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A 150 ha fishing and hunting estate as well as a house with
a 180° view over a 110 ha lake in the Brenne region


This estate is between Châtellerault (48 km) and Châteauroux (52 km) in Brenne Regional Nature Park. Shops and amenities are less than 20 minutes away. Paris is 90 minutes away by TGV train via Châtellerault and 130 minutes away by Intercity train via Châteauroux. The French capital is 320 km away by car.


Gargantua’s footsteps helped to shape the Brenne region. Perhaps Rabelais’ character rested here when he was on his way to Limoges from Tours! The tree-lined driveway runs from the property entrance alongside the lake. Once past the hunting lodge, on the left-hand side, this impressive stretch of water gradually comes into view. The driveway comes to an end on the north side behind the house. Facing the house, the lake with its islet stretches out on the south side, followed by the estate’s meadows, woods and seedling forests.

The house

This house, constructed in the 1950’s, underwent major renovation works between 2014 and 2016. The main entrance, on the north side, still has its original, typical appearance featuring exposed stone. Two extensions have been added on either side of the original building and covered with wooden cladding. The wide picture windows on the south side provide a 180° view of the lake and the estate. The proximity of the house to the lake does not pose any risks as the latter has a spillway to take away excess water. The house is built above the level of the spillway.

Ground floor
The front door opens into a hall area which provides access, right, to a toilet and, straight on, to a first section of a living room, to a stairway as well as to an open-plan kitchen. A corridor, on the left-hand side of the hall, leads to a linen room, a study, a bedroom, with its shower room and its toilet, and a dressing room. This entire section is raised by a step. The first section of the living room, shaped like an inverted “L”, has wide picture windows looking out over the lake, with reeds by the bank in the foreground. The living room resembles the prow of a ship with the water below lapping against the house’s terrace. So that the view really is exceptional, the reeds have been removed and replaced with a small beach for swimming or setting off in a boat. The kitchen portrays the same view. The study and the bedroom benefit from the lake changing colour as the day progresses. The floors on this level are covered with ceramic tiles.
First floor
The wooden stairway goes up to a living room which, although smaller than the one on the ground floor, is not cramped and has a very high ceiling. It also includes a kitchen area. On each side of the living room is a bedroom, with its shower room and toilet. There is also a guest toilet. Numerous cupboards have been fitted on the two landings, leading to the bedrooms. This level has wooden flooring throughout.

The outbuildings

The hunting lodge is an old barn or stable. Its ground floor has cement flooring, hay mangers and troughs as well as access to the attic via a ladder or via a facade roof dormer, cutting the overhang of the eaves, once used for putting hay into the hayloft. A lean-to is used for the fish-farming activity. The roof and the external rendering are in a good state of repair. Water and electricity are laid on to this building, as well as to another currently used as a garage.

The estate

This estate, set in the land of a thousand lakes (3,000 have in fact been counted), comprises a very large lake of impounded water dating from 1434, woods, meadows and seedling forests. The main species of trees planted to form 10 ha of woods are oak, locust, Douglas fir and Corsican pine. With a depth of 1.2 m and a water surface area of approx. 110 ha, the lake is purified courtesy of a large reed bed. It has the right to draw water from the neighbouring lake if required even though it usually receives enough water to keep it topped up. It can be drained via several sluice-gates. The lake water then flows into a canal, constructed by Benedictine monks in the 15th century, and the canal, in turn, flows into the river Claise, which then joins the river Creuse. And finally, any excess water, resulting from the spring weather, is managed by a spillway which also indicates the water level.

The fish-farming activity
This has been developed over numerous years. In addition to the lake, a further two pools have been created for raising and storing fish; one spanning 14,000 m² and the other 4,500 m². Both are fitted with passive protection against cormorants. Thus, the actual fish-farming surface area for the lake is 100 ha and those for the pools are 13,500 m² and 4,500 m². All the facilities and equipment, such as the silo, the feeding boat and the fenced enclosure, closed by a sliding gate for temporarily storing the fish, mean that the activity could be continued. There are also two traps for gathering the fish in a spot where they are fed and protected from fish-eating birds, prior to being released in the lake. And lastly, two types of hide, one for shooting at cormorants in the air and the other for when they are on the ground, can be used throughout the season.
Several accesses to the lake have been made for maintenance purposes and so that certain areas can be reached.
Fishing for carp, tench, roach, pike and perch is organised every year with reasoned fish re-stocking management and production of around 50 tonnes per year.

The hunting activity
A big game hunting plan is drawn up every year for the hunting activity. It included identification tags for one hind and three roe deer for 2016/17, on the understanding that the hunting of wild boar is not subject to a hunting plan.
It is also possible to hunt wildfowl around the lake courtesy of the large reed bed.

Our opinion

The landscapes in the Brenne region, a vast nature park in the centre of France, are so pleasant, so harmonious and so infinitely peaceful that the area appears to have been made for painters or for pensive hikers or, here in particular, for fishermen. This 110 ha lake has been fitted with the equipment required for the mass production of miscellaneous species of fish. This fish farming business could, however, be turned into a leisure activity. The house is perfectly suited to the sober, rural decor and all of its large picture windows look out over the ever changing views of the water and the natural surroundings. This property will also appeal to hunters.
It is difficult not to be just a little jealous of the few inhabitants of the Brenne region.

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Reference 800401

Land registry surface area 148 ha 69 a 54 ca
Main building surface area 212 m2
Outbuilding surface area 109 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Jérôme Broun       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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