A 16th century, fortified manor-farmhouse with potential for hotel
and catering activities 120 km from Paris in the Perche area


120 km from Paris, 40 km to the west of Chartres. A11 Paris-Le-Mans motorway, Illiers-Combray slip road 25 km away. Less than 10 km from a TER train station, with 75-minute links to Paris-Montparnasse, and shops.
In the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, near the east entrance to the Perche Regional Nature Park. Courtesy of its distinctive reliefs, the Perche area features wide panoramic views taking in the slopes of French bocage countryside, valleys and rivers set around its forests and its superb sunken lanes.


A narrow, quiet, forest road leads to the outskirts of a peaceful village where the silhouette of a manor house, partially set back behind its water-filled moats, is to be seen. Once past the entrance gates and the 14th century tower, visitors reach the courtyard, closed by the north-east facade of the dwelling and the outbuildings standing on either side. In addition to the converted sections, said outbuildings encompass a barn and some annex buildings where functions and other activities are held. Beyond stretch grasslands, orchards, small woods, newly created gardens and a vegetable garden.
This residence was originally a defensive construction built on one of the highest points in the Perche area. In the 12th century, it comprised a keep, demolished in the 17th century, of which there remain several vestiges on the adjoining feudal motte. The actual manor house was built in the 16th century in place of the old farmyard. One of the towers that protected the entrance fell down in the 20th century, but the other, still standing, features the straight slots of its loopholes, bearing witness to its distant medieval origins.
This estate demonstrates great architectural unity with its gable roofs, covered with local tiles. Some of the buildings have lower sections built of local grison stone, typical of the Perche area. The openings are framed with old brick. The rendering on the outside walls reflects warm, ochre hues. The external, refurbished doors are enhanced with old metal fittings.

The dwelling

This L-shaped building spans two levels. The internal walls are covered with authentic lime rendering. The floors on the ground level are covered with different shaped terracotta tiles; some are varnished and have attractive inlaid decoration. Upstairs, the rooms have parquet flooring, some of which are painted, or old terracotta tiles. Other features include stone fireplaces backing on to the walls and exposed ceiling beams. Doors are enhanced with old metal fittings.

Ground floor
The entrance door is on the north-east side. A terrace is laid out on the south side with a view of the feudal motte, the water-filled moats, the gardens and the little woods.
First floor
This level is reached from the entrance hall via a solid oak wood stairway with wide steps or from the lounge via an old narrow open stairway. Ceiling beams are exposed.

The outbuildings

The outbuildings span a floor surface area of approx. 480 m², the barn alone accounting for 250 m². The dwelling is extended by the relatively large garage which precedes the dry toilets installed in the adjoining barn, used for functions. These are followed by two workshops, an old henhouse, the entrance gates, the tower, three workshops, a cellar, a building housing two bedrooms and their shower room and, lastly, the caretaker’s 2-roomed cottage which closes the courtyard.

One section has been converted into dry toilets. The building is adjoined by a barn.
Its structure, with a fully pinned roofing framework, and its roof have been completely redone in accordance with old methods by a “compagnon du devoir” craftsman. The electric cabling is housed in the concrete floor, the wiring for a sound system has been installed and the entire building is insulated with rock wool. Safety signs have still to be put up.
Two workshops follow on from one another with another three after the entrance gates. These are possibly additional areas to be converted.

Wood store

Guest house
This house, with its exposed beams and terracotta floors, looks out over the back gardens.
Caretaker’s accommodation
Here, the floors are covered with terracotta tiles. The building also houses technical installations for the geothermal heating system.

The outsides

The buildings are surrounded by a moat, partially filled with water, but dry in places. After the installation of the geothermal heating system, the outside areas were redesigned, with major landscaping works being carried out. The grasslands now include small woods, vegetable and flower gardens, three orchards and a wood with a pond.

Our opinion

This residence draws an austere simplicity from its medieval origins. This has been perfectly enhanced by major structural and comfort works carried out in keeping with the character of the original building over a ten year period. The surroundings have also been redesigned, such that it is now possible to fully appreciate all the charm of the estate. A little more than an hour from Paris, in the heart of a province itself marked by authenticity, this property is an ideal setting for the possible running of some form of a hotel and catering activity: although near to Chartres and the French capital, this region is somewhat lacking in such facilities.

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960 000 € Honoraires de négociation inclus
912 500 € Honoraires exclus
Honoraires de 5.21% TTC à la charge de l'acquéreur

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*TTC : TVA incluse au taux de 20 %

Reference 861476

Land registry surface area 3 ha 80 a 46 ca
Main building surface area 279 m2
Outbuilding surface area 450 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative
Mayenne, Sarthe

Catherine Boivin       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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