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A listed, designer villa created by Pierre Chareau
in the south of France’s seaside resort of Sainte-Maxime

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


On the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, 100 m from the Mediterranean Sea. Near to Sainte-Maxime and the Medieval town of Grimaud as well as the lakeside town of Port-Grimaud. Facing the Saint-Tropez peninsula which is 15 km away. It can also be reached via a shuttle service provided by boats crossing the Gulf. An hour away from Nice international airport. The Le-Muy exit on the motorway is just 25 km away. This villa is in the immediate vicinity of Beauvallon International Golf Club. Without being on the side of the road, the villa is on the seafront.


In Grimaud, around 1925, the Bernheim brothers developed Beauvallon estate in order to set up a golf course, near to which they progressively installed villas. These were the Roaring Twenties; economic growth was booming and Saint-Tropez became highly fashionable. This residential estate dominating the Gulf of Saint-Tropez combined constructions built by renowned regional architects and works by the main representatives of the Modern Movement, notably Pierre Chareau.
The golf clubhouse was the first creation of Pierre Chareau (1883-1950), architect and designer. In the same year, Edmond Bernheim commissioned this holiday home, designed to house three generations of his family. The worksite began in 1928 but was abandoned in 1930 at the end of the Roaring Twenties and was not completed until after the Second World War, in 1950, by André Barbier-Bouvet, a local architect who was open to modernist trends.
Chareau, along with Le Corbusier, was one of the first French architects to use new materials such as glass and steel combined with concrete. He was responsible for the famous “Maison de Verre” (glass house) in Paris’ seventh arrondissement. Friends with cubists and influenced by their works, he intended to shape space harmoniously. He also designed metal and wood furniture as well as a series of lamps and wall lamps, the forms of which created a certain “Chareau style”.
This villa is located in flat parklands spanning more than a hectare, with a 2-car garage fitted with sliding, metal doors. The house is surrounded by large lawns, planted with beds of lavender, blackberry bushes, medlar and plum trees. The other majestic trees predominantly comprise pine, cedar, oak, cypress and mimosas. (The house is sold with 4,004 m², the rest of the grounds, with planning permission, can be purchased separately).
The villa, the garage and the parklands were added to the French Supplementary Historic Monument List in 1993. The house and the golf clubhouse were also registered by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region on its “Patrimoine du XXème siècle” (20th century heritage) list in 2001.

The villa

This south-facing villa spans approx. 300 m² of living space. Hedges border the paved, terracotta pathways that surround it, following its rectilinear forms in perfect symmetry. The purist style and cubic form of this reinforced concrete construction being reflected in its set of horizontal and vertical lines as well as by the size of its rooms. There are, nevertheless, some sections built of traditional masonry. The horizontal roof is topped with a rectangular chimney stack. The main north-south-facing building is flanked by two perpendicular wings, one on the east side, facing south towards the sea; the other on the west side, facing northwards. A rounded section on the south facade corresponds to the stairwell. Apart from the original wooden door and window frames which have been replaced with new aluminium ones, the house has been preserved in its original condition. As Chareau considered light to be the main material, the entire house features large, wide picture windows. Nature is omnipresent and there are no nuisances. Most of the windows have rolling shutters (some of which are operated electrically); others have outside blinds. Apart from the very large picture windows, all have grilles which match the lower section of the balcony railings. The geometric effect of the formal repetition of railings for stairways, balconies and windows, for the house, the garage and the entrance gates, is all part of the perspectives. Like ships’ rails, the horizontal rails are made of black galvanised steel; the top hand rail on the balconies is tubular contrary to those below, the three close rows of which are flat. They bear witness to the “ocean liner” era of the Modern Movement. The walls are white. The well-preserved floors, like the bathroom walls, are of terrazzo, also known as granito, a material that consists of fragments of stone and coloured marble, combined with cement, which is then polished until it looks like granite. In this case, the hues are shades of grey.

Ground floor
The main entrance is on the north side. Facing it, a door leads to a terrace, spanning approx. 15 m², with clear lines and bordered by a mock orange hedge. A stairway leads down from this terrace to the garden, located on a slightly lower level.

On the east side, a long L-shaped corridor, in the wing all on a level, leads to several adjoining rooms: two bedrooms with wash-hand basins, a bathroom, a toilet; another small bedroom, and a last one with a bathroom. A door opens on to the outside.

On the west side, a self-contained flat with three accesses to the garden comprises a bedroom, a bathroom with toilet, and a lounge as well as a small kitchen with a sloping ceiling under the outside stairway, the east door of which features glazed tiles.

On the north-west side is the wing intended for domestic staff with a shower, two toilets and three small bedrooms. A pantry with a door leading to the garden, towards the garage, makes unloading shopping easy. From this room, one stairway leads down to the cellar and another leads upstairs to the back kitchen.

The vestibule features a winding stairway, the purity of the shape of which is enhanced by a black, tubular metal hand rail, that leads upstairs. Its rounded stairwell, glazed at the top, can be seen from the outside.

First floor
Two stairways lead upstairs. A large outside stairway located on the west side leads to a terrace bordering the lounge. This stairway is sheltered, two plain columns supporting the covered section. On the south side, a vast lounge with wide picture windows overlooking the garden; as well as an opening on to a balcony looking down on to the garden. On the east side, the lounge is followed by a large, partially covered terrace, spanning approx. 90 m², with terracotta tiles as well as a view of the sea and Saint-Tropez. On the north side an eating area is followed by a back kitchen that is also used as a laundry room with a terrace for hanging out the washing. This, in turn, is followed by a kitchen.
Spanning approx. 50 m², they comprise four rooms and house the boiler and the oil tank as well as the meters.

Our opinion

Designer holiday homes, built between 1920 and 1960, are outstanding because of their rarity. Both of Pierre Chareau’s works in Beauvallon are unique examples of modernist architecture in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. In this house, the four independent sections, three of them being all on one level, illustrate the principles of the new architecture, thus asserting a preference for enhancing rooms through light, with an extremely pleasant impression of space and clarity, even in the corridors. The villa’s peaceful location and dominant position, just five minutes from the sea and two minutes from the golf course, make it an unusual and unique property, especially as it is possible to buy adjoining land that has planning permission.

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Reference 897506

Land registry surface area 4004 m2
Main building surface area 305 m2
Outbuilding surface area 100 m2


 French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Regional representative

Christèle Catalifaud       +33 1 42 84 80 85


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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.



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