A former maritime seigneury steeped in history
between Avranche and Coutances

EQUILLY, Manche Basse-Normandie FR
bed & breakfast, Basse-Normandie

Property owners’ take the floor

Why did you settle in this region, in this place and not elsewhere ?

The incommensurable heritage of the Channel Islands, where we are from, is present at all times and transcends fashion trends. It is a part of the property as much as it is a part of us and we are eager to share it through the Logis d'Equilly. When we arrived in 2005, the chateau had been abandoned in the weeds and silence for several years. It took a lot of courage and the help of our friends to bring this sleeping beauty back to life. Supported by our three children, parents and friends, we felt compelled to safeguard and share the heritage of Equilly by restoring the building, giving it life and preparing it for future generations.

What can you offer people staying with you ?

A warm, friendly welcome is reserved for our guests and we are more than happy to share our passion for this place with them. The Logis d'Equilly is open to the public, we offer guided tours on weekends and upon request. Snacks are served by the fire in the large dining room after the tour, which is led by us. We also organise many cultural activities: exhibitions, concerts, demonstrations of craftsmanship, cultural festivals, Christmas markets. We share convivial meals with our guests in the evenings.

What specific architectural features does your building have ?

The Logis d'Equilly has preserved most of the characteristics of an old seigniory of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The chateau is located between land and sea on the pilgrimage routes in the Granvillais hinterland, not far from the coast. It includes an avenue, two pavilions, a courtyard, a park with a pond and lake, a barnyard and a tithe barn. The property's origins date back to the Middle Ages and it was registered as a historic heritage site in 1947, it still has secrets that are yet to be revealed. The architecture has been modified over time, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Places you would personally recommend

Equilly benefits from the proximity of Mont-Saint-Michel and the charms of the countryside. The bocage hinterland surprises visitors with its unique architectural and artisanal heritage. The Abbey of Lucerne (which is listed as a Romanesque historical monument) was founded in 1143 and is just ten minutes from the chateau. The childhood home of Christian Dior is located in Granville and has become a a magnificent museum. We love Anne Fréret's Boutique in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, she is a florist who makes any place look magical. For good food, we would recommend "Le Sens" in Sion - a Michelin star and "Moulin de Beauchamp" restaurant which offers delicious, traditional cuisine and generous portions.

What is its history ?

'Equilly' comes from the Latin word 'aqua' which depicts a place surrounded by water. The property's history is linked to the Mont-Saint-Michel - during the decisive battle on 17 June 1434, one hundred and nineteen knights (including the lord of Equilly) were assembled by Louis d'Estouteville (governor of Normandy and captain of Mont-Saint-Michel) to stop the last English attack on the Mont-Saint-Michel and end a thirty-year siege. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance brought new forms and colours to the Logis d'Equilly, it was transformed into a beautiful chateau under the residence of the Sainte-Marie family which lasted from the 13th to the 18th century. At the end of the 18th century, the Logis d'Equilly adpoted a maritime character when it became the home of Gilles Vasse, lieutenant frigate and shipowner from St Malo who set sail from Granville to fish for cod in the cold waters of Terre Neuve. The maritime history of the the chateau continued with Charles Regnault de Prémesnil, vice-admiral and vice-president of the Navy Council. At the beginning of the 21st century, it became a venue where a lifestyle of simplicity, nobility of heart and spirit and a passion for cultural and natural heritage were cultivated.

Our opinion

The stone here is somewhat unique in that it exudes a sense of stability, pride and certainty. The lord of this abode was tasked with fighting the English in 1434 to put an end to the siege of Mont-Saint-Michel nearby. Since then, the Logis d'Equilly has taken care to preserve the most beautiful traces of its history as it passes from era to era. The rooms take us all the way from the rough Middle Ages to the flamboyant Renaissance and the Enlightenment with delicate wood paneling and pretty gardens. History lovers take note - you will not be disappointed here.


between 150 € and 250 € / night

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Open from 1st January to 31st December

Accommodation capacity

10 4 4

The four guest rooms are located upstairs. The "Saint-Jacques" room is equipped with a double bed, bathroom and separate toilet. The "La Roseraie" family suite has two rooms with separate entrances, it is equipped with two double beds and a bathroom with a toilet for both rooms. The "Amiral" room is equipped with two single beds and a bathroom. The "La Tour" room has a double bed and a bathroom. A music room is open for guests to relax and socialise.

Facilities and amenities
  • Table d’hôte meal
  • Baby bed
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Daily cleaning service available on request

Languages spoken



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