20th c. architecture for sale close to area around cannes

A bold villa, set between land and sky,
dominating Grasse, the valley and the French Riviera

Nice, ALPES-MARITIMES provence-cote-dazur 06000 FR
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


This property, 45 minutes from Nice and 20 minutes from Cannes, is in a peaceful district backing on to national forests, just a few minutes from Grasse town-centre. Absolute peace and quiet reigns here due notably to the scarce urbanisation. The dominant view takes in the valley and the French Riviera. It is easy to get to Nice or Antibes from the east of Grasse.


This villa was built in 2004 by the company run by Martine-Lobs, an architect renowned for his bold constructions in character settings. It was greatly inspired by those constructed in California during the 1950’s. Standing on the hills that extend the town of Grasse, this property makes clever, respectful use of the topography of the land. The slopes have been used to their best advantage in the design of this predominantly glazed villa, extended by hanging terraces with captivating views of the outside world.

The villa

The impression of lightness given by the construction of this villa, carefully set in the midst of a copse of oak trees, on the bare rock of the steeply sloping hillside, where the topography has not been modified, apart from the access road, comes as quite a surprise.
The access road is discreet but more than passable, making it possible to park by the villa. The latter can then be glimpsed through the lush vegetation which characterises this land of perfume.
The building is laid out around its central section, the total transparency of the living room of which creates a tunnel of light and air, connecting the back garden to the immensity of the sky. It is looked down on by a tall, overhanging metal projection, protecting the inside from the hot summer sun and providing an extra-wide frame for the panoramic view. The living room is extended by a large terrace suspended by fine cables and supported by elegant metal posts. It exudes an impression of being on the top of the world.
On the west and entrance side, the living areas are spread out in a wide masonry rectangle which, although different, resembles the east section of the building, completely made from wood.
Top quality materials have been used such as solid wood parquet flooring and solid dark stone floors. A superb, built-in kitchen, a large fireplace and bookshelves contribute to the warmth of the premises.

Ground floor
The front door opens into a fairly large vestibule with cupboards and a shower room. It provides access to the living room via a spiral stairway.
A large study, on the right-hand side, could be transformed into a bedroom. A very large terrace, on the other side, was created under the remaining section of the building. It is cooled by a fishpond and the murmuring sound of its water. It has a completely unobstructed view over the valley and the hills.

First floor
The spiral stairway goes directly up to the spacious living room, enhanced by a fireplace and comprising built-in bookshelves and a study area. This vast room is extremely luminous. The living room is extended on the south side by a hanging terrace that appears to be floating on air and communing with the sky. Below, the valley of Grasse, the hills, the forests and the inhabited areas are laid out as far as the sea. The Cape of Antibes, Cannes and the Lerins’ Isles can be seen clearly.
A pleasant, shady terrace on the north side extends the living room, attaching it to the rock and the natural surroundings and, above all, creating an ideal eating area.
A large, built-in kitchen on the west side also includes an eating area as it opens on to a small terrace with a view of the garden and the hills.
A door on the east side leads to the night-time section comprising a television room and 3 bedrooms. The main bedroom, with its own shower room, has direct access on to the terrace.

The garden
The garden, preserved in its original state, surrounds the house, creating a verdant setting. Just like the rest of the hill, it is predominantly composed of oak trees but it also has a multitude of other species including cacti. Exposed rock can be seen here and there. Such a garden is easy to maintain as it has no rampant vegetation. A few paths are to be seen in this pleasant shady copse.
National forests, separated by channelling for a spring, begin above the property and stretch for as far as the eye can see.
Up a few steps behind the villa is a little swimming pool, surrounded by a wooden terrace and then exposed rock.

Our opinion

The expression, a designer house, is more than apt here. It corresponds to this bold, airy construction, giving the impression of being suspended in mid-air. Metal, wood, glass and stone have resolutely been integrated in unspoilt natural surroundings. And what a view! Terraces, on all sides, are like observation posts looking out at the sea, the coast, the forests and, given the slope, the transition between typically Mediterranean vegetation and the relief of the garden. The pleasure of contemplation could well be unlimited. This is an improbable and yet very real luxury just a few minutes from the centre of Grasse.

1 495 000 €
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Reference 824938

Land registry surface area 7650 m2
Main building surface area 281 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Emmanuel Honold       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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