An imposing, listed village castle with its spas and waterfalls
on the Jura mountain foothills in the Upper Bugey region

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Between Lyon and Geneva, in a region of lakes, forests and rivers, on the edge of the Upper Jura Regional Nature Park. This extremely vast estate adjoins the outskirts of a small town with approx. 2,000 inhabitants, local shops as well as infant and junior schools. The nearest big town, less than 10 minutes away, has all shops, all schools, an SNCF train station, etc. Nantua, county town and subprefecture, is 25 km away. The Geneva-Paris TGV train line is less than 20 minutes away. A motorway slip road (A 404) is less than 10 minutes away. Geneva and Lyon are 70 minutes away, their respective Cointrin and Saint-Exupéry airports are an hour away.


This estate is reached from the village square via private lanes. The main buildings (castle and farmstead) stand on flat land at an ideal altitude of some 350 m. This property is majestic. Its parklands, spanning more than 40 hectares, are filled with a surprising tranquillity and variety of species. Water is omnipresent as this property is bordered and crossed in places by a large stream. In addition, a spring spurting from a depth of more than 80 m is retained in a water storage pond which is fed in turn by an open channel and pressure pipeline system, ending at a little hydroelectric plant, currently shutdown. This same system, connected to the stream which cascades down in the southern section by crossing the property for a few hundred metres, feeds several lakes. The parklands comprise lawns and French formal gardens in front of the south facades, the majority being essentially woods and grasslands easily reached courtesy of the forest paths crisscrossing the property. An impressive perimeter wall encloses the estate for approx. 6 kilometres.
The castle and its gardens are included on the ISMH, French Supplementary Site and Historic Monument List.

The castle

A genuine customs post between the Bugey and Jura regions, this castle was constructed on the foundations of an old fortress probably built during the 11th century in order to defend the Lyon-Saint-Claude road. Nerve centre of a powerful Seigneury, regularly attacked because of its strategic position, it was restructured between the 15th and 18th centuries and given its current form, that of an imposing manor house. The building was then extended and raised with the upper section of the south tower being converted into a neo-gothic style chapel, flanked by watch turrets.
The interior spaces are spread over four levels laid out in two main buildings, separated by an inner courtyard which is closed on the north and south sides by two large towers. The building housing the kitchens dates from the 14th century.
Numerous interesting architectural features give this castle its historic character: windows with window seats, ogival openings and ceilings, gothic fireplaces, a guards’ room, a room with paintings, frescoes, stained glass windows in the chapel, wrought iron, dressed stone floors, etc. Apart from the roof of the south tower which needs to be changed, the carcass is sound and in a good state of repair. The interior spaces do, however, need attention, with the bathrooms, electric wiring, plumbing and heating requiring full renovation works.

The farmstead

This long, rectangular farm building, spanning a floor surface area of approx. 800 m², borders the east side of the castle. It can be directly reached via the alleyway running alongside the rear of the castle. Although its carcass is in a good state of repair, the inside cannot actually be lived in. Facing north-south, this farm building comprises a barn, a garage, a stable, storage areas and a hayloft. It further includes the former accommodation for the caretaker which is also in need of rehabilitation.

The old mill

This old building was transformed into a little electric power station at the beginning of the 20th century, the electric turbine being powered by a partially underground pressure pipeline, about a hundred metres long, which is still in existence. The machines which worked up until quite recently are now decommissioned but could be brought back into operation following complete renovation or even replacement works. A contract drawn up with the electricity board made it possible to sell the electricity produced in order to reduce the estate’s electricity bill - it is still valid but will soon need to be renewed.

The annex buildings

Two small constructions, resembling a small farmhouse-cum-lean-to, are also featured on the land registry. Spanning a total of approx. 80 m², they stand on the western edge of the land, south of the farm. In addition, an old orangery awaiting rehabilitation is laid out under the castle terrace on the south side. Furthermore, a stone cellar, spanning approx. 12 m² and set under the terrace, can be reached via a trapdoor. A little opening in this cellar leads to a large, dark and very deep, circular, dressed stone room, spanning a diameter of approx. 10 m.

Our opinion

Its secular origins and its spectacular architecture currently make this castle one of the region’s most emblematic monuments such that purchasers will acquire a little slice of France’s history. And yet, between the large spring with its calm, crystal clear water, the river that roams through the undergrowth and the waterfalls that splash flat rocks, irresistibly inviting residents to take a dip, this estate above all features flowing water which holds sway over the entire fiefdom, giving the castle’s composite architecture a deeply authentic, Romanesque and lyrical air. The new owners will find nothing trivial about this rare and invaluable resource as the electric power station fed by the long aqueduct is but waiting to be recommissioned, a means of combining what is useful with what is pleasant.

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Reference 342094

Land registry surface area 40 ha 48 a 28 ca
Main building surface area 977 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1182 m2

Regional representative
Upper-savoy, Savoy, Ain, Geneva

Thierry Besse       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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