• Tempera
    Painting technique using powdered pigments.
  • Tie beam
    The horizontal transverse beam in a roof, tying together the feet of the rafters to counteract the thrust.
  • Tierceron
    Additional rib in an arch which does not join the main arch keystone; exists in Gothic and Renaissance styles
  • Torus
    A convex molding that is a semi-circle or semi-ellipse.
  • Transept
    The part of a cruciform church with an axis that crosses the main axis at right angles.
  • transept crossing
    The area where the nave and choir intercept with the transepts.
  • Transition ( style)
    Style of the period marking the end of the Roman era and the beginnings of Gothic art.
  • Transverse vault
    Barrel arch perpendicular to the building axis.
  • Triangular arch
    Pointed arch formed by two segments of a circle intersecting one another at a certain angle.
  • Triangular vault
    arch/" title="">Triangular arch-shaped vault.
  • Tribune
    Vaulted gallery above the aisles or the narthex with arched mouldings that open on to the nave.
  • Triforium
    A narrow passage in the thickness of the wall with arches opening onto the nave.
  • Turret
    A small, skinny tower usually at the corner of a building.
  • Tympanum
    The section atop the Lintel of a portal or doorway, enclosed by an arch, often featuring significant sculpture work.
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