• Dendrochronology
    Method of dating wood through the study of the annual rings.
  • Detached column
    Cylindrical column situated against a pillar or wall.
  • Diaphragm arch
    Internal gable wall mounted on a transversal arch placed between two bays.
  • Distemper
    A water-soluble paint using egg-yolk or glue size as a binder.
  • Dome
    A convex roof.Domes are categorized according of the shape of both the base and the section through the center of the dome.
  • Donjon
    The principal tower of a castle, usually in the centre.
  • Doorway
    Monumental door integrated into a facade, giving access to a building
  • Double ring arch
    Arch with a double row of quoins.
  • Drawbridge
    Mobile bridge over a moat, the deck of which lifts up to prevent access to the castle
  • Dripstone
    Projection from the cornice designed to prevent water running down the walls.
  • Drum
    Cylindrical-shaped stone.
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