft light all day long. This room is followed by the old chapel (109 m²) which, with its apse, could also be used as a concert hall or a meeting room, independently of the large room preceding it.
The upstairs, which is currently a very large room (243 m²) taking up the entire floor surface area, must once have been divided into several rooms, used for staff accommodation. A Louis XV style fireplace still bears witness to this former vocation. The light here is pleasant, openings being set in the two sides of the building, overlooking the courtyard and the garden. All the door and window frames are new and are made of good quality oak wood. It goes without saying that this room is but waiting to be returned to its original vocation through the creation of partition walls and perhaps shower rooms.

The north wing

The ground floor of the north wing is divided into two sections, east and west, by a through porch way (11.5 m²) which provides access to the courtyard and faces a covered well. This wing houses sections that are currently lived in: a holiday accommodation unit, used for seasonal renting, as well as a flat, both spanning two levels.
The holiday accommodation unit comprises a 38 m² kitchen-living room, with a fireplace, a 14 m² bedroom and a 6.5 m² shower room, with a toilet, on the ground floor. Upstairs are three bedrooms (19, 31 and 9 m²), a 7 m² mezzanine, a 4 m² bathroom, with a toilet, and a large, 14 m² landing.
The flat consists of a 27 m² kitchen-living room and a 44 m² workshop on the ground floor; upstairs are a 27 m² bedroom, a 44 m² study and a 2 m² shower room, with a separate toilet.
Wooden stairways lead upstairs from the respective kitchen-living rooms in both the holiday accommodation unit and the flat.

Guest house
This section of the wing is intended to be rented out as a holiday accommodation unit. The layout of the bedrooms upstairs is particularly useful for accommodating people involved in functions. One of the rooms could be separated from the unit, becoming independently accessible and could become part of the neighbouring flat.
The holiday accommodation unit comprises a 38 m² kitchen-living room, with a fireplace, a 14 m² bedroom and a 6.5 m² shower room, with a toilet, on the ground floor. Upstairs are three bedrooms (19, 31 and 9 m²), a 7 m² mezzanine, a 4 m² bathroom, with a toilet, and a large, 14 m² landing.

Covered passage
This 11.5 m² passageway provides access from the entrance esplanade to the inner courtyard.
This house is laid out on the right-hand side of the covered passageway, leading into the courtyard.
The ground floor comprises a 27 m² kitchen-living room, with a fireplace, and a 44 m² workshop.
Upstairs are a 27 m² bedroom, a 44 m² study, a 2 m² shower room and a separate toilet.

The west wing

Both levels of this wing are used for utility purposes: a cabinetmaking workshop and a professional kitchen.

A vast, 142 m², cabinetmaking workshop on the ground floor currently takes up space that must have once been used as a stable or a wine storehouse. Openings have been made in the north and west sides to let in more daylight. This area could easily be returned to its original vocation.
A similar floor surface area upstairs is used for storing wood.

Bread oven
An old bread oven has been installed in a 23.5 m², modern professional kitchen. The oven is ready and waiting to be used.

A courtyard, resembling a cloister, with a passageway and an outside terrace

Although these buildings were never used as a monastery, they are laid out in a similar fashion around a courtyard, resembling a cloister, with a covered well in the centre. It spans a surface area of 400 m².
A 223 m², arcaded passageway goes around the three sides, corresponding to the above description, and leads to a 130 m² outside terrace.

Our opinion

Cloisters with arcaded galleries have long been used as an architectural model. Such is the case for this former hospice which, pillaged and reduced to the state of ruin for more than half a century, underwent outstanding renovation works carried out by its current owner. With no expense or effort spared, the results are worthy of respect. The aesthetic quality of the buildings and their location make them admirably suited to the organisation of profitable events such as the receptions, weddings and concerts that regularly take place here. What is currently a vast workshop could resume its original vocation of stables, extending the range of possibilities to include equestrian activities, favoured by the presence of grasslands and water. Such distinguished premises not only encourage new owners to look into their past but also give them free rein for the future.

795 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 712561

Land registry surface area 9 ha 71 a 71 ca
Main building surface area 819 m2
Outbuilding surface area 307 m2

Regional representative

Philippe Fritsch       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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