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A large, luxurious home in the Armagnac region, surrounded
by 45 ha of woods and grasslands in the midst of Gascony

Gabarret, LANDES aquitaine 40310 FR


This 45 ha property, once used for wine-growing purposes, is in the Lower Armagnac region where the fawn-coloured sandy soil is ideal for growing vines. The countryside here is a combination of pine forests, like those in the French department of Landes, deciduous trees and the Gascony vines.
The nearby town of Condom abounds with superb 18th century mansion houses, vestiges of its rich past. Just like Eauze, once a Roman town, as is proved by the treasure trove of gold coins recently found and now exhibited in its museum. This region and its mild climate remind the elders of Tuscany.


On the outskirts of the local village, a stone-lined track leads to the property. Four chestnut trees form a leafy tunnel at a crossroads. An entrance porch way is in line with the track and in the middle of the wall of the outbuildings, closing the inner courtyard. This extremely classical residence, with its light-ochre coloured rendering, can be glimpsed at the end.
The partially gravelled courtyard is shaded by five tall plane trees. A covered area, facing the house, runs the length of the wall on the west side. It is followed by the old cowshed. Set at right angles on the south side, marked by a dovecote, stands an impressively large wing of the outbuildings which was once the wine storehouse. Its end is now converted into a pool-house. On the north side is the bell-tower of a church which was no doubt once fortified. In front, and forming part of the property, an old brick henhouse awaits restoration. A stone well is to be found on this northern side of the parklands.
The landscape on the east side of the property is quite rustic. For instance, the mown grassland in front of the facade becomes a field to be reaped in July as is shown by the large, round bales of straw. A hedge of trees, on either side of the meadow, draws the eye towards the distant, gently rolling Gers hills.
A modest, maintenance-free garden exudes a pleasant feeling of rural peace.

The large, luxurious home

This residence is highly representative of the large, luxurious houses which, with their symmetrical facades, were mostly constructed in the late 18th, early 19th century. The west facade, facing the entrance courtyard, has three ground floor windows on either side of the tall, double entrance doors whilst, upstairs, seven windows are aligned above the openings on the lower level. The east-facing facade, looking out over the countryside, has a similar layout. There are no openings on the north side. The south side features a small French window, upstairs, opening on to a balcony with its delightful 18th century wrought ironwork.

Ground floor
The tall, double, glazed doors, on the courtyard side, open into the entrance hall. This extremely spacious room opens into the large lounge, with its through view of the countryside on the east side. The stairway is one of the decorative features; its size making it worthy of a chateau. It becomes a gallery on the first floor, looking down on to the hall below, and the exposed beams of the roofing framework are visible from the ground floor. Its wooden handrail is supported on wrought iron railings. The first step is stone, whilst the others feature terracotta tiles and wooden nosing. The floor in the entrance hall is also paved with old terracotta tiles.
The hall additionally provides access to the kitchen which has a large fireplace with a wooden mantel, exposed ceiling beams and light-coloured terracotta floor tiles. Two windows face west. Between the two are the kitchen range and its extraction hood. A work surface runs along the west wall. A door, on the north side, opens into a laundry room which communicates with the courtyard via a French window. This is followed by the boiler room.
On the south side is a passageway going under the stairs which, with a toilet at the end, leads to a bedroom and its adjoining bathroom. A window and a French window illuminate the west-facing bedroom with its terracotta floor tiles and level, plastered ceiling. The bathroom comprises a bath, a wash-hand basin and a toilet as well as a small, south-facing window, looking out over the garden.
On the east side are three adjoining rooms, a dining room, a large lounge and a small lounge.
The large lounge, in the middle, opens into the entrance hall via double doors, with a panelled interior lobby. The plaster ceiling is level and the floor covered with old terracotta tiles. A large, dark wood fireplace, dating from the Middle-Ages, decorates the south wall. Two windows and a central French window look out over the terrace. Like all the other openings, they feature small panes. The view from the large, bright lounge stretches out, to the east, over grasslands and, to the west, over the courtyard via the through perspective of the entrance hall.
Double doors, on the left-hand side of the large lounge, open into the dining room which communicates with the kitchen. It has two windows looking out over the grasslands. The level ceiling features a central beam whilst the terracotta floor tiles are laid in a refined geometric pattern. Wall mouldings create panels, lined with Toile-de-Jouy wallpaper. The actual walls are painted with light-coloured ochre limewash. All the rooms in the house are decorated, generally speaking, in a discreet manner.
The small lounge-library is on the right-hand side of the large lounge. Separating these two rooms are double doors with a wood-panelled lobby, similar to those between the lounge and the dining room. It was common practice to have rooms such as these adjoining one another for centuries. The terracotta tiles here are laid in a diagonal pattern. The plastered ceiling is level between two dark beams. Two windows face the grasslands.

First floor
The stairway goes up to a wide landing, looking down on to the entrance hall. Two corridors, leading north and south, provide access to the bedrooms. Double doors, on the landing, open into a spacious bedroom, laid out directly above the large lounge. The floor is covered with wide strip parquet flooring and the ceiling features exposed beams and joists. The space between the beams is painted white. A straight, wooden fireplace has a mantel adorned with decorative staffs. The hearth is lined with terracotta tiles. Three east-facing windows look out over the countryside, enhancing the impression of spaciousness and tranquillity.
A large room, above the dining room, has been converted into a bathroom and a dressing room, both adjoining the large central bedroom. The bathroom, illuminated via two windows, has wide strip wooden flooring and a painted, Directoire style fireplace on the north wall. An old, imitation marble bathtub is set almost in the middle of the room and the wash-hand basin is supported on columns. A toilet is next door. A quarter of this room has been partitioned off in a north-south direction so as to create a long, dressing room which can be reached from the bedroom.
Another set of double doors on the landing provide access to a bedroom, looking out over the countryside via two east-facing windows. This room has wide strip flooring and a ceiling with exposed beams and joists. The walls are stress-painted with limewash. Two bedrooms look out over the courtyard on the west side. The first opens on to the hallway via double doors. Both its windows dominate the main courtyard. The floor is covered with sea-rush matting and the ceiling is level. The north wall features a grey marble fireplace, with a small cupboard, on the right-hand side, and a door, on the left-hand side, leading to a bathroom with a window overlooking the courtyard. The floor, like the walls, is covered with white tiles. The ceiling is level. It comprises a wash-hand basin, a toilet and a bath in a glazed cubicle.
A bedroom, on the other side of the landing, faces west via two windows. It has sea-rush matting on the floor, a level ceiling and walls painted a very light ochre colour.
The end of the corridor that separates this bedroom from the one facing it on the east side, has been converted into a bathroom, shared by these two bedrooms. It opens on to the corridor via a glazed door and, on the south side, via a French window on to the small balcony with its elegant wrought iron railings. It has a tiled floor, a wash-hand basin in a vanity unit, a bath and a toilet.

The outbuildings

The outbuildings, set at right angles, partially enclose the entrance courtyard.
Facing the house is the perimeter wall with its tall porch way in line with the stone-lined track. Backing on to it is a covered area supported on wooden pillars which, running the full length, is deep enough to house functions in the summer.
This is followed, on the north side, by the large cowshed, with its cement floor and its central drainage channel, bearing witness to its past vocation. A narrow flight of stairs goes up to a very large room under a roof supported on battens which, like the roofs on all of the buildings, was recently redone.
The former wine storehouse is set at right angles. Its external walls, built of unsorted stone, are rendered with cob. The old wine-press is still to be found inside on the stone-lined floor. A tall door, with a curved lintel, and windows, with stone lintels, open on to the courtyard. The 3-storey dovecote, which can be reached via the wine storehouse, stands at the west end. A games room has been laid out right at the end on the east side, with a French window opening on to the courtyard and a smooth concrete floor. It is followed by a room opening on to the decking of the swimming pool, with a flight of wooden steps going up to the floor above. At the end is a bathroom with a shower, a wash-hand basin and a toilet as well as a machine room next to it. Upstairs, a large room spans the full floor surface area of this wing. It has a sloping ceiling featuring exposed battens and wooden flooring. A large, east-facing window, flanked by two smaller ones, lets light into this area waiting to be put to good use.
The well-laid out swimming pool, sheltered from the north winds, is separated from the end of the outbuildings by stone decking. It is surrounded by a safety barrier, made of fine netting.

Our opinion

The sensible layout of the openings and the rooms, the bridle paths and the views of the estate worthy of a chateau as well as the spaciousness of the interior bestow a real stateliness on this large, luxurious home. Furthermore, the great potential of the outbuildings is enhanced by their aesthetic appearance. A large family will much appreciate the beauty and comfort of this property. It is also big enough to possibly accommodate a bed & breakfast activity or an equestrian centre, once the cowshed and wine storehouse have been transformed for this purpose. And, given that so many young enthusiasts are taking up wine-growing, there is every reason for the initial vocation of this property to be continued here in Lower Armagnac.

Exclusive sale

1 100 000 €
Honoraires à la charge du vendeur

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Barème d'honoraires
au 1er Avril 2017

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*TTC : TVA incluse au taux de 20 %

Reference 197903

Land registry surface area 45 ha 69 a 32 ca
Main building surface area 500 m2
Outbuilding surface area 735 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Armelle Chiberry du Vignau    +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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