mills for sale - seine-et-marne - in the south of seine-et-marne

An 18th century mill with its paddlewheel, its miller’s house and
its outbuildings in a pastoral haven in the south of Seine-et-Marne


In the extreme south of the French department of Seine-et-Marne, 15 km south of Nemours. The French capital is 80 km away; an SNCF train station is 3 km away. Shops and amenities are in the village.


This estate, on the outskirts of a village, is accessed via two gates that open on to a paved driveway crossing lush parklands. Trees, shrubs and flowers are mixed in a subtle blend of colours and fragrances, together with the murmuring of water which meanders, forming small islands. The grounds span almost seven hectares, some three of which comprise grasslands whilst the remaining four are woods.
The building, spanning three levels above the cellar and dating from the 18th century, is centred around an old mill and its miller’s house, set at right angles, connected by a more recent construction. These are set out in an L-shape around a paved courtyard to form the main residence. An extension with a covered swimming pool communicates with the living space.
The millstone grit buildings are topped with roofs covered with local flat tiles.
A group of outbuildings, set out in an L-shape, stand at a distance facing the two buildings with living space. They, too, are laid out around a paved courtyard.
This estate also includes a first 2-storey building, comprising a caretaker’s cottage with a garden and a private entrance, followed by an adjoining barn and a workshop. Another building set at right angles, an old picturesque wash-house on the side of the river, has been converted into a summer eating area with a barbecue. Two more outbuildings stand at the entrance to the estate: a 3-car garage with an upstairs and a small, 2-storey house with a little garden.

The main residence (old mill, recent section and miller’s house)

The old mill and its miller’s house, both dating from the 18th century, are connected by a recent structure that blends harmoniously with the other buildings as it was designed in a similar style. The latter comprises, amongst other things, a passageway in the form of a covered bridge. The residence spans three levels.
A covered swimming pool adjoins and communicates with the miller’s house along its length.
The main entrance of the residence is formed by two oak wood gates, opening under a covered and paved porch way, coming out in front of the swimming pool and, on the left-hand side, in the entrance hall of the recent house.
Once in the paved courtyard, visitors can also enter the residence either via the kitchen or via the old mill.

Ground floor
The entrance hall in the recent section is paved with Souppes stone. It provides access to a stairway, a toilet and a veranda, an area comprising a hammam, changing rooms and a toilet, opening on to the covered swimming pool. This is followed by the kitchen, which can also be reached via the paved courtyard, the back kitchen and the laundry room as well as an access to the cellar.
A step, then, leads to the old section and the miller’s house, predominantly comprising a tiled dining room and a lounge with a cathedral ceiling, an exposed stone wall and a brick fireplace. The ridge is 6 m high. A balcony corridor looks down on the lounge. The house also includes bedroom no. 1, all on a level, with a bathroom, a shower and a toilet.
The mill no doubt has the most authentic room of the property: its lounge, with flagstones and a stone fireplace, dominated by a mezzanine, still houses the machinery, the external paddlewheel and a dairy.

First floor
In the recent, intermediate section is bedroom no. 2, the master suite with a large terrace, a vast bathroom with a shower, a Jacuzzi, a toilet and a dressing room. Its first-class, cream carpet is in pristine condition. The ceiling features straight and semi-circular beams. Wide picture windows make the room extremely luminous.
Also on this level is the covered passageway connecting the two old buildings.
In the miller’s house is bedroom no. 3, the so-called “blue room”, with its adjoining shower room and a library-study.
In the old mill, the mezzanine set out above the lounge and the machinery is used as a billiards’ room.

Second floor
This level in the old mill comprises bedroom nos. 4 and 5, both with a bathroom and toilet. The second, featuring Toile-de-Jouy wallpaper, has a romantic air with its balcony overlooking the wheel and the river.
Third floor
This level is taken up by a large room with a 4.5 m high ridge. It could be converted into a dormitory or a projection room, a bathroom and a toilet.

The outbuildings

The outbuildings comprise two sets of buildings:
- the two constructions laid out in an L-shape facing the main residence.
- the buildings standing at the entrance to the estate.

Caretaker’s accommodation
This small, self-contained and functional, 2-storey house, spanning approx. 60 m², is so elegant that it could be used as a guest house. The ground floor comprises an entrance hall, followed by a lounge, a kitchen, a dining room, a shower room and a toilet. Upstairs are two bedrooms and a shower room.
This barn, adjoining the caretaker’s cottage and part of the same building, spans approx. 50 m². It is dominated on the inside by a mezzanine.
The workshop follows on from the barn, still in the same building.
Standing at right angles, alongside the river bank, the old wash-house is today converted into a summer eating area with a barbecue and a woodshed with the electric power supply for refrigerators, etc. This building is still in its original condition and has lost none of its charm of yesteryear. They are all part of a covered courtyard.
This building, standing at the entrance to the estate, has two levels, each spanning approx. 80 m². The ground floor comprises a large garage that can take three cars. Upstairs are a mezzanine, a watch turret and a large room awaiting conversion.
Gardener house
This delightful little house, dating from the same era as the old mill, spans two levels above a cellar. It has its own small priest’s garden. There is a mezzanine on the ground floor. It spans a total floor surface area of approx. 40 m².

Our opinion

The pastoral harmony that fills the old mill and its paddlewheel revives the golden light of children’s fairy tales, the smoke from their thatched cottages and their elves hidden under the foliage. A nostalgic imaginary realm which comes to life all around, with the rustling of running water and the fragrances that are exuded. However, the good fairies of modernity must have been invited to the ball as the house is completely comfortable and its fixtures and fittings first-class. This rare gem of a property, with its heady charm, is but waiting for its new owners to move in.

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Reference 846907

Land registry surface area 6 ha 49 a 69 ca
Main building surface area 500 m2
Outbuilding surface area 600 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative
Seine & Marne

Corinne Angeli       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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