A 91-hectare natural estate, with 76 continuous hectares,
25 minutes from the beaches, in the Léguer valley in western Brittany
Guingamp, COTES-D'ARMOR brittany 22200 FR


The estate is situated in the west of the Côtes-d'Armor department, between the pink granite coast and the Monts d'Arrée, in the Léguer valley. Labelled as a "Wild Rivers Site" in 2017 and classified as a "Category 1 Migratory Fish River", it is a must for fly-fishing enthusiasts. The TGV stations at Guingamp and Plouaret in Trégor are less than 20 minutes away. All essential services and shops are less than 10 minutes away. A local curiosity called "La plage de Trégrom", where you can swim in the river, is 15 minutes away.


From a departmental road, a communal lane leads up to the estate. The property's unoccupied meadows and woods, stretch out on either side. 500 m further on there is the area which has been built on, with the building which is now derelict. This is a typical Breton farmhouse measuring approximately 45 m long by 6 m wide. The oldest part of the house dates back to the 18th century. The inhabitable space is at the rear of the house, consisting of a small wooden cabin and a covered terrace. Around 2.5 hectares are surrounded by a high fence with a metal gate. This land overlooks the tarmac path. The 76 hectares of unoccupied land alternate between meadows and woods on either side of the road. This continues for around 1.3 km, up to a dead-end at the edge of the state-owned forest. Within a few kilometres of the property there are six plots of land which are also part of the estate, consisting of woodland and farmland under lease.

The continuous piece of natural land

In a rectangular shape, there are 76 hectares of land with meadows that have lain fallow for many years, alternating with relatively young woodland. Grassland makes up around 33 hectares and woodland around 43 hectares. The property is surrounded by a vast state-owned forest, which provides an additional natural enclosure around the property. One plot runs along the bank of a wide river with many fish in it. Several springs create small tributary streams in the woods, which serve as drinking troughs for wild animals.

The farmhouse in need of restoration

Formerly a traditional Trégor farmhouse, it has been uninhabited for many years. However, it is connected to electricity, water and telephone networks. On either side there are: an old cellar, then the house with two fireplaces, a stable and a garage where a tractor and its mower are parked. Everything is all constructed out of granite rubble with ashlar door surrounds. The framework and roofing are still in place, but in poor condition. There are no longer any door or window frames. Some of the stone walls have suffered from the passage of time. The property is fully registered and could have a total floor area of around 150 m², with a hypothetical attic floor.

The cabin

It is not visible from the road, as it is hidden by the farmhouse. The south-facing facade, which has wooden framework has an inhabitable part and a terrace of the same dimensions. It has an entrance door and a French window opening onto the terrace. In the gable, a window opens onto a bedroom, while three other windows at the back bring light to a living room, bathroom and toilet. They are equipped with roller shutters. The house is connected to water and electricity. A worktop with a sink defines an open kitchen area. Everything is heated by electric convector heaters.

Isolated plots

To the south of the hunting ground, several plots scattered across the countryside are also part of the estate. These plots cover around 15 hectares. All of the farmland is under lease. To date, the farmers have not given notice of their intention to buy the leased plots, which they have priority over. The scattered plots of woodland are not leased.

Our opinion

With abundant water, land, flora and fauna, this is the ideal plot for a completely self-sufficient life. Far removed from the modern world, the property promises a return to what is essential, in a secluded spot out of sight. If the isolated plots are not wanted, they could be sold to finance renovation of the farmhouse. The land could be suitable as a hunting ground, for woodcock in particular, a retreat or a woodland refuge.

Exclusive sale

590 800 € Negotiation fees included
550 000 € Fees excluded
7.42% TTC at the expense of the purchaser

See the fee rates

Reference 202054

Land registry surface area 90 ha 96 a 71 ca
Main building surface area 153 m2
Number of bedrooms 1
Outbuilding surface area 45 m2
including refurbished area 45 m2


Jérôme Masson +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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