A unique house that sits behind one of France’s most beautiful monuments,
as close to Lyon as it is to Dijon between Mâconnais and Chalonnais

Tournus, Saône-et-Loire Bourgogne FR
bed & breakfast, Bourgogne

Property owners’ take the floor

Why did you settle in this region, in this place and not elsewhere ?

Whether along the banks of the Saône or on the slopes of the vineyards, the southern Burgundy landscapes offer some of the gentler pleasures in life. But it was the very ancient architectural heritage of Tournus that enchanted us with its pretty pink stones that give a charming tone to this little town by the river. The opportunity to eat and drink well in the region certainly helped us with our choice.

What can you offer people staying with you ?

Many things. A house full of history with an unobstructed view of the Saône and an ancient park in the heart of the city. As well as close proximity to the monastic monument, we offer the charm of yesteryear with the comforts of day, a sincere and warm welcome and, of course, a carefully chosen selection of wines for amateurs accompanied by a platter that we serve in the evenings if requested.

What specific architectural features does your building have ?

This house saw many different eras and adapted to the needs of each of them. Before becoming the bourgeois home that it is today, the La Tour du Trésorier played defensive roles, created crossings and served as the prestigious tower of a wine estate. Registered in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments, this building inspires and captivates history lovers.

Places you would personally recommend

We could start with one of the rarest in Burgundy, the winegrower Julien Guillot’s Clos des Vignes du Mayne which is planted with gamay, chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. Our cheesemakers Monsieur and Madame Giroud are also worth a mention, they certainly deserve the prize of excellence along the Nakaï art gallery which enchants us every time we visit, and Les Communs which is a permanent exhibition of twelve ceramists between Cluny and Cormantin.

What is its history ?

The Tour du Trésorier is part of Tournus’ history. Originally built to protect the Saint-Philibert Abbey, this masterpiece of Romanesque art dates (in part) back to the 10th century along with the surrounding wall. The octagonal tower at the front dates from 1643 and was built by Canon Savior, the treasurer of the monastery. In the 19th century, the house underwent transformations and became the wine estate of the Thibaudet family. The illustrious grandson, Albert Thibaudet, wrote many of his books and literary criticisms for the Nouvelle Revue Française here.

Our opinion

Although in the shadow of the tutelary steeple of Saint-Philibert, this former treasurer’s house is no less impressive. Long gone are the days of treasure guarding canons; it is now the few frescoes, the wood paintings, the 17th century floor tiles and the recent furniture made by the sculptor Jacques Perreaut that fill the ochre-coloured framework of this unique and historic house today. With clear views of the roofs of Tournus, the plains of Bresse and the meander of the Saône, the house stands proudly next to its legendary abbey. The perfect destination for wine and history lovers alike, they will be greeted by an attentive and thoughtful owner who, as a former sommelier, is sure to keep his cellar stocked with superb regional wines for his guests.


between 150 € and 220 € / night

Ref 843784

Open from 1st January to 31st December

Accommodation capacity

11 5 5

In the main building, we have a ground floor bedroom with direct access to Saint-Philibert and the private terrace, a duplex room at the top of the front tower with a 360 ° view, and a 70m2 suite with a view of the Abbey from the lounge and a private terrace with sun loungers that overlooks the Saône and the park. In the old winery, we have two air-conditioned rooms with a private terrace on the grounds. All our rooms have en-suite bathrooms and a TV. Finally, in the orchard, we have provided our guests with a Jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and a few chairs.

Facilities and amenities
  • Table d’hôte meal
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Daily cleaning service available on request
  • spa bath
  • Baby bed
  • air-conditioning

Languages spoken



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