character houses for sale - gers - a property with rolling grasslands

A property in a heavenly cul-de-sac with rolling grasslands,
woods and a fish-filled lake in Gers

Auch, GERS midi-pyrenees 32000 FR


This property is in the French department of Gers, in the south-west of France where authenticity has been preserved through a lack of any effects of trend or glamour. Only a small community of outsiders to this deep Gascony, a few shrewd English people, amongst others, have discovered and appreciated its particular appeal up until now. This discreetly concealed property, perfectly symbolic of its unfashionable region, can only be glimpsed once over the crest of a hill.
Auch and Tarbes (international airport and TGV train station with links to Paris) are but an hour away by road; Vic-Fézensac is 30 minutes away; a fortified town with all amenities (doctors, shops and schools) is ten minutes away.


This property, from the surrounding peaks as far as the lake, is in a superb basin: almost everything that can be seen from the entrance is part of it. The remote-controlled gates open on to a driveway that goes across grassy and wooded areas down towards a house on the side of a lake. The house is, then, first seen from above as if slowly touching down on to the anchorage point. The curved panoramic view stretches from the peaks to the tall umbrella pine tree between the house and the lake. The focal point is the surface of the lake which appears to play hide and seek amongst the trees. The nearby house remains discreet in order to preserve the beauty of this topography, this natural backdrop. Water constitutes the heart of the property. Not only is the lake set in its centre, providing abundant supplies for watering purposes, but there is also a swimming pool, with its sliding cover, set between the house and a small boat jetty. Runoff water, flowing down the hillside towards the house, has also been cleverly drained to avoid any risk of saturation or flooding in the vicinity of the house. Where there is water, there is also greenery and the presence of a hillside meadow, together with some flat areas near to the lake, makes this a haven for horses. With this in mind, the current owners lost no time in converting a pre-existing barn into horse loose boxes. This property was consequently enclosed with electric fencing so that horses can live in the meadow all year round.

The house

Its location, slightly looking down on to the lake, makes the house a point of observation over the countryside worthy of any belvedere. Built of quarry stone blocks, half-timbering and cob, this 2-storey house is topped with a Roman tile roof. The original construction dates from 1851 according to the lintel above the entrance door. The current owners have added an extension that comprises a large lounge as well as a vast annex room in use as a games and physical exercise room. Vast picture windows open on to the terrace of a swimming pool that can be covered by a nest of sliding, curved Plexiglas units. A garage, intended for two cars, adjoins the east side.

Ground floor
The layout complies with the architecture of the time: a central vestibule, a kitchen with a fireplace on one side, a lounge (currently in use as an artist’s studio) on the other and, at the end, a stairway leading upstairs. All that currently remains of the partition walls on either side of the vestibule is the open half-timbered framework, the filling having been removed. A bedroom, a shower room, a toilet and a small laundry room have been installed behind these old features. As already mentioned, a large extension was added, on the swimming pool side, comprising a large lounge and an annex room. The floor is covered with white, imitation stone tiles.
Second level
The sloping ceilings, under the rafters, vary in height on this level but are approx. 2.6 m high.
A landing, with wooden flooring, provides access on each side to a bedroom, one of which has a small open-plan toilet. There is also a bathroom and a separate toilet. The bedrooms and the bathroom have sprung parquet flooring.

The garage

The garage adjoins the house and can take two cars.

The barn

The size of this well-ventilated barn makes it the ideal place to store hay.

The stable

The stable is divided into two sections: a large farm shed spanning 36 m², currently used as an extra garage, and three horse loose boxes, each spanning 9 m².

The swimming pool

The 9x4.5 m, liner pool was added in 2012. It has a chlorine filtration system and a sliding cover.

The lake

This lake spans a surface area of 1.5 ha and goes down to a depth of 10 m.
It contains carnivorous fish such as perch and largemouth bass.

Our opinion

This property would be ideal for those seeking a home where beauty and tranquillity have been preserved. Happiness cannot be far from this haven of privacy that is extremely pleasant to live in. It lacks nothing! The modest but spacious, unpretentious house, with its reception lounges, has all modern-day home comforts. Its current layout, especially on the ground floor, gives free rein to the imagination of its new owners and could easily be modified to suit their requirements.
The surrounding countryside, exuding beauty that is almost sought-after, and its ideal adaptation to the horses’ way of life remains one of this property’s major assets. The fish-filled lake and the wild life that it attracts are also an obvious part of this.

690 000 €
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Reference 756637

Land registry surface area 37 ha 97 a 18 ca
Main building surface area 276 m2
Outbuilding surface area 149 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Philippe Fritsch       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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