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A Burgundy horse stud farm and its family residence,
with a view over the valley, set in 28 ha of grounds

, COTE-D'OR burgundy FR


290 km from Paris via the A6 motorway (Pouilly-en-Auxois exit), 30 km from Dijon, once home to the Dukes of Burgundy, and its TGV train station, near the Ouche Valley.
The property, on its small mount, is in a dominant position with a panoramic view over a green landscape of meadows and woods.
Just a few minutes away, a small market town has all the shops and amenities required on a daily basis (supermarket, garage, bakery, restaurants, etc.).


Dominating the hamlet, the property includes a group of buildings spanning more than 1,000 m². The chateau or rather the residence stands in the centre of a courtyard with its rear facade looking out over a terraced garden with a small 7 ha wood. The main dwelling is surrounded by outbuildings: a garage, a barn, an old stable, a building combining a barn and a habitable section transformed into bedrooms for a bed & breakfast activity.
The property has a plunging view over the surrounding countryside dotted with meadows and pastures, irregular-shaped fields separated by hedges and ditches.
The property was founded in the 17th century by a middle-class parliamentary family which, through marriages with the local landowners, developed the estate. The first constructions date from 1771-1772 and the current chateau from 1780-1781. The original house was then redesigned in the 1800’s.

The main dwelling

The main dwelling consists of a central building with a square wing set at right angles, its facades facing the gravel courtyard on one side and a garden on the other.
It spans three stories: a ground floor, a first floor and an attic floor once converted for domestic staff. The flat Burgundy tile roof features two roof dormers on each roof slope of the main building and just one roof dormer on the square wing roof. The central building originally comprised a kitchen (now the dining room) and a pantry. The current kitchen section was built notably by adding a door communicating with the dining room.
The building actually consists of three adjoining sections, the wing set at right angles appearing to be an addition. The facade overlooking the courtyard or the garden has refined lines but no sculpted or decorative features. An entrance door in the facade wall leads directly into the kitchen. But the real entranceway is through another door that leads into a hallway featuring the stairway that leads upstairs. These construction details explain the division of the ground floor between the dining room and the kitchen with its 18th century fireplace, the lounge and the study.

Ground floor
The kitchen with its large Burgundy floor tiles and its French ceiling features a wide, sober fireplace with a plain lintel. The dining room floor forms a chessboard pattern trompe-l'oeil which dates from the beginning of the 20th century. This rooms looks out over the parklands and the courtyard courtesy of its two French windows. The lounge has more decorative features with its white marble fireplace topped with a large mirror, its oak wood parquet flooring and its wall panelling. A study with parquet flooring and a period fireplace is to be found in the square tower set at right angles.
First floor
This floor comprises five bedrooms and a large bathroom with a toilet. The wallpaper in the bedrooms is somewhat faded but the oak wood parquet floors are in a good state of repair. Although these large rooms are pleasant to live in, they are in need of some attention. The sole bathroom is very big and could easily be divided.
The attic space includes several rooms that via major restoration works could be converted. This floor was once used for accommodating domestic staff, notably with two maid’s rooms featuring roof dormers.

Outbuilding no. 1

Partially converted into bedrooms for the bed & breakfast activity, this large building is built of exposed quarry stone blocks with two gable walls. The first gable wall features a carriage doorway, an entrance door providing access to the bedrooms; there is a second door in the second gable wall. The latter includes a small balcony with a French window above a window. The windows in the building feature dressed stone framing.

The spacious vaulted cellars are typical of the Burgundy area.
Ground floor
The carriage doorway opens into a large barn. An entrance hall with a monumental fireplace leads to two bedrooms with bathroom and toilet.
The gable wall provides access to a large dining room and to a smaller room with a ribbed vault, possibly a former chapel. The dining room features oak wood parquet flooring in a good state of repair, a superb French ceiling and wall panelling.

First floor
The first floor includes three bedrooms that open on to a narrow central corridor. Two of the bedrooms were created more recently, the floors being carpeted. Not in use, they could be renovated, together with the bathroom, in order to provide more bedrooms for the bed & breakfast activity. Above the barn are two small rooms. In the central section of the outbuilding is a bedroom, located above the other two, already renovated bedrooms, with its own bathroom. It still has its terracotta tile floor and all its charm.
A number of attics, one of which is very big, which are easily accessed, the stairway is, however, rather narrow. The roofing framework appears to be in a good state of repair. Said attics could be converted into living space but this would require major works.

Outbuilding no. 2

A good-sized building built of exposed quarry stone block walls with a flat Burgundy tile roof, like the other outbuildings.

The stables
The ground floor comprises an old stable with its horse loose boxes. Upstairs is a large attic, which could be turned into an area used for seminars, and two smaller rooms which must have once been bedrooms possibly for the groom and his lad.

A garage

This building featuring a carriage door is constructed from exposed granite blocks. It is located in front of the property’s entrance gates.

It has a Burgundy tile floor; its manger on the wall suggests that it was once a stable.

A woodshed

The architecture of this woodshed matches that of the other outbuildings.

Our opinion

Characterised by an outstanding architectural unity, the property is a rare combination of an ideal geographic location near to Dijon, easy, fast access and a certain isolation from traffic nuisances. Wind turbines or other features likely to disturb the landscape of these exceptional surroundings are not likely to appear in this part of the French department of Côte-d'Or. The carcasses of the property are in a good state of repair although the main dwelling is still in its original condition apart from a few works that have been carried out, a perfect combination for the new owners who will be able to lend free rein to their imaginations. The outbuildings could be transformed into function rooms or extra bedrooms with which to expand the bed & breakfast activity.

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Reference 634278

Land registry surface area 28 ha 41 a 19 ca
Main building surface area 334.25 m2
Outbuilding surface area 700 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative
North Burgundy

Céline Berrette       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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