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A 17th & 18th century Seigneurial farm with
109 ha of hunting grounds in the Vexin region 60 km from Paris

Chaumont-en-Vexin, OISE picardy 60240 FR


On the outskirts of the Normandy, Picardy and Ile-de-France regions, in the French Vexin Regional Nature Park, renowned for the quality of its natural and architectural heritage. In the middle of a region famous for the beauty of its landscapes and its wealth of natural surroundings as well as the unity and architectural quality of its villages. Astonishing scenery and surroundings, between plateaux and limestone hills, small valleys and alluvial plains, marshlands and woods. Not only with the outstanding architecture of chateaux, churches and farm estates, but also with the specific simplicity of rural buildings, wayside crosses and calvaries, fountains and wash-houses, mills and dovecotes. In a small peaceful village, by the side of pastoral countryside. Near to several towns, less than an hour from the French capital.


This property, spanning a surface area of 109 ha, comprises:
- A forest spanning approx. 42 ha,
- Farmland spanning approx. 50 ha,
- Two lakes,
- Wooded gardens,
- A farm and its annex buildings.
The origins of this property date back to the 13th century.
A narrow street lined with local houses, leading off the small village square, the middle of which contains a humble, interesting church, continues gently down to wide gates, flanked by stone walls.
Supported by two tall pillars, the heavy, metal gates open into a vast trapezoidal-shaped farmyard, typical of the region.
Several buildings inside the perimeter wall, enhanced by green open spaces, constitute the enclosure; facing them is a beautifully constructed, elegant residence.
An impressive dovecote in the middle spans approx. 50 m².
The main, recently renovated and converted building, spanning more than 350 m², was built, like the outbuildings, during the 17th and 18th centuries.
The quality of the restoration works cannot be faulted.
The more rectilinear and more traditional annex buildings were constructed during the same era.
This estate, long the property of a farming family, has therefore been provided with modern-day home comforts and a function worthy of its standing.
The dimensions of the architecture vary but form a coherent property. Built of stone, the buildings are topped small flat tiles and harmoniously integrate and feature several shed dormers.
On the right-hand side of the entrance gates, bordered by a lawn and a flower-filled garden, stands a large outbuilding spanning approx. 420 m² with an extension stretching as far as the residence. Once stables and garages, it now houses workshops, garages, sheds, a woodshed, a laundry room, a cellar, a dog grooming room as well as an artist’s studio.
A small building on the left-hand side, used for farmyard animals, is extended by a long farm building, spanning almost 370 m².
A large section of the perimeter wall is bordered by a hedge composed of tall trees.
Opposite, bordered by a terrace, is a one-storey construction with a high, exposed roofing framework. It spans more than 120 m² and has been converted into a vast function room.
This is followed by a large building, spanning approx. 280 m², used for function purposes. Set back, it includes a large room with an exposed roofing framework, a large stone fireplace and a billiards room on a mezzanine floor.
It also has four bedrooms with bathrooms and toilets and a vestibule.
The caretaker’s accommodation, spanning almost 120 m², comprises four rooms and a terrace.
There are two, large, double garages and a dog kennel.
An authentic dovecote in the centre of the enclosure houses a large circular office.
On a lower level, a lawn bordered by hedges, trees and shrubs surround an ornamental pool.
As a result of continual conversion and maintenance works since its renovation, the property is in pristine condition both inside and out.

The main residence

Most probably constructed in the late 17th or early 18th century, the main stone residence contrasts a little with the other buildings composing the old farm. Featuring harmonious, elongated proportions and topped with small flat roof tiles, it looks slightly down on the rest of the property.
It is extended at one end by a small building.
A front terrace, extended by a lawn, bordered by a low stone wall, is reached via stone steps.
The small paned openings in this two storey building are symmetrically aligned.
The facade facing the parklands features fewer openings, small roof and shed dormers as well as a terrace.
The main entrance on the ground floor opens into an entrance hall with a wooden stairway leading upstairs and a toilet.
On one side is a reception room featuring exposed beams in the ceiling, a superb stone fireplace and floor tiles with inlaid decoration.
French windows open on to the terrace.
This is followed by a study, in use as a gun room. It has a brick and stone fireplace, floor tiles with inlaid decoration and cupboards.
The dining room, on the other side of the entrance hall, has floor tiles with inlaid decoration.
Next comes another reception room with a brick and stone fireplace and terracotta floor tiles as well as a door to the outside.
This is followed by a fully fitted kitchen with terracotta floor tiles and French windows leading out on to the terrace.
Upstairs, a landing provides access to three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a study, a cloakroom and a linen room.
The main bedroom has exposed ceiling beams as well as a brick and stone fireplace with a trumeau mirror.
The second floor landing leads to a bedroom, a library and the attic.
The residence is in pristine condition as regards home comfort and upkeep.
The small stone building at one end houses the boiler room.
Behind the house, overlooking the countryside and on the edge of the estate, is a terrace looking out over approx. 2 ha of wooded parklands with a bowling green and a superb, gently sloping lawn, intersected by a low stone wall.

Features of the hunting grounds

In addition to the enclosure and its parklands, this estate comprises approx. 109 ha of woods, farmland and plains as well as an additional adjoining 92 ha rented on a yearly basis by the owner. The forest extends over approx. 42 ha. Around 50 ha of game crops supply food for the various species. Two lakes, spanning 2,000 and 5,000 m², have been created for nurturing waterfowl. 11 km of game hedges have been created for nurturing small game. The property is supplied with water via a borehole as well as an underground pipe network. There are miscellaneous sheds and cabins with some thirty hunting observation towers throughout the estate. A multitude of watering places and drinking troughs are dotted around the grounds. The current hunting plan totals 10 roe deer and 5 wild boar. It is worthy of note that wooded landscapes and countryside stretches for as far as the eye can see.
On the outskirts of the village is a second site with annex buildings that include old stalls, a farm shed and an office with approx. 20 ha of adjoining pastureland.
There is also a large stock of farming and maintenance equipment.

Features of the forest estate

Spanning a surface area of 42 ha 44 a 50 ca with a Simple Forest Management Plan drawn up in 2005 for a period of 15 years, renewable on 01 January 2020. The vegetation is predominantly made up of forest stand comprising oak, sycamore, ash, beech and birch trees, seedling forest comprising sweet berry, pine and hazelnut trees as well as coppice with standards with undulating sections, and reforestation with American walnut and wild cherry. Details of the forest stands include: a poplar stand over 2 ha 30 a 00 ca, deciduous trees over 6 ha 72 a 08 ca, coppice stand with reserve over 5 ha 46 a 52 ca, simple coppice stand that can be used over 4 ha 17 a 96 ca, copppice stand that cannot be used over 17 ha 17 a 69 ca, coppice stand with reserve undergoing conversion to seedling forest over 3 ha 80 a 00 ca. Forest objectives: to perpetuate the forest, to develop the coppice stands and to produce timber whilst maintaining the wild game population for hunting purposes. Type of soils: loam on limestone of varying depths; sandy loam and peaty loam. Forest facilities: 150 m of stone-lined paths and tracks, 3,100 m of dirt tracks.

Our opinion

The particular charm of this property comes from a marvellous balance. The surroundings, marked by the outstanding preservation of the region’s natural environment, and the architectural quality of all the buildings produce an effect of overall perfection that has become rare. The quality of the restoration works carried out here also enhances this first, delightful impression.
Said perfect balance exudes beauty and serenity.
On top of the peace and quiet comes a temptation or rather an invitation to hunt.
This property would be ideal for a project involving a hotel and catering activity.

2 120 000 €
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Reference 717294

Land registry surface area 109 ha
Main building surface area 350 m2
Outbuilding surface area 1700 m2


Bruno Van Montagu       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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