• Flanking tower
    Tower enabling defenders to fire along the length of the wall to be defended.
  • Flying buttress
    A free-standing buttress attached to the main structure by an arch or a half-arch.
  • Foliage
    Decorative features in the shape of leaves.
  • Foliated scroll
    A panel decorated with carved foliage or leaves, found below the upper molding or cornice of a wall, and sometimes spanning the whole interior of the church.
  • Footstall
    Moulded part of the base of a column or pillar.
  • Fresco painting
    The art of painting on fresh, moist plaster with pigments dissolved in water.
  • Frieze
    A decorated band on an internal wall below a cornice or the middle division of the entablature, usually heavily decorated.
  • Frieze
    Decorative strip of sculpture or painting.
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