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A renovated, 18th century farm set in a little over 8 ha
of grasslands and woods with a river in the Loir Valley

Chartre-sur-le-Loir, SARTHE pays-de-loire 72340 FR
Pays de la Loire


This property is on the border of the former French provinces of Maine and Touraine. It is within an urban triangle, the vertex of which are Le-Mans (45 km), Tours (60 km) and Vendôme (40 km). Tours-Val-de-Loire airport is 40 km away. Motorways from these towns include interchanges for the A10 Paris/ Bordeaux, the A11 Paris/ Le-Mans via the A28 Rouen/Tours and the Parigné-l’Evêque exit twenty or so kilometres away. Le-Mans and Vendôme have TGV train stations with links to Paris, respectively taking 55 and 45 minutes.
The Loir Valley is a small vine-growing and tourist region located 60 km to the north of the Loire Valley. The mild climate, the soil and the vine varieties encourage the production of wines such as Coteaux-du-Loir (with an AOC appellation since 1948) and Jasnières (with AOC appellation since 1937).
Bercé Forest is some 10 km from the house. This national forest was a royal forest in the 14th century. It spans more than 5,000 hectares and is renowned for its top quality oak plantations.
The surrounding villages are between 6 and 7 km away. They provide basic necessities and schools. A little town ten or so km away has supermarkets, secondary schools, cultural and sports centres as well as a health centre.


Ten years ago this old farm, on a hillside surrounded by meadows and woods, was nothing but ruins. Concealed by abundant vegetation, it is reached via a country lane. It is entered through a garden on the east side which all the buildings face. Their authenticity is immediately obvious. Each one has been restored by local craftsmen and converted into a small self-contained house using traditional materials. On the right-hand side of the main residence is a wooden-clad outbuilding in use as a function room. A passageway between the two leads to an enclosed garden, at the top of which stands a greenhouse with a superb view. Adjoining the residence on its left-hand side is an old, renovated, wooden covered courtyard which is but an invitation to relax in the shade and contemplate the countryside. An independent guest house precedes the vegetable garden. Beyond this stretch grasslands and a coppice stand. A wild garden with ornamental pools is to be found on lower ground on the other side of the lane. A set of outbuildings are concealed at the top of the lane.

The main building: 128 m².
The guest house: 43 m².
The workshop or function room: 48 m².
An old covered courtyard: 13 m².
A coldhouse with a view: 15 m².

The main house

This 2-storey, main, rectangular residence faces north-south. It has a slate roof, lime-rendered stone walls and freestone framing around the openings. Other features include double-glazed windows with outdoor shutters and floors covered with old terracotta tiles, bricks or flagstones. It also has some authentic architectural features such as fireplaces, the stairway, the railings and the kitchen with its ceramic tiles from Desvres.

Ground floor
Two entrances, both on the south side, one opening into the vestibule with a stairway going upstairs. On its left-and side, a lounge and, on its right-hand side, a large open-plan kitchen, with an eating area, which can be directly accessed from the outside. Following on from the kitchen, a laundry room with a shower and a toilet.
First floor
A landing provides access to two bedrooms and a bathroom with a toilet. Old terracotta floor tiles. Painted, lime-rendered walls. The windows on the north side open on to the hillside, grasslands first, then woods.

The function room or workshop

This single-storey, L-shaped building features an exposed roofing framework. The outside is clad in wood shingle; the inside with lime rendering and wood. A slate roof. Cement floor tiles. Numerous openings, two entrances. An old, Guyon-Frères wood-burning stove. High ceiling. This area can be used as a workshop or a function room.

The guest house

This 2-storey, rectangular building has a slate roof and lime rendered stone walls with brick framing around the openings and exposed freestone quoins.

Ground floor
One room with a freestone fireplace and a bread oven undergoing reconstruction. Old terracotta floor tiles. An exposed beam system painted white. A recent shower room with a toilet, lime rendered walls and white tiling.
First floor
An exposed beam system. Old terracotta floor tiles. Painted walls.

The outbuildings

A number of outbuildings are spread throughout the property. Some are for leisure purposes; others are used for storing maintenance equipment.

Our opinion

The current owners have been developing a sort of ecosystem in keeping with the surroundings at the end of this small, peaceful, verdant valley for ten or so years. Here, there are water, woods and grasslands. Those seeking to farm or raise livestock will find all the right ingredients and conditions for permaculture. Magnificent renovation works have been carried out and have resulted in an architectural unity exuding rural character. Modern-day home comforts encompass plant decoration. This is an ideal setting for a family home where individual members can relax in their own way due to the modular nature of its various living areas. Quality fixtures and fittings already in place also make a small bed & breakfast activity possible without any loss of family privacy. In any case, such vast natural surroundings just 200 km from Paris can but be good for its residents.

Exclusive sale

238 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Barème d'honoraires
au 1er Avril 2017

Ventes d'immeubles

À Paris et en Ile-de-France
Prix de vente au-delà de 600 000 euros       5% TTC*
Prix de vente de 400 000 à 600 000 euros   6% TTC*
Prix de vente de 200 000 À 400 000 euros   7% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 200 000 euros             9% TTC*
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En Province
Prix de vente au-delà de 500 000 euros       6% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 500 000 euros   30 000 Euros TTC* (forfait)
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Avis de valeur argumenté : 1 800 Euros TTC*
Expertise à partir de 2 400 Euros TTC*
Les tarifs des expertises sont communiqués sur devis personnalisé établi sur la base d’un taux horaire moyen de 120 Euros TTC*


*TTC : TVA incluse au taux de 20 %

Reference 450645

Land registry surface area 8 ha 59 a 6 ca
Main building surface area 170 m2
Outbuilding surface area 239 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative
Mayenne, Sarthe

Catherine Boivin       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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