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Born in 1970 in Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Paris.

  • 1: Let's do music
    engraving 25 x 32 cm, 2005
  • 2: Caffelatte
    engraving 30 x 40 cm, 2005
  • 3: a slightly different way
    engraving 20 x 15 cm, 2005
  • 4: Before now
    engraving 24 x 30 cm, 2005
  • 5: As simple as an apple
    engraving 15 x 20 cm, 2006
  • 6: Fantaisie à gogo
    engraving, 25 x 32 cm, 2005


. Atsuko Ishii’s etchings have the synthetic beauty of “aïku”, with the lightness and attention given to space, to the blank page, that this type of poetry comprises.
Through his etching work and engraver’s acids, the artist develops ludic, fragmented appearances. The clear backgrounds highlight the fineness of his strokes, the graphic precision with which Ishii sketches objects and characters gleaned from magazines or real life.
The fluidity of the compositions attract the eye, opening an area where it can circulate freely; the figures stand out from a neutral background, creating a mental independence where childish musings and reminiscences lead to a game of free association.

A teenager, dozing at the foot of a tree, is immersed in the numerous consequences of an inner reflection. An arborescence of words escapes from her head, invading the blank page and prompting her light, floating movements. Nothing weighs this dreamlike world down, the figures bob along, free of any narrative bond, elements of reflection from which Ishii can choose to suit the bidding of his fantasy.

No guidelines are drawn insisting that the spectator follows a particular direction, the blank pages work like empty spaces awaiting creation; the eye-catching figures are an invitation to take a stroll, letting your imagination be your guide.

Marguerite Pilven - November 2004

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Expositions collectives
1996 galerie Azuti (Osaka Japon)
1996-98 ‘point de contact’ galerie Minami,galerie Nishihashi,galerie Arai,galerie Oishi
galerie Kaseido (Shiga,Osaka,Nishinomiya,Fukuoka,Kyoto,Japon)
‘grabados contemporaneos’ legislatura (Mexico)
1999 ‘artist in Paris’ galerie Accostage ,garerie CirecusCiricus(Takamatu,Kobe,Japon)
‘gravure contemporaine’ galerie Kaseido (Kyoto,Japon)
6eme salon des jeunes artistes espace Chateau Landon (Paris)
2000 galleri Svarta Soffan (Suede)
‘artists ex libris’ R-DO Sutudio (Osaka,Kyoto,Kobe ,Japon)
galerie Art present (Paris )
‘’collection’ gelreie Accostage (Takamatu,Japon)
‘12/12’ R-DO STUDIO (Osaka,Japon)
‘paris par coeur’ galerie du haut-pave (Paris)
distilled art (Paris)
2001 contemporary european graphics art in the new millennium(Hongkong,Shanghi
distilled art (Paris)
7 keller (Paris)
muse Hira (Shiga,Japon)
2002 distilled artrent (Paris)
artemise en Creuse (Crocq,France)
Skydoor galerie (Tokyo,Japon)
2003 le mois de l’estampe cite international des arts (Paris)
2004 galerie Accostage (Takamatu,Japon)
2005 galerie arts factory (Paris)
galerie Jacques Levy `carte blanche a nathalie bereau`(paris)
galerie de la cite international des arts ‘mois de l’estamps’(Paris)
pepper’s galerie (Tokyo,Japon)
????galerie l’aiguillage (Paris)
2006 galerie envie d’art (Paris)

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