castles / chateaux for sale - yonne - in burgundy and champagne regions

An elegant, 18th century chateau, fully restored as holiday rental accommodation units,
in 7 hectares of parklands and woods between the Burgundy and Champagne regions

Percey, YONNE burgundy 89360 FR


This chateau stands on the outskirts of a Yonne village, delimited by the famous Burgundy Canal and by the river Armançon, where the borders of the French departments of Yonne and Aube meet. All shops, primary and secondary schools as well as amenities are some ten minutes away. Auxerre is 30 minutes away. Paris is a little more than 2 hours away by car via the A5 or the A6 motorways. Train stations are respectively about 12 and 25 km away.


Visitors are able to catch a glimpse of the chateau after turning off the main road leading to the village and taking the driveway to the property, planted with one hundred year old oak trees.
It stands proudly at the end of its 7 hectares of land, predominantly spread out in front of the building.
Behind the building, a pretty boxwood garden separates the chateau from the village and its church.
The elegantly simple parklands, stretching out in front, are planted with peonies, boxwood and irises. They are home to a swimming pool and, at the end, a verdant garden maze, a wonderful place for taking a stroll.
A wood, running alongside the property and separating the chateau from the old farm, is crossed by a brook.

The chateau

This chateau, constructed in the 18th century, has undergone many changes over the years.
A private residence, it was transformed during the Second World War into a command post, before being abandoned and partially dismantled. Transformed into a holiday home, it then became a private retirement home.
The current owners, having fallen under its charm and that of the surrounding area, undertook its renovation such that a wide public could take advantage of it by creating four holiday accommodation rental units and a family home as well as a function room. With endless patience, they gradually restored its splendour of yesteryear.
This superb building is slightly raised courtesy of its basement. It comprises 4 levels, the basement which once housed the old kitchens, the ground and first floors as well as an attic level.
Rectangular in shape, it is flanked by two short wings. The slate roofs have roof dormers with moulded architraves, topped with triangular pediments.
The rendered facades feature numerous tall, semi-circular arched windows, with dressed stone and brick framing. The openings are protected by baluster railings.
The slightly prominent central bay on the main facade is topped with a triangular pediment featuring an oculus.
The terrace, providing access to the front door and reached via a horseshoe-shaped stairway, also features balusters. Although governed by symmetry, the architectural and decorative composition of the building is not austere. The rear facade has a much more prominent central bay, topped with a curved pediment.

Ground floor
This level, reached via a horseshoe-shaped stairway, is raised in relation to the parklands. The front door opens into a central lounge, acting not only as a vestibule but also a function room. Facing the front door, at the end, a majestic stone stairway goes up to the various floors in the building. In a small room at the back are a kitchen and a cloakroom making it easy to rent this room out for all kinds of functions. A corridor leads to the chateau’s back door. This lounge, with its parquet flooring, is decorated with wall and ceiling moulding and enhanced by a stone fireplace with sculpted jambs, mantel and embrasure.
A first holiday accommodation rental unit is laid out in the left-hand section of the building. It comprises a large lounge with an open-plan kitchen. A bedroom, a small bedroom as well as a bathroom are laid out in a section of the rectangular wing. A door in the lounge makes it possible to access another entrance room, a toilet and a second stairway which leads up to the first floor of the wing.
The second holiday accommodation rental unit is symmetrically laid out on the right-hand side of the main lounge. It spans two levels and comprises a large lounge, a kitchen, a dining room, a library and an entrance hall with a toilet, a winding stairway and access to the basement.
Its numerous bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs.

First floor
This level can be reached via three stairways, the central one and two to be found in the wings. The second holiday accommodation rental unit takes up the first floor of one of the wings with its bedrooms and bathrooms. The landing provides access, right, to a first bedroom as well as a second bedroom, at the end of a corridor, with a dressing room, bathroom and toilet and a small hall area in use as a linen room.
The stairway continues up to the top floor which houses the other bedrooms.
The chateau’s main, central stairway provides access to the third and fourth holiday accommodation rental units which, smaller in size than the other two, are laid out in the central building.
The rooms are laid out around the landings.
The third holiday accommodation rental unit.
A corridor leads, right, to a first bedroom and a bathroom, and continues to a large lounge with an open-plan kitchen. Residents have to pass in front of the central stairway which continues up to the top floor in order to reach the two other bedrooms.
The fourth holiday accommodation rental unit.
A long corridor, on the right-hand side of the landing, leads to the last holiday accommodation rental unit on this level with, at the end, a toilet, a lounge and a kitchen. A small stairway goes up to the top floor and the bedrooms.
The fifth holiday accommodation rental unit.
This unit spans the top two floors of the second wing.
It is reached via the wing’s back stairway. It comprises a lounge and a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom, a machine room and the stairway making it possible for this unit to be laid out on a section of the top floor.

Second floor
This level, under the slope of the roof, is predominantly composed of bedrooms forming part of the various holiday accommodation rental units, thus making their sleeping capacity flexible.
The right-hand wing comprises a large landing, two bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as the small stairway providing access to the attic space. The left-hand wing completes its holiday accommodation rental unit with a second lounge with a separate kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The main, large landing in the central building leads to a large corridor providing access either to four bedrooms and three bathrooms on one side or, on the other side, to two bedrooms, a toilet and a bathroom belonging to the small holiday accommodation rental unit below.

Two stairways, each located in a wing, provide access to the basement.
It is divided into various rooms and the vaulted, plaster ceiling exudes a certain charm which could be put to good use. There are still vestiges of the old kitchens. Three adjoining cellars, a machine room, a boiler room, with an adjoining room making it possible to store firewood and wood pellets, a shower room with a toilet and an exercise room. One astonishing feature is its stone well which has water for six months of the year and makes it easier to water the garden.

Our opinion

This chateau is modest without being dismal. It is well-proportioned on either side of the prominent central bays on each side of the building. The stone and brick framing set out around the openings enhances the facades, just like the two discreet wings. The current owners took great care to preserve the interior decor during recent restoration works and it is much appreciated by the guests accommodated here in the five self-contained, sober, spacious and comfortable dwellings. The region has many attractions which justify spending a few days in this chateau. Chablis and Irancy vineyards as well as first-class regional restaurants are nearby. A rural multi-use path, leading to Dijon, begins right next to the chateau. It is also an ideal place for organising functions and seminars. New owners will find themselves with an outstanding work tool.

990 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Barème d'honoraires
au 1er Avril 2017

Ventes d'immeubles

À Paris et en Ile-de-France
Prix de vente au-delà de 600 000 euros       5% TTC*
Prix de vente de 400 000 à 600 000 euros   6% TTC*
Prix de vente de 200 000 À 400 000 euros   7% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 200 000 euros             9% TTC*
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En Province
Prix de vente au-delà de 500 000 euros       6% TTC*
Prix de vente jusqu'à 500 000 euros   30 000 Euros TTC* (forfait)
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Avis de valeur argumenté : 1 800 Euros TTC*
Expertise à partir de 2 400 Euros TTC*
Les tarifs des expertises sont communiqués sur devis personnalisé établi sur la base d’un taux horaire moyen de 120 Euros TTC*


*TTC : TVA incluse au taux de 20 %

Reference 738686

Land registry surface area 7 ha
Main building surface area 900 m2
Outbuilding surface area 690 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Michel Barré       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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