A stunning and authentic 14th century fortified castle
in the Vingeanne valley on the borders of three provinces
Saint-Seine-sur-Vingeanne, Côte-d'Or Bourgogne FR

Property owners’ take the floor

Why did you settle in this region, in this place and not elsewhere ?

My grandparents arrived as farmers in 1930 and lived on the ground floor of the castle as the others were used as a granary. My parents then took over and eventually bought the other buildings in 1980. I was born here myself and have always lived here. I began restoring the property in 1985, starting with the roofing and the gardens and carrying on from there.

What can you offer people staying with you ?

The opportunity to live in an authentic medieval environment without having to sacrifice any modern-day comforts. Guests have full access to the castle – from the wood-panelled dining room to the large reception room and the gardens, everywhere immerses them in history.

What specific architectural features does your building have ?

The castle is made up of a main tower from the 14th century, it is flanked by a tall rectangular tower where a spiral staircase serves the four levels within and a firing floor that is fitted with a parapet walk on machicolations. The large chimneys are still intact. The large hall on the first floor still features 15th and 17th century décor with painted ceilings, faux appliances, wall paintings and wooden panelling. The gardens have undergone various improvements and now include a rectangular one on the terrace which overlooks the Vingeanne valley, mazes, an orchard and a vegetable garden. The castle has kept its original structure and medieval feel but still offers modern-day comfort. The careful restoration with high quality materials has allowed the property to defy the effects of time.

Places you would personally recommend

Bicycles that are available for hire during the stay are the perfect way to discover the Vingeanne valley, you can cross the valley and continue along the Canal de la Marne to the Saône. The Vélorail in Champagne sur Vingeanne and electric scooters are a great way to explore other parts of the valley (the viaduct). Discover the caves and medieval village of Bèze which is considered one of the most beautiful in France. As for children, they are more than welcome in Montigny sur Vingeanne, a treasure hunt is available in the Château de Rosières gardens and horse riding can be enjoyed in Licey sur Vingeanne. You can visit the castles of Fontaine-Française, Talmay and Arcelot as well as the cities of Gray, Champlitte, Dijon, Besançon and Langres to name a few.

What is its history ?

The Château de Rosières was built on the border between Burgundy and France in the 14th century, it was known for its moat encircled keep and the high walls which protected it along with the courtyard. When Burgundy joined the Kingdom of France in 1477, the castle served as a border between France and Spain (as the Franche-Comté had become Spanish). Following the treaty of Nimegue, Louis XIV connected Franche-Comté with France in 1678 and the castle lost its military importance. It then became a secondary residence for Dijon parliamentarians and underwent several transformations: the drawbridge was demolished and replaced by a gallery decorated with Italian frescoes, woodwork and painted ceilings were introduced in the keep and French gardens were added along with ponds and caves etc. After the revolution, the castle was abandoned and began serving as an agricultural building.

Our opinion

Today, this keep and the stunning silhouette that it casts remain a unique feature of the Burgundy landscape. The Château de Rosières is open to visitors as well as travellers looking to spend a night as they would have done in feudal times. This castle is not just a fortified house classified as a historic monument, it is above all a guest house surrounded by trimmed boxwood trees, fields as far as the eye can see and the autumnal hues of the Côte d'Or glittering in the distance. Life flows at a different rhythm between these sturdy walls.


between 60 € and 148 € / night

Réf 539706

Open from 1st January to 31st December

Accommodation capacity

14 4 4

The common rooms are located on the first floor of the castle, including the table d'hôtes and breakfast. The first room, known as du Puits, is on the ground floor with a bathroom. The Eudes IV room, named after its founder, occupies sixty square metres of the second floor with glazed tiles, a 14th century fireplace, a bathroom and a separate toilet. The Marguerite de St Rémy suite is also located on the second floor, this room includes a living room with two sofas, a bedroom, a bathroom, a separate toilet and a kitchenette spread over a few hundred square metres. The fourth and final room is located in the courtyard opposite the castle on the first floor, it includes a king-sized bed, a single bed and an en suite bathroom with a toilet.

Facilities and amenities
  • Table d’hôte meal
  • Baby bed
  • Wireless Internet connection

Languages spoken

English - Spanish


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