• Palmette, Anthemion
    An artistic motif based on the fan-shaped leaves of a palm tree.
  • Panelling
    Wood covering for vaults or ceilings.
  • Parlour
    Small room in an abbey.
  • Pediment
    In classical architecture, the low-pitched gable above the entablature, usually filled with sculpture.
  • Pendentives
    Horizontal triangular constructions at the top of a square or rectangular building that allow a dome to be set centrally above.
  • Pepperpot tower
    Masonry sentry box thus named because of its round shape and conical roof
  • Phylactery
    Banderol shown on sculptures or frescoes for bearing text
  • Pier
    An upright support for a superstructure, such as an arch or bridge.
  • pilaster
    A projection of the foundation wall used to support a floor girder or stiffen the wall.
  • Pilaster strips
    Slightly projecting strips or lesenes connected by small arches.
  • Pilaster strips
    The flat version of a column, consisting of a slim rectangle projecting from a wall; used also of plain piers or pilasters without classical orders which are more correctly termed pilaster strips/" title="">pilaster strips.
  • Pointed equilateral arch
  • Porch
    Raised structure made of wood or stone in front of a church doorway
  • Portcullis
    A grating dropped vertically from grooves to block passage or gate in castle; of wood, metal or a combination of the two.
  • Postern
    Small concealed door used for escaping or letting in reinforcements unbeknownst to besiegers
  • Pre-Roman
    Era preceding the Roman period and the style of said era (10th century)
  • Priory
    Monastery dependant on an abbey and directed by a prior
  • Priory church
    Church in a priory
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