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A listed, renaissance style castle in 36 hectares of parklands in
the Champagne-Berrichonne area in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region

Châteauroux, INDRE center-val-de-loire 36000 FR


In the west of the French department of Indre, 3 hours from Paris and 1½ hours from Tours, its TGV train station and its airport. In a region full of gently rolling hills and valleys, dotted with large, cultivated fields. 25 km from Châteauroux and a motorway slip road as well as 5 km from a town with shops. In the midst of a village with 620 inhabitants.


A 12th century fortified manor house, this building was transformed into a stately keep in the 15th century by a comrade in arms and advisor of King Louis XI. In the 16th century, his descendants added four wings featuring Italian style galleries which currently make up the castle’s originality. One wing was destroyed during the French Revolution; another was completely transformed in the 19th century into a comfortable dwelling. These three remaining wings are set out around an open courtyard, marked in the corners by three round towers and the old square keep. Standing not far from the castle, the outbuildings form a vast collection of buildings, redesigned in the 17th century. They close three sides of an outer bailey, in the centre of which stood the parish church up until the 18th century. It was then moved into the village. A few vestiges of moats and a drawbridge suggest that the property was once totally encircled by moats. Beyond stretch landscaped gardens, the parklands crossed by a river and the 4 ha lake with its landing stage and its chalet. The 36 hectares of the property are completely enclosed by walls, delimited at each corner by a turret, appearing to stand guard.

The south wing of the castle

This section of the castle, with a tower at each of its ends, was reconstructed in the 19th century on the site of the primitive building, which topped a gallery that probably resembled the three others. It currently forms a three storey building overlooking the main courtyard on one side and the Renaissance style courtyard on the other.
The ground floor comprises utility rooms as well as two reception rooms, with fireplaces, once reserved for hunting meals. The large rooms have uniform stone floors whilst tiles are laid in a chessboard pattern in the smaller ones. A stairway goes upstairs from each of its ends.
The first level includes four rooms leading one into another: three lounges and a study with a library set out in the tower. At the other end, the east tower houses a bedroom and a bathroom. The floors are covered with herringbone or strip pattern parquet flooring or are paved with tiles laid in a chessboard pattern or old terracotta tiles.
On the mezzanine floor are a shower room and a separate toilet on one side, with a toilet on the other.
The second floor comprises four bedrooms, each associated with a ladies’ sitting room, as well as three bathrooms and two studies. A stairway goes up to the attic.

The keep

This square tower has five levels, topped with a pyramid roof. Three of its corners feature watch-turrets, spanning the last three floors and topped with a candlesnuffer roof; the fourth corner is taken up by a turret housing a spiral stairway that goes up to all the floors. The windows, one above the other on the west facade, were enlarged in the 18th century to let in more light.
On the ground floor, the vaulted servants’ hall features two crossed rib vaults. It comprises a superb reception room opening on to the gallery and the courtyard.
Each of the following floors comprises a large room where a monumental fireplace takes pride of place, with latrines on the first floor, a passageway to the watch-turrets on the second and third floors and a gallery with machicolation on the top floor.

The north wing of the castle

Its two levels of galleries, one atop the other, connect the keep to the tower in the north-east corner. The ground floor includes eight crossed ribbed vaults. The courtyard side features eight arcades set on plain or twisted columns, topped upstairs by an equal number of basket-handle arcades. A rich decor of fleur-de-lis, ermine tails and intertwined initials is laid out between the two levels.

The north-east tower

This large round tower with machicolation is topped with a candlesnuffer roof featuring a double gable. It is flanked by a turret which houses a spiral stairway providing access to all four floors. Four rooms are set one on top of the other, each with a monumental fireplace, richly decorated with coats-of-arms or interwoven initials. Two toilets are installed in the thickness of the walls.

The east wing of the castle

This wing, connecting the north-east tower to the south-east tower, is identical to the north wing, except that the upper gallery is closed. The lower gallery features five crossed rib vaults. The columns bear diamond shapes. The external decor consists of plain initials.

The outbuildings

This collection of buildings spans a ground floor level, raised on the moat side, and a level of attic space which are separated by a flat string course, running the length of the facades. The small tile roofs feature triangular pediment roof dormers. The superb utility courtyard has features dating from the Middle-Ages, the Renaissance era as well as the 17th and 19th centuries.
It is bordered on the north side by a building, some 100 m long, housing a holiday accommodation unit that can take up to 28 people. In the old tithe barn, the “room with three arcades” is used for holding functions and seminars. A three storey tower topped with a candlesnuffer roof, in the north-east corner, is flanked by a turret housing a spiral stairway. It is adjoined by a bread oven. A building on the east side, spanning forty or so metres long, is set out around an entrance porch way topped with a bell-turret. One side is taken up by a museum which contains vestiges of the castle as well as an impressive, 256-drawer, chemist’s dresser, dating from the 19th century. On the other side of the porch way stands a 150 m² dwelling which extends as far as a small wing set at right angles. On the north-west side of the courtyard is a 90 m² corner pavilion. A 45 m long building on the west side comprises a workshop, storage areas, stables and a tack room. It ends with a porch way that adjoins the neighbouring building, a tall barn with an awning typical of rural Berry architecture. A last small pavilion stands at a slight distance, on the edge of a stream and a lake that was created in the 19th century in order to provide the castle with electricity. This micro-hydroelectric plant is but waiting to be made operational once again.

Our opinion

The tremendous elegance of this spectacular property, a historic monument if ever there was one, is immediately obvious. Although a composite of buildings, this castle manages to merge the styles from a variety of eras in a luminous and miraculously homogeneous composition, making it a historical and architectural phenomenon. The outstanding quality of its restoration works fully enhances the excellent condition of each of its sections. Despite its monumental appearance and its impressive floor surface area, the 19th century building remains a reasonable size and its rooms could easily be converted. The other buildings comprising the castle represent a significant surface area that would meet a very large range of requirements.

1 350 000 €
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Reference 408207

Land registry surface area 35 ha 78 a 7 ca
Main building surface area 1500 m2
Outbuilding surface area 2500 m2

Regional representative

Marie-Antoinette de Groulard    +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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