A 216 m² artist’s studio-house, set behind immense atrium windows,
at the end of a picturesque no-through road in Paris’ 14th arrondissement


In a no-through road featuring detached houses and artists’ studios, between Rue-de-La-Tombe-Issoire and Rue-d'Alésia, in Paris’ 14th arrondissement. Just a stone’s throw from food shops and brasseries. The nearest underground stations are Mouton-Duvernet and Alésia; bus routes 28, 38, 62 and 88 pass nearby. This road comprises studios and mansion houses constructed between 1924 and1926, predominantly by André-Lurçat, a prominent representative of the international style that existed in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Henri-Matisse, Chana-Orloff, Henri-Miller and Alberto-Magnelli as well as Jean-Lurçat lived here.


This artist’s studio-house, built in 1962, has a glass and red brick facade topped with a roof-terrace typical of the modernist style. A wide door opens into the entrance hall which reveals a living space set out around a garden-patio and topped with atrium windows, reaching up to a height of almost 10 m. Modernist style rooms and materials combine to form open plan areas, red and white brick walls, terracotta floor tiles, glass walls and a black metal framework.
This north-south facing house, spanning a floor surface area of 216 m², is steeped in tranquillity and light. The entrance hall opens into a 13 m² bedroom, preceded by a toilet. The 35 m² living room and kitchen receive daylight via the garden-patio. These are followed by a study, a bathroom and a 15 m² bedroom, topped with a mezzanine, laid out in a small luminous pavilion. On the first floor, a vast, 49 m² living room-artist’s studio is topped with an atrium window. There is also a third, 13 m² bedroom. The second floor is taken up by a last 11 m² bedroom on a mezzanine. The basement comprises a cellar and a laundry room.

The artist's studio-home

Designed by Henri-Pierre-Maillard, student of André-Lurçat, this artist’s studio-villa, built in the early 1960’s, exudes an avant-garde air of the modern movement developed in the 1920’s. It is treated as a unique object where simplicity and soberness are the order of the day, a cubic volume magnified by a large atrium window, opening on to a central garden-patio. The flat facade sets the tone for the inside: like an abstract painting, it comprises the vertical and horizontal lines of the black framework comprising the large atrium window that tops a wooden structure set in the glazed sides of the basement. Projecting behind a red brick wall, some shrubs and black slate paving enhance the entrance to the house.

The interior

Once through the mushroom-coloured, wooden entrance door, the entrance hall immediately reveals the modernist air of the premises based on the polychrome, bright but plain rooms. A straight flight, oak wood stairway goes up almost 11 m² from the basement to the second floor under vast atrium windows. The whiteness of the brick and stone walls contrasts with the grey and red tints of the stoneware floor tiles. The black metal structures form a set of vertical and oblique lines. The entrance hall provides access to a first, bright, 13 m² bedroom, adjoining a toilet and a hanging space. This is followed by a vast 35 m² living room and its kitchen, next to a 16 m² garden-patio, flanked by an atrium window. Virginia creeper starts to cover the glazed wall as of the spring. A study area and a bathroom are set out around the patio. A second, 15 m² bedroom and its mezzanine are illuminated by a glass roof. On the first floor, wooden steps lead to a vast, 49 m² area where light is magnified by immense atrium windows that provide a glimpse of the sky. In the centre, an impressive red brick pillar, stretching up to the roof-terrace, takes pride of place. It houses a water supply point. A third, 13 m² bedroom is laid out at the end of the artist’s studio area. Just like those laid out on the second floor mezzanine, the horizontal strip windows, designed to reflect an air of Le-Corbusier, let in copious amounts of light. A basement cellar and laundry room span a floor surface area of 35 m².

Our opinion

This artist’s studio-villa blends harmoniously with the heritage of the 14th arrondissement where some of the greatest architects, notably those of the modern movement, worked. Beginning with Henri-Pierre-Maillard and his associate Pierre-Ducamp, who set up their own workshop here. The first being distinguished through his use of self-supporting structures, notably for covered swimming pools, it is not surprising that an airy, rational ambiance reigns throughout. Such architectural purity will enable new owners to give free reign to their imagination so as to add their own personal touches to these vast rooms. Their predecessors turned it into a family home where they also organised miscellaneous active, artistic events. There is nothing to prevent the new owners continuing in this vein in order to preserve the spirit of the place whilst carrying out modernisation works.

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Reference 907082

Number of rooms 7
Number of bedrooms 4
Reception area47 m2
Ceiling height11.50
Living space216 m2
Surface 216 m2
Surface Cellar37 m2
Surface Garden16 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Françoise Fauré-Audouy       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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