In the heart of Gascony, on the heights of Lectoure,
an ancient 13th century castle transformed in the 18th century
Lectoure, GERS midi-pyrenees 32700 FR


The castle and its outbuildings, in a dominant position, are located a few minutes from the centre of the small and famous town of Lectoure. Agen (TGV station) and Auch, the capital of Armagnac, are about forty minutes away; Toulouse (international airport and TGV station) is an hour and a quarter drive.


A narrow track lined with holm oaks and cypresses branches off from a small rural road and climbs the last two hundred metres to the castle and the 17th century dovecote. The variety and quantity of trees planted by the current occupants define the atmosphere of the property, which covers just over three hectares. Cypresses, cedars, redwoods, yews, Judas trees, magnolias and holm oaks are some of the most prominent elements of the over thirty species planted. A gravelled esplanade framed by low old stone masonry walls stretches between the entrance to the property and the house on the top of the hill. Adjacent to the house, a wine storehouse and a 13th century chapel were converted into stables after 1824. A terrace overlooks the hillside and the town of Lectoure. A discreetly placed swimming pool has been built below.

The villa

Built of dressed stone, it offers two levels under unconverted attic space. The roof is covered with traditional monk and nun tiles tiles. A Provençal frieze overhangs five oculi. From the gravelled esplanade, the entrance is through a perfectly centred door on the north-west facade, framed on each side by two windows. On the upper level, five perfectly symmetrical arched windows are in line with the openings on the ground floor. On one side, a lower building was added as a garage and former caretaker's house; on the other side, a former wine storehouse has also been converted into a garage or shed. The south-western facade reveals the old "Sala" or primitive Gascon castle as it was incorporated into the present building at the end of the 17th century. An old chapel from the thirteenth century is noticeable for its small openings on an upper level.

Ground floor
The ground floor of the building has the particularity of being split into independent areas connected by the entrance hallway: the master's house and the caretaker's flat. The entrance hall is a living room in itself due to its size and the staircase with its elaborate banister, a work of art dating from the end of the 17th century. The first steps are paved with large local stones. The floor is tiled with terracotta. In Gascon homes, the hallway was the place where one received and said farewell to the more intimate guests who had been invited into the dwelling, hence the care given to the aesthetics and the comfort of this part of the house. One door leads into the private dwelling; another, of the same size, into the caretaker's quarters. The first features a large living room, formerly a kitchen as evidenced by the sober fireplace and the presence of a large stone sink. It is tiled with terracotta tiles and opens onto the south-east facing terrace. A hallway leads first to a kitchen and then to a drawing room of similar size to the living room. A storeroom, a toilet. The entrance to the caretaker's quarters is through a double door that opens onto what was once a Louis XV sitting room, with panelling enhanced by painted decors. Today, it is a kitchen that also serves as a dining room. A later black marble mantelpiece has been installed. A small corridor leads to a sitting room in one of the oldest parts of the house and to a room which still contains the remains of an old double latrine in an alcove. The floor is tiled. Follows a room that currently has a simple cement floor and a shower room with shower and toilet.
Second level
This is traditionally the level allocated to the bedrooms. Today, it offers modern sanitary facilities. The entire floor is tiled with terracotta. The windows are all latticed and the interior frames are made of carved walnut. The landing leads to an isolated bedroom on the north-west side and to an antechamber preceding a bedroom with an alcove on the opposite side. A third bedroom is located on the south-east side, above the living room. Separate toilets. A shower room and a bathroom. Situated just off the kitchen/dining room of the caretaker's flat follows a large room with a Louis XV fireplace and some remains of the skirting board. It requires a comprehensive renovation, from the missing floor to the ceiling. The ceiling height on the first floor is approximately 3.80 m.

The old wine press

It predates the construction of the house and was probably built after 1824, when part of the estate's outbuildings were destroyed. It has a surface area of 88 m².

The garage

Adjacent to the main house, in part of the historic outbuildings. The original function of these is unclear. The floor area is approximately 41 m².

The old 13th century chapel

Easily recognisable by its openings and layout, it is now connected to another outbuilding, a stable, without any internal separation. They share the same roof, so that the volumes seem to be intertwined with the roofs of the other elements of the building. The floor area is approximately 58 m².

Old stable

This outbuilding can be accessed by its own door and via the former chapel, with which it now forms a connected unit, and is used as a shed. The floor area is approximately 89 m².

The swimming pool

In good condition, it measures 10 m x 5 m.

Our opinion

For those who know Lectoure and its Gascon aura, the property presents itself in an appealing way: although not strictly speaking part of the town, it benefits from its location on a neighbouring hill, from its proximity and from the many amenities it offers. It would be hard to resist the beauty of the site, the tranquillity of the place and the pleasure of dwelling in this property with particularly well-proportioned rooms. While it is possible to move in without any specific work, the part of the house formerly occupied by caretakers could be beautifully restored to its original state. The outbuildings could be repurposed in keeping with their architectural quality.

850 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 739798

Land registry surface area 3 ha 9 a 53 ca
Main building surface area 496 m2
Number of bedrooms 5
Outbuilding surface area 276 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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