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An old chapel and a late 18th century house
facing the Pic-du-Midi-de-Bigorre


In a dominant position, in the rolling countryside of Lannemezan plateau (the town is 20 minutes away), on the outskirts of a village, still lucky enough to have a good grocery as well as a small café, looking down on the river Gers, 50 minutes from Tarbes (international airport and from Auch. The view on the south side has an extremely aesthetic view off to the west-south-west of the Pyrenees with the Pic-du-Midi-de-Bigorre standing out in front of the mountain range. A small valley on the east side alternates cultivated fields and copses; a steeper slope on the west side goes down to the river Gers amongst woods and coppice stands.
This property stands at the end of a minor tarmac road. A dirt track continues on through the countryside.


The small, simple and pleasant, but still lively village immediately reassures visitors. It is reached somewhat furtively, around a little bend at the top of a hill where a small square forms a stopping place. A lane going past a few houses provides access to the track leading to the property. A relatively unusual chapel, open on the south side with a view as far as the altar, comes into sight. A little higher, a dominant house, once a farm with a sheepfold and wine storehouse, takes pride of place in a sort of no-through road; the last of the village’s habited premises. It is possible to see the peaks of the Pyrenees from the house, especially that of the Pic-du-Midi, above the roof of the chapel which is on a lower level. A meadow planted with fruit trees separates the house and the chapel.
A small lake has been created next to the house, on the south side, along the minor road. There is also a small plot of land to be found on the other side of the track, facing the house, on the east side, thus fully guaranteeing future tranquillity.

The house

Its original layout conformed to local tradition, namely, two functional rooms, a kitchen and a living room, on the ground floor, separated via a central entrance hall or vestibule and, upstairs, bedrooms accessed via a landing set out above the vestibule. In this case, the section on the right-hand side of the vestibule has been demolished, leaving a sort of small courtyard, or terrace, covered with pebbles. The only room on the ground floor is, therefore, the kitchen which, as always, is also used as a dining room, a convivial room where residents spend a lot of time, especially during the winter evenings, facing a fire in the hearth.
Adjoining the kitchen, a storeroom, or wine storehouse, and a former sheepfold or cowshed, constitute the largest floor surface area on this level. A shed topped with an old hayloft forms a projection on the left-hand side of the house, above a shed.
Upstairs, the lack of the section on the right-hand side of the landing, corresponding to the location of the vestibule on the ground floor, has been counterbalanced by the conversion of attic space once used for farming purposes. This area now comprises bedrooms and a bathroom. Currently used as a covered terrace, an old hayloft could be transformed into a bedroom or a lounge, the view being particularly good.

Ground floor
This level comprises a kitchen, in use as a living room (23 m²), a storeroom (21 m²) and an old cowshed (48 m²).
The kitchen, on the left-hand side of the entrance hall, faces east, providing a view of all the comings and goings. Its functional fireplace is framed by an ash wood mantel and flanked on either side by old cupboards made from the same wood. These features make the room particularly welcoming especially as it is illuminated by a soft eastern light. The hearth is also fitted with a bread oven.
Although the storeroom and the old cowshed are still in their original condition, they are both sound and free of any damp.
On the site of what was the right-hand side of the building is now a 61 m² terrace or small courtyard.

First floor
This level, a place of rest, comprises bedrooms and a bathroom. Furthermore, above the vestibule, the comfortable, 18 m² landing, typical of local houses, is currently in use as a lounge, with a French window opening on the east side. A door leads from said landing to a bedroom (26 m²), facing east like the landing. Nearer the end, towards the stairway, a little corridor (8 m²) leads to a toilet (3 m²), a bathroom (9 m²) and a small hall area (5 m²) which provides access to two bedrooms (21 m² and 20 m²). The second of these bedrooms is extended by a terrace, the old open hayloft (42 m²).

The outbuilding

A barn (115 m²) adjoining the house and possibly dating from the 19th century could be used for a variety of purposes in keeping with the requirements and tastes of the new owners.

Our opinion

In this spot, made magical by its obvious simplicity, are two buildings which have but their somewhat unusual appearance in common: an open chapel and a house, one section of which has been demolished, as if this chance elimination would rebalance the strangeness of the chapel. Whilst the latter has not in the least been deliberately altered since its construction, modifications have clearly been made to the house so as to bring it comfortable. The possibility of adapting the old hayloft with its terrace for another purpose is suggestive of a particularly interesting transformation. Equally, the size of the former sheepfold brings all kinds of conversion projects to mind unless…

195 000 €
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au 1er Avril 2017

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Reference 863307

Land registry surface area 13208 m2
Main building surface area 200 m2

Regional representative

Philippe Fritsch       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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