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An 18th century, listed chateau and its outbuildings
with 16 ha of parklands on the Cotentin peninsula

Valognes, MANCHE lower-normandy 50700 FR


In the French department of Manche, on the Cotentin peninsula, equidistant between Valognes and the sea, on the outskirts of a small town.
Valognes, 4 km away, has schools, shops, craftsmen, a hospital, chemists and doctors as well as an SNCF railway station with trains to Cherbourg and Caen (1 hour) as well as to Paris, this journey taking less than 3 hours.
30 minutes from Cherbourg and the landing stages for cruises or ferries going to England.
10 minutes from wide sandy beaches, facing Veys Bay and the Saint-Marcouf Isles.


In a region that still has its natural wooded surroundings dotted with enclosed meadows.
In the middle of 16 ha of forest parklands, bordered by narrow country roads.
The chateau stands behind wrought iron gates, at the end of a long bridle path which splits into two and plunges into the wood on either side.
Facing the entrance gates, a gravel esplanade delimited by balustrades and low stone walls leads to the chateau, going around a lawn before coming to an end by the outbuildings and the chapel.
The chateau looks down on a lake behind it.

The listed chateau

This chateau spans three levels, including a lower section dominating the lake, under attic space which could be converted.
The main facade, enhanced by a long porch way with low dressed stone walls, looks out over the esplanade courtyard. The entrance door is in line with the wrought iron gates providing entry to the estate.
The centre of the building is marked by a section that is slightly set back and topped with a central triangular pediment featuring a bull’s eye window. The openings are vertically aligned all the way up to the roof dormers.
The rear facade is perfectly symmetrical.
The gable roof with its hip ends is covered with natural slate laid on wooden battens. The chimney stacks are on load-bearing walls and gable ends.

Base level
The lower section is reached via a stairway going down to from the kitchen on the ground floor or via an outside door on a level with the lake.
On one side of the entrance hall is the old chateau kitchen with its impressive fireplace, a cellar and a boiler room. An exit communicates with a vaulted cellar under the terrace via a stone stairway that leads to the chateau parvis.
On the other side of the hall, three vaulted adjoining cellars lead to a fourth cellar set under the state lounge terrace.
All the ceilings are of a good height and all the rooms are illuminated via arched windows on the lake side.
The floors are covered with wide polished flagstones in the corridors and the kitchen, whilst the cellars have packed mud floors.

Ground floor
The pantry transformed into the kitchen, on the right-hand side of the vestibule, provides access to the through dining room via double doors which face another set of double doors that open into the state lounge.
In the opposite corner, the same double doors blend with floor-to-ceiling wall panelling and the wide openings. The ceiling with its cornice is enhanced by a painted frieze, the herringbone pattern parquet flooring continues into the state lounge.
The lounge, illuminated on three of its sides, is a vast, extremely luminous room, spanning 117 m² with a 5 m high ceiling.
The circular centre of the ceiling is crowned with a painted plaster cornice and the walls are fully lined with floor-to-ceiling wrought wood panelling enhanced with painted fillets. Discreet indoor shutters are fixed to the embrasures of the openings.
Straight on in the entrance hall is a lounge with a balcony overlooking the lake. It has a completely different atmosphere with its walls clad in painted wainscoting, its ceiling featuring exposed painted joists and its floor covered in polished flagstones laid diagonally.
Behind the stairway is a through lounge with an alcove, looking out on to the parklands and the entrance to the estate, enhanced by wall panels and herringbone pattern parquet flooring.
On the opposite side to the state lounge is a flat, with a separate entrance, comprising a master bedroom, a bathroom and a lounge. There is also a room that could be converted into a kitchen and a dining room awaiting completion of its restoration works.
The parquet floors are laid in panelled or herringbone patterns in the preserved rooms, the others are in need of restoration from top to bottom.

First floor
The main stairway leads up to a landing which extends on either side into a long corridor providing access to nine bedrooms with their respective bathrooms which are in need of modernisation. The decoration is different in each one but they all overlook the lake. The parquet floors, often original, are laid in a strip or herringbone pattern. The lower sections feature wood.
A lounge, decorated in a more modern style, has been converted into a vast anteroom which acts as a link between three bedrooms.

The attic is reached via a concealed, comfortable stairway which leads up from the main stairway landing. This level, divided into four by the load-bearing walls, spans a good-sized surface area which could be converted. With its solid wood flooring, it is extremely luminous courtesy of the natural light coming in through the roof dormers.

The listed chapel

The chapel stands in line with the chateau and marks the entrance to the outbuilding courtyard which it conceals from view.
The main, natural slate gable roof with its glazed terracotta ridge is topped with a bell-tower. Facade pediments on three sides, with bull’s eye windows or coats-of-arms, top the openings with their arched lintels on three sides of the chapel.
The facades feature exposed and dressed stone, like the lower section. Shallow steps lead up to the entrance.
The chapel vault, which was used as a dwelling for numerous years, is lined with a wood-panelled ceiling in order to help keep the heat in.
The chaplain’s dwelling is at the back of the building. It comprises a single room set out around a fireplace and is reached via a stairway, directly from the chapel or from an outside door. A partitioned stairway leads up to the attic space. A hatchway makes it possible to view the roofing framework above the chapel’s cupola ceiling.
A vaulted cellar, extending under the building, leads outside via double doors and a driveable ramp.
The chapel spans a floor surface area of approx. 66 m², the chaplain’s room spans approx. 30m², with identical floor surface areas in the attic and the cellar.

The outbuildings

The outbuildings are laid out in an L-shape around a gravel courtyard, enclosed by a balustrade which joins the entrance pavilions, including the chapel, leaving a passageway for cars. Elegant in appearance, they are built from stone, enhanced with dressed stone, under a natural slate roof featuring roof dormers.
The old stables, at the end of the esplanade, have been converted into a 123 m² function room with a professional kitchen, cloakrooms as well as bathroom and toilet facilities.
An entrance hall links a workshop, spanning more than 200 m², with the old stables. A back door opens on to the bridle paths of the forest estate.
The “charreteries”, where carriages were once kept, are set at right angles. They have been converted into garages.
They span a surface area of approx. 650 m² under an attic of the same surface area which could be converted.

The outbuildings' house

The pavilion, matching the chapel, adjoins the garages in the outbuildings. Currently rented out, it comprises a one-storey dwelling spanning approx. 70 m² with four habitable rooms.
It looks directly on to the long bridle path forming the estate entrance, without passing by the chateau.
Its architecture is identical to that of the chapel, with its bell-tower as well as its stone and dressed stone facades featuring arched openings.

The lake house

This small outbuilding standing on the lakeside, a short distance from the chateau and overlooking the lake, has a very low front facade and a rear facade plunging into the water. It is built of granite blocks under a natural slate gable roof and has a cellar as well as an attic.
The building has been partially transformed into a dwelling with two bedrooms and provides rental income.

Our opinion

One of the best assets of this residence, with its own particular charm, is its superb forest surroundings that ensure unfailing peace and quiet. Its predominantly preserved period decors provide an original splendour, still very much alive and the old parquet floors that currently creak under visitors’ footsteps were probably witness to a variety of love affairs, ultimately kept secret. Numerous features will appeal to enthusiasts of the 18th century, the spirit of which will float between the rooms trying to recreate a bygone atmosphere which is but waiting to be revived, amongst family or friends. The property’s French ISMH status should be of help.
Rental of the function room for miscellaneous events could also be continued in order to provide income for the estate which still has conversion potential around the lake and amongst the forest trees.

2 597 000 €
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au 1er Avril 2017

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Reference 733088

Land registry surface area 16 ha 79 a 87 ca
Main building surface area 1406 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1640 m2

Regional representative
Upper And Lower Normandy

Marie Merien       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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