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Like a house in a private garden, following a paved courtyard and on a lower level,
in Paris’ Rue-du-Bac between Rue-de-Varenne and Rue-de-Grenelle
Paris, PARIS paris 75007 FR


This street, on the left bank of the river Seine, in Paris, on one of the only two sites protected by a conservation and development scheme, owes its name to the “Bac” (ferry) established in the 16th century, which transferred blocks of stone, intended for the construction of the Château-des-Tuileries, over the Seine to the site of the current bridge known as Pont-Royal. Lords, at the time, had the right to establish ferries and receive income. The suppression of this privilege and a desire for safety probably contributed to the construction of numerous bridges throughout the city. This property is reached via a so-called rental building which stands between the “Hôtel de Sainte-Aldegonde” and the head office of the DDC “Délégation Catholique pour la Cooperation” (the official international voluntary service of the Catholic Church in France), after having passed from the street through tall, 18th century carriage gates.


A paved courtyard, behind a so-called rental building, surprisingly reveals a large, landscape garden on a lower level, glimpsed through railings. The property spans two levels, built over semi-underground cellars. The latter, vaulted, are composed of dressed stone and partially converted into a kitchen and a pantry. The two levels are illuminated via a basement area and a stairway, providing access to the garden. One section extends like a house, comprising four bedrooms, one of which is a suite with another door to the garden. The three other bedrooms, with a shower room and a bathroom, are laid out under the roofs, on the same level however as the three adjoining reception rooms, one of which features a fireplace, reached all on a level from the entrance hall via the communal areas.

The interior

Like a 2-storey house, with its currently unconverted attic space, the upper level of which is laid out as three bedrooms, with a shower room and a bathroom. Two stairways provide access to the floors: one in the entrance hall, near to the three adjoining reception rooms, and a second, at the end, towards the three bedrooms. A corridor, lined with cupboards and connecting these two stairways, makes it easy to move discreetly around and preserves the tranquillity and independence of this haven of peace. A fourth bedroom, laid out as a suite with a bathroom and a dressing room, is on the lower level and also has a door leading to the garden. An air-conditioned wine cellar on the lower level completes the property. The entrance hall in the communal areas overlooking the courtyard provides access to a spare bedroom, with a kitchen area, on the top floor. The private bathroom and separate toilet can be reached from the corridor.

The garden

The owners have created a mysterious, enchanted universe from what could have appeared as a neglected farm garden. The skill of landscape gardener Michel-Boulcourt, in addition to the extreme enthusiasm that led the lady of the house, not only to carry out extensive research but also to join the British Royal Horticultural Society and to visit numerous famous gardens throughout Europe and, above all, England including as Hidcote, Stourhead, Montacute, the picturesque and wooded Wisley, and particularly Sissinghurst, was a source of inspiration. The idea was to treat the area as if it were a picturesque English garden, with various verdant sections and the repeated use of the same plants in several places. In this rectangular garden, the still visible foundations of old cowsheds set the tone for the planting of other rectangular beds, delimited by old railway ties. Shady nooks and crannies are but an invitation to spend summer evenings. Under the kitchen windows, an octagonal ornamental pond is surrounded by blocks of granite. These were recovered from the garden where they were previously set out around an old fig tree whose shadow continues to fall on the pond. A parterre encircling the courtyard is dotted with planters, filled with dark foliage plants. A rectangular lawn, in the centre of the garden, is bordered by flower beds, embellishing the symmetry. Opposite, against the neighbouring, ivy-covered wall, are a large collection of pink camellias, some of which are more than 3 m high. Many ferns have been planted at the end of the lawn, enhancing the wooded aspect of this section of the garden. A sycamore stands amongst the leaves of a bed of yellow archangels. Was it in reference to the numerous places of worship, catholic delegations and congregations in the local area that “bleeding hearts” were planted at the bottom of the garden near to the railings, or quite simply as a reminder of picturesque, shady gardens? A varied, colourful palette of evergreen leaves dotted with hues of purple, blue and pink are the colours chosen by the lady of the house. The clever variation of flowers that come into bud in their own time gives this outstanding garden a different tone and range of perfumes every season.
If the late 19th century artist James-Abbott-McNeill-Whistler who lived at no. 110 in this street, like the writer Romain-Gary although he was between 1963 and 1980 as well as astronomer Pierre-Simon-Laplace, another neighbour living at no. 108, had known this garden, they would each have immortalised it in their own way and a star would probably be named “Bac”.

Our opinion

What a surprise! Once in the paved courtyard where visitors’ eyes tend to look up and outwards, a glance through some railings reveals the presence of a garden on a lower level and like a house running alongside it, perpendicular to the street facade. A feeling of curiosity attracts, like passing from the elegant, middle-class district to the pleasures of daydreaming produced by the fragrances of mahonias in winter, primroses in the spring, lemon yellow daylilies in the summer and, in autumn, the golden colours of the leaves on the Virginia creeper. Discretion is concealed, behind a sober facade, in this street with all shops and boutiques, both elegant and essential, like the famous Le-Bon-Marché department store.

9 900 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 480956

Number of rooms 8
Number of bedrooms 4
Land registry surface area 445 m2
Living space281 m2

Number of lots 48
Annual average amount of the proportionate share of expenses 8000 €

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Guillaume Naa       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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