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A keep, where a young Anne-Boleyn once stayed, and its middle-class detached house
near Saclay plateau, on the edge of the Upper Chevreuse Valley Regional Nature Park, 40 kilometres from Paris
Rambouillet, ESSONNE ile-de-france 78120 FR


The village, to the south-west of the French capital, reached via the A10 motorway in 40 minutes from Porte-d'Orléans and just a few kilometres from Saclay plateau, is renowned for its 11th and 12th century church. Just a short distance from the Upper Chevreuse Valley Regional Nature Park, the peaceful market town has many green open spaces, all main shops as well as primary and secondary schools. Paris is an hour away via bus and the regional RER train.


This astonishingly tall keep, near to the church in the centre of the village, is the only dominating building. Around 1506, the English ambassador in France entrusted his daughter, Anne-Boleyn, to the lord of the village, one of his relatives. Aged six at the time, she was to live here until she was old enough to be presented at court. She then returned to England and became maid of honour to Mary-Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, who she accompanied to France when this princess married Louis XII in 1514. She became friends with Claude-de-France, daughter of Louis XII, and wife of François 1st. She then went back to England, where she married Henry VIII who was soon to reject her under the pretext of infidelity and had her decapitated on 19 May 1536. It was, therefore, here that the woman who was to become the unfortunate wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elisabeth 1st, spent her childhood.
In 1772, the chateau, which was going to ruin, was demolished by the Count of Montrevault who preserved but the keep and a few sections of the outbuildings. The restored keep became a holiday home in 1885. Today, it is accompanied on its plot of land by a detached house, no doubt constructed at the beginning of the 20th century.

The keep

This keep spans seven levels with a cellar, an intermediate floor, a ground floor raised by a few steps in relation to the ground level and four upper floors. The first two are illuminated via double windows on the two main facades. The building is flanked by a turret, the stairway of which provides access to each level. Said turret is topped with a candlesnuffer roof, just like the four watch-turrets flanking the main section. The walls are three metres thick on the foundation level, thinning to about a metre thick at the top.
On the lowest level are two cellars, one of which is beyond the surface area of the keep and, no doubt, led to the underground passageways which are now filled in.
Above, a kitchen on an intermediate floor is ventilated via basement windows and a facade window.
A late addition in front of the stairway turret provides an extra area on the first three levels. On the ground floor, this area houses an entrance hall which provides access to what was the courtroom, where the lord received his subjects. Currently a dining room, this room includes a storage area set in the thickness of the wall.
The first floor is laid out as a lounge and a toilet has been installed in the addition to the turret. Above, a bathroom is well positioned to accompany the two bedrooms on the second and third floors. The walls becoming thinner, the library on the fourth floor is the biggest room in the keep, made bigger still by the four watch-turrets. The stairway turret has an unconverted top floor under its conical roofing framework.

The detached house

This detached, 2-storey house is constructed from stone and topped with a Mansard style roof, housing converted attic space. A half-turning, solid wood stairway provides access to all the floors.

Ground floor
An entrance hall on the ground floor provides access to a kitchen, a lounge with a fireplace, a boiler room and a toilet.
First floor
The first floor is given over to the main bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room and a toilet.
The top floor is partially under a Mansard style roof. It comprises three bedrooms and a shower room.

The garden

The plot of land, spanning a surface area of approx. 1,600 m², is pleasantly planted with trees and shrubs. An ornamental pool, in need of attention, could become a decorative feature for the keep. Several entrances, on two streets, are possible and would make it possible to park vehicles in different areas in the event the property was used for a mixture of private and professional purposes.

Our opinion

This keep, with no rivals in the surrounding area, directs its history skywards. It would be difficult to live in a more original home, just a stone’s throw from Paris and nearer still to the intellectual effervescence of the Saclay plateau cluster. With its parquet flooring, stone fireplaces, French and coffered ceilings, wall panelling, an open spiral stairway and cement floor tiles, the inside is in pristine condition. The nearby detached house, with an air of a middle-class residence, would be extremely useful should the new owners decide to run a professional activity from home; what better publicity for such an appealing property!

1 915 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

Voir le Barème d'Honoraires

Reference 132614

Land registry surface area 1619 m2
Main building surface area 325 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Virgile Durand       +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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